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Ultimate Void Caster Gets More Balls! VK 0.8.1b


             This Build is Tagged:

      Two Handed   

Build Overview

  • No mana issues with Devouring orb on autocast
  • Can run monos in full auto cast, don’t have to push any buttons
  • Great damage
  • Survivability is mediocre
  • its @Llama8 favorite 2h ball builds, So be careful

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1b
Purple Balls Everywhere Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 24th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1b


Void Knight


Volatile Reversal
Devouring Orb

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I’ve got more purple balls than you & they’re cheaper too. I also cause (Sigils of) Despair wherever I go…

Cheaper than 4 mana?!

Well, they’d be cheaper than if you weren’t “cheating” & using the void skills mana efficiency idols & used “increased damage for 4s on Devouring Orb” like a sensible person. They’re also substantially cheaper (300%!) if you don’t take the Dark Moon node & you can go “balls to the wall” (& anything else that looks at you funny) with Abyssal Orb frequency & cooldown.

Yeah but then they dont follow you, nobody wants to just leave there balls behind them on the ground.

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But that’s not an issue when you’re slinging your balls in the face of trash that go down quicker than an Ess, er, something that goes down quick & hard. And it’s not an issue with bosses 'cause you’re throwing your balls in their face anyway.

And with trash, it’s always nice to leave a slippery present for anyone late to the party.


lol you win.

I went to an all boys school, I can double entendre you under the table any time (and I’m somewhat lacking on the social filter).


I learned that you can go to 0 HP and not die as long as you have ward.

@boardman21 @Llama8 just get a room already! LOL

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Yup, if you have a method to turn off regen (one of the uniques) & an Exsanguinous/Last Steps of the Living, your hp will read zero (rounded down).

Are you sure you have the correct number of passive points for Builder Link?
It doesn’t seem to be correct, so please fix it :smiley:

Why is it not correct? He has 2 passives unspent, nothing wrong with that…


I’ll be honest, i didnt know you could push P and put in passives that you didnt actually have ingame lol. This explains why people ask what the last 1 or 2 points are alot lol.


open the VK tree, the Time Legion appears to be 0/10.
Is it a problem with my environment?

It is a grievous error, not making your builds for max level with only the best possible gear (being 4x t7 affixes, naturally)!

How do you play around with the anoying as f… teleport of Volatile Reversal. The skills gives such great buffs but the playstyle gives me headache. Stand still and wait or get teleported back to “anywehre” you dont want to be now.

Is there any way to play around that mechanic? i would love have a “non teleport” node :frowning:

I for now took abysal echos on autocast:
You get a nice 75% void res but it seems to be very hard to procc abyssal form - because the damage seems to be very poor. If you manage to proc abyssal form you would be able to get all the great buffs of volatile kind of without “teleporting” …

So one work around i have found is using right before lunge is off cooldown so if I teleport back i cam lunge forward again
But yeah a no teleport node for 50% less buff node woild be nice but takes away the theme of the skill which is suppose to be volatile


Is Abyssal Echos really so bad you cant make it work?

I havent touched abyssal echoes yet this patch. Perhaps ill work it into the version of this build that utilizes Sigils as well and drop VR.