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Boardman21's Build | Guide Compendium 88+ Builds | Guides (v0.8.1c)

Welcome traveler!!

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Build Compendium Overview

Here’s a full library of my latest builds
Currently there are over 88 builds linked
Hope all of these in 1 spot makes it easier!

Build Tier Rating

 Rating System Based Defense, Offense, Playstyle

  Best --->--->--->---> Decent >--->--->--->---> Worst

Builds Listed By Class

Click Picture To Drop Down List


  1. The Werigan DRUID 0.8.1b

  1. 400k+ Damage Earthquake Werebear DRUID 0.8.1b

  1. 1 Million Critical Hit Warcry Beserker BEASTMASTER Updated 0.8.1

  1. 500k Critical Hit Beserker BEASTMASTER Updated 0.8d

  1. 100% Critical Strike Avalanche SHAMAN Updated 0.8d

  1. 1000% Melee/Spell Damage Hybrid SHAMAN Updated 0.8d

  1. Dual Undisputed Werebear 60k Critical strike DRUID Updated 0.8.0

  1. Retaliation Spell Pet Bear DRUID Updated 0.8d

  1. 6 Tanky Wolves No Investment BEASTMASTER Updated 0.8d

  1. 212% Movements Speed SHAMAN speedrunner Updated 0.8c

  1. 400k Critical Strike Earthquake Beastmaster Updated 0.8c

  1. 800% Attack Speed 2500% Melee Damage BEASTMASTER Updated 0.8c

  1. PermaStun SHAMAN Updated 0.7.10

  1. Totem Master SHAMAN 0.7.10

  1. Maximum Lightning Strikes Per Second SHAMAN 0.7.10

  1. Ultimate Freeze SHAMAN 0.7.10

  1. Solo Terrifying Rapter with 10-500k Critical Hits 0.7.10c

  1. 200k Critical Strike LeapQuake SHAMAN 0.7.10c

  1. 100% Crit Melee Minion NECROMANCER Updated 0.8.1c

  1. 100% Melee Crit Harvest Necromancer Updated 0.8.1b

  1. 500k Death Seal Speed Running LICH Updated 0.8d

  1. 100% Critical Strike melee minion NECROMANCER Updated 0.8d

  1. 1.5 Million Damage Super Spirit LICH Updated 0.7.10

  1. Fire Speed Minion NECROMANCER 0.7.10

  1. Aura Of Decay Speedrunning NECROMANCER 0.8c

  1. Low Life Death Seal LICH 0.7.10

  1. Aura of Decay Speedrunning NECROMANCER 0.7.10

  1. Marrow Shard NECROMANCER (NERFED) 0.7.10

  1. 300+ Waves 260k Per Tick Low Life Poison LICH 0.7.10

  1. Ultimate Minion Ignite NECROMANCER 0.7.10

  1. 100+ Minion Unlimited Mana NECROMANCER Updated 0.7.10

  1. 200k+ Ward Minion Reflect NECROMANCER Updated 0.7.9f

  1. Low life Spirit Plague LICH Updated 0.7.9f

  1. 250+ Minion 1 Million Ward NECROMANCER (NERFED)Updated 0.7.9f

  1. No Minion Low Life Marrow Shard NECROMANCER Updated 0.7.9f

  1. Surge Lightning Blast SPELLBLADE Updated 0.8.1b

  1. ShatterSpark Hybrid SPELLBLADE Updated 0.8d

  1. 50k Mana Strike Critical Strike SPELLBLADE Updated 0.8d

  1. 1 Million Damage Flame Reave SPELLBLADE Updated 0.8d

  1. 40k Crit Dual Wielding ShatterStrike SPELLBLADE Updated 0.8.0

  1. 250k Critical Strike Lightning SORCERER Updated 0.8d

  1. Sparkinator (Static Orb) SORCERER Updated 0.8d

  1. Only Wearing Uniques SPELLBLADE 0.7.10

  1. Shatterstrike SPELLBLADE Update 7.10

  1. 1000% Ignite Chance SPELLBLADE Updated 0.7.10

  1. 350k Damage Disintegrate SORCERER Updated 0.7.10

  1. 1000+ Wave Mana Strike/Shatter Strike SPELLBLADE Updated 0.7.7f

  1. Morditas Reach Frostbite ShatterStrike SPELLBLADE Updated 0.7.9f

  1. 1 Shot Meteor SORCERER Updated 0.7.8f

  1. Channeled Lightning Blast SORCERER Updated 0.7.8f

  1. Volcanic orb SORCERER Updated 0.7.8f

  1. 100% Uptime Speed Running PALADIN Updated 0.8.1b

  1. 100% Purple Ball Caster VOID KNIGHT Updated 0.8.1b

  1. 100% Uptime/Crit Warpath VOID KNIGHT Updated 0.8.1b

  1. The Regifter 400+ Echo Streak PALADIN Updated 0.8.1b

  1. The Regifter 400+ Echo Streak PALADIN Updated 0.8d

  1. Ultimate Smite VOID KNIGHT Updated 0.8d

  1. Rive FORGE GUARD Updated 0.8d

  1. 100% Critical Strike Warpath VOID KNIGHT Updated 0.8.0

  1. 500k Critical Strike Dual Wielding Rive VOID KNIGHT Updated 0.8.0

  1. Hammerdin PALADIN Updated 0.7.10

  1. 250k Critical Strike Erasing Strike VOID KNIGHT 0.7.10

  1. Ultimate Spell Casting VOID KNIGHT Updated 7.10

  1. Tankiest Tank Ever FORGEGUARD Updated 0.7.10

  1. Turbo Vengeance Tank FORGE GUARD Updated 0.7.9f

  1. Plague VOID KNIGHT Updated 0.7.9f

  1. Shield Throw VOID KNIGHT 0.7.9c

  1. Wave 400+ Turbo Vengeance FORGE GUARD Updated 0.7.8f

  1. 100% Uptime Warpath FORGE GUARD Updated 0.7.8f

  1. Shield Rush Speed Runner FORGE GUARD Updated 0.7.8f

  1. Dancing Strikes BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8.1b

  1. Final Form Synchronized Strike BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8.1b

  1. Final Form Synchronized Strike BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8d

  1. The Best all Around Flurry BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8d

  1. 1 Shot Bosses Shadow Dagger Speed Running BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8d

  1. 400+ Waves 300k+ Critical Strike Detonating Arrow MARKSMAN Updated 0.8d

  1. 11 Million Damage Shuriken BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8d

  1. 5 Million Damage Lethal Mirage BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8c

  1. Ultimate Synchronized Strike BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8.0

  1. Low Life 60k Critical Strike Multishot MARKSMAN Updated 0.8c

  1. Ultimate Ballista BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8.0

  1. Lightning Chakram Super Fun Playstyle BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8.0

  1. Ultimate Multishot Flurry MARKSMAN Updated 0.8.0

  1. 100% Critical Strike Channeled Flurry MARKSMAN Updated 0.8.0

  1. Dual Dagger Poison Flurry Madness BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8.0

  1. Shadow Cascade Synchronized Strike BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8.0

  1. 10 Million Damage Lethal Strike BLADEDANCER Updated 0.8.0

Leveling Guides 1 to 75 By Mastery

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Rogue to Bladedancer Level 1 to 50 Rogue to Bladedancer Guide

Rogue to Marksman Level 1 to 50 Rogue to Marksman Guide

Game Guides For Crafting | LootFilters | Questions

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Lootfilter A Intro into creating Lootfilters

Crafting How to Craft

OP First Skills Most OP First Skills To Use For Each Character (Needs Updated)

LE Community members incredible guides | Build Planners

Tunks Website EHP Calculater, Gear Planner, Everything @Tunk Website With Everything

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Damn thats a big list…and a lot of work to update each one of them in 0.8.1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With the looks of 8.1 idk if its updating as much as its just making all new builds lol.

New itemization and changes to defences will make you update each one of them. I hope that all the people who are making build guides have a chance to edit their forum posts instead of creating a new one.

Thats what I mean. Item changes. New affixes. Prefix suffix swap. Class specific relics. Defense reworks. Skill reworks. Possibly even passives changed. Its not really an update its more of start from scratch haha.

Yeah the edit lock after 2 months is kinda lame

Please make a gg shield throw build in 8.1, good sir.

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o.0 Sneak me a peak ill get started early.

Ah yes, sorry i read that wrong before. Exactly, thats alot of changes. Really lookin forward to 0.8.1. It will almost feel like a new season start :slight_smile:

There is no better feeling than an adventure into the unknown!

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I’ve been away for a while. I see you’re still doing your great stuff BM21. Just wanted to say thanks once again. It’s folks like you that make this community so great!

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Hey folks,
New player here looking for a SSF Beginner friendly build. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

if you have some experience with arpgs and/ or no problem with reading through and learning from ressources your good to go without a guide.

Community Game Guide (for the EHG version ingame press ‘G’)

Thanks for the rapid response!

Holy c#$#@$@p you will be kept busy for a long time updating all those guides esp with the set affixes being removed. Not to mention time required to re farm base items to craft :slight_smile: Hope your wife/GF is understanding :slight_smile:

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Haha yeah 8.1 is going to be a very time consuming patch :slight_smile:

This seems like it might be a pretty huge undertaking. God speed! Pretty crazy overall.

Do you generally feel the minion changes make minion builds more viable by a good amount or no?

I havent been able to get my hands on it yet but looking at oatch notes and seeing that juicy 40% free buff I wamt to say yes

That was my suspicion as well, I should be trying a necro build soon. I figure I will check that crit build for melee skeles you did. I’ve been using your builds as a starting point and customizing according to taste. So I am curious to see what I can whip up.

I’d kill for the ability to transfer on hit effects from uniques like the alchemists ladel to my minions attacks. Some sort of wacky minion build but with aura of decay with the 12% heal and then pump up the heal effectiveness and run hollow lich to try and pick up some single target or to make something like rip blood hit like a truck while my minions put every debuff I can muster on the mobs.

so am i :slight_smile:

You’re the real hero of the story!

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