100% Melee Minion Harvester of Blood Necromancer 0.8.1c (Rip Blood Edition)


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   1 Hand + Offhand 

Build Overview

  • Huge Damage Dealers
  • Harvest Feels Good Again
  • Face Tank All Bosses and Their Abilities
  • Weapon Can take a while to farm from Forsomus
  • Has Few Uniques

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1b
100% Crit Minion Harvester Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 26th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1c




Rip Blood
Summon Skeleton Mage
Summon Skeleton
Dread Shade

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He is so holding that shield wrong, it should be rotated anti-clockwise a good ~45 degrees or so, maybe 90.

Nope, think about it, if you bring it up to your chest by bending your elbow like a normal person it would come up perfectly level.

Nope. The arm goes through the shield parallel to the ground (though some have the shield oriented along the arm), if that you said was the case then his humerous (the top arm bone) on his left arm would have to be significantly longer to get down to the midpoint of the shield for his much shorter forearm to be orthogonal to the long axis of the shield.

Alternatively, he’s just holding the shield at the mid point with his hand like a small bucker:


Which, I imagine, would give you control issues with such a large shield.

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He’s a hero, they do not have control issues

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They also don’t appear to need realistic arms.

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Im not changing my picture llama!

However if it does happen to change later today, its not related to anything you have said or done.


Haven’t watched the video yet. Are you commenting on alternatives to the uniques you have in all your latest build posts? If not you do know you’re leaving those of us who haven’t gone that far in MOF out of the equation?

We were just discussing an icon not unique alternatives. as for the unique alternative I mean forsomus is the 3rd timeline in for 2 of the uniques… exsanguois is anywhere…

Wasn’t referring to your discussion with Llama. It is a point I wanted to make as virtually all your latest updates feature uniques from MOF bosses and yes I have Exsanguinous. Just wanted to make you are aware that for us noobs (or returning players who haven’t experienced MOF echoes yet) you are leaving us behind. If that’s OK with you then please ignore my post. Not meaning to sound rude. I love the hard work you do and followed you almost exclusively when I was last playing the game. :grinning: I probably have at least 10 chars featuring your builds.

Yes most the builds atm are based around the bramd mew implemented uniques that are very chase worthy. I can name other crafts that will work in place until there found though. Thanks for the heads up

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They are the new shiny.

Hey! New user here, ended up deciding to follow a guide for my first character and this one (well the previous version) looked really interesting. It has been going quite well so far, was very happy to find exsanguinous leveling through the story.

That being said, watching the previous video and this one, it would help me a great deal if you would explain why you make some talent choices over others.

For example:

  • (Rip Blood) You choose one point in blood splatter, but you already have 100% chance from eviscerate.
  • (passive) Blades of Forlorn (top of necro tree) better than frenzy?
  • (passive) Extra point in Tyrant. Better than moving that point to Aegisfall? Does over 100% chance on aegisfall proc the armor reduction twice?
  • (skeleton mages) Is Death Blossom bad? Worse than 5% aspd?
  • (Harvest) Is Skullshards that much better than higher crit / movespeed from Learned Weakness / Steal Youth

Sorry for the barrage of questions. This stuff is probably super obvious to you, but as someone who just started I’m confused by a bunch of stuff.

Do you have any spesific recommendation (unique items, skills etc.) on how to level fast?

To level up just use wandering spirits and spirit plague.

thx for this build :D, but when can we switch to exp build > this build ?

for best results i would wait until you have the unique weapon, but you can actually level this build from level 1 up.

Wow man this is Amazing!
Thx for sharing this increadible build!

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And what level would you ride that too in this build? 65? 70?

Im a little confused by the question. What level does this build start to do good? As necro you can use minions from level one and it just gets better as you level. The weapon really capitalizes on it though but you have to do empower timelines to get so will be level 65-70+.