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500+ Echoes SUPER tanky zDPS Shield Throw Paladin 0.8.1c NO uniques Required


This Build Tier Rating is:

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Build Overview

  • Face Tank Just About Anything
  • Pushed to over 500 Echoes on Fall of the Outcast (Better buy some stash tabs)
  • Total zDPS You will Fight bosses for 5 minutes, But you wont die.

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1c
Tanky zDPS Shield Throw Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted March 14th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1c


Forge Guard


Shield Throw
Holy Aura
Ring of Shields

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Perfect timing. Was looking through Sentinel skills this morning and when I saw Shield Throw I thought to myself it would be such a cool and fun looking skill to use. Now I know exactly what I’ll start leveling after dinner.

Are there any leveling uniques you’d recommend?

Why did you put only 1 point to Ricochet? Focused Campaign halves number of ricochets rounded down, so 3 / 2 = 1 (but 4 / 2 = 2).
Why did you put one point to Aegis?
Nice build btw, very defensive.

I wanna say it rounds up but havent tested

Started this as my first build in LE, going pretty smoothly so far! Any advice for a Loot Filter for this guy like your other builds have? Also wondering when you start to see the Idols with the chance to proc Smite, so far I’ve just been manually casting every few seconds while leveling, which is preventing me from having Holy Aura on my bars. Been pretty nice to level though, went Warpath for the first bit until I got Shield Throw + the ascendancies unlocked, only level 39 but deathless up until these void guys in Desert/Rust Land I think.

Welcome to the community!

I dont currently have one for this build(lootfilter)
Smite idols are rare, but eventually theyll drop although probly not untill after heoborea of even into quite a few echo runs in the monolith, its all RNG

For uniques, the Calamity helm and Soulfire relic are pretty nuts. For empowered mono/very high arena you do better switching to crit build and flat +20 dmg, but thats absolute end-game.

Expect the idols to rarely show up around level 55-60. I’ve gotten 3-4 by the time I was lvl 70. I used fire damage/ignite ones up until I got 4 Smite ones with armor shred on throwing attacks. I picked up about 15 of those idols in 60 hours of play, they are pretty rare.

I think the single point in Spiked Plate would greatly increase your Shield Throw damage here. Lose that crazy point in Aegis for it?

Thanks for the guide, helps out alot.

Just wondering about the auto-cast as it doesnt seem to work for me. I put smite and lunge on autocast but i can’t seem to cast shield throw then. All it does is cast smite over and over again, when i spam shield throw it won’t cast. Seems like smite is occupying any further actions. Any ideas what im doing wrong?

You need to have the Descend node selected in the Smite skill tree. This node will add a cooldown. If you don’t have it, the game will be casting Smite permanently and you hardly will have time and possibility for any other skill. And you will lose all your mana.

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Hm, I believe you are missing idols. They proc smite for you so you don’t actually cast them (and Smite doesn’t need to be on bar either) The procs from idols take your skill mastery in Smite and cost you no mana at the same time.

I haven’t tested it but if it’s only flat number added to damage it would be meh, if it is added to formula we surely could shuffle some points around but Aegis has another purpose to ramp up defence when shield ricochets on single target I believe.(in between your ring of shields)

Is there no loot filter for this one ?

this was made before i started doing loot filters. But i am doing a 1 to 75 sentinel to paladin shield throw leveling guide and the lootfilter for that will fit this one.


With your gear and maxed block on gear i get to 67%, i could get to 73% by changing the shield but, after that, is it possible to go higher and if so, how ?

You can get to 100 by using skills that give more.
Ring of shields
Shield bash

Either that or you gotta get some exalted tier 7 block chance on items and that will get ya closer to 100

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We already have the 15% from ring of shield, but it’s only 4 seconds every 15 seconds, and since we can only have cooldown reduction on helm, it’s impossible to drop the cooldown below 13.4 seconds.

And i can’t use shield bash unless i remove lunge :frowning:

I guess exalted items is the only way then :frowning:

hi, guys does anyone have a filter for this biuld?

Hi, I was looking for filters for build too and thanks.