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SpeedRunning Bleeding Warpath Paladin Tank 0.8.1b


             This Build is Tagged:

   Duel Wielding  

Build Overview

  • Warpath Last Forever
  • Great Bleed Damage with Lots of Leech
  • 100% Haste and Fast Movement Great SpeedRunning
  • Your not gaining mana while Channeling so its just warpath

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1b
SpeedRunning Bleed Warpath Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place



  • Initially posted February 25th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1b


Void Knight


Volatile Reversal
Holy Aura
Devouring Orb

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I really want to play Warpath, how would you compare this to your #17 VK build?

More recently updated, and feels better :slight_smile:

Might have missed this but why no Wing Guards?

You defintely can :slight_smile:

Mind updating and adding this build in the LE planner?

This build is up to date and the Build planner is linked above. Running into an issue? or is something seem out of date?

OMG nope thanks for the reply. I should just open my eyes and read.

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I’m a little confused on something - is the bleed meant to be a meaningful part of the dps, or is it just for leech? Bleed dps looks really low, but there are a decent number of items that try to scale it.

What base do I need to gamble for that axe , pls ?

Welryn axe, lvl 64 & above.

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New to both this game and this build - I picked up Liath’s Signet while getting my first build to endgame. Is it worth using at all for warpath? I’m not sure how consistently we would be channeling, but also could free up some affixes for elemental res.

As you play more you’ll realise that getting resists is pretty easy for a Pally, especially elemental resists. And the implicit on a Gold ring is a good place to get some.

Makes sense, thanks for the info.

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Also, Welcome to the community!

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How do you get that Chalice? I’ve been gambling forever. Got the Undisputed axe from gambling and didn’t take all that long. RNG?

Either gambling or having it drop in the world.

Thanks, thought so. Also, what would be the new Idol setup given the new Idol arrangement?


Lootfilter added

Nice was just thinking how nice it would be to have a loot filter for the build.