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The ShatterKing Spellblade Updated (And more powerful) 0.8.2F


This Build Tier Rating is:

  10/10 --->--->--->---> 5/10 >--->--->--->---> 1/10

Build Overview (1 to 10 Rating System)

  • Defense - 8/10
  • Offense - 9/10
  • Empowered Bosses - 7\10
  • Speed Running Echoes - 8/10
  • Arena - 7/10
  • Average - 7.8 (A Tier)

Rating System Breakdown NEW


  • S Tier - Face tank Empowered Bosses
  • A Tier - Face tank Bosses (Non Empowered)
  • B Tier - Face tank Some Bosses But No All
  • C Tier - Cannot Face tank Any Bosses Must dodge Choreographed Abilities
  • D Tier - One Shots are frequent
  • F Tier - Trash mobs are fearsome


  • S Tier - Empowered Abomination < 10 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • A Tier - Empowered Abomination > 10 Seconds < 30 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • B Tier - Empowered Abomination > 30 Seconds < 60 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • C Tier - Empowered Abomination > 60 Seconds < 120 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • D Tier - Empowered Abomination > 120+ Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • F Tier - Empowered Abomination = Gave up.

Empowered Bosses

  • S Tier - Not a challenge
  • A Tier - Some are challenging
  • B Tier - Not empowered boss friendly
  • C Tier - Some NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • D Tier - All NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • F Tier - Don’t even bother.

Speed Running (Echoes)

  • S Tier - Doesn’t Stop Moving and Things die as you go + Fast Movement Speed
  • A Tier - Only Stops for rare’s/bosses
  • B Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things
  • C Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things or wait for mana
  • D Tier - Very Slow
  • F Tier - Painfully Slow


  • S Tier - 300+ Waves
  • A Tier - 225-299 Waves
  • B Tier - 150-224 Waves
  • C Tier - 100-149 Waves
  • D Tier - 80-99 Waves
  • F Tier - Less Than 79 Waves

Tier Converted to Points

S - Tier is 8.5+
A - Tier is 7-8.499
B - Tier is 5.5-6.99
C - Tier is 4-5.499
D - Tier is 2.5-3.99
F - Tier is 2.499 and less

Brand New Lootfilter Layout

Please let Me know if you find anything messed up

GREEN - Early Game Items (Tier 1+)

BLUE - Mid Game Items (Tier 3+)

RED - Endgame Items (Tier 5+)

YELLOW - ENDGAME ITEMS (Requires 3+ Affixes with 8+ Total Tiers) First Test

PINK - Exalted/Set/Unique Items

WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non MAGE Class Items ARE HIDDEN

Pastebin Link (Updated 0.8.2G Fixed Errors)

Shatterking Spellblade Lootfilter Pastebin Link

Text File Download

Shatterstrike 0.8.2G Fixed.xml (76.2 KB)

Dammitt’s Builder Link (Might be slightly different than video)

Shatterstrike spellblade 0.8.2G Gear/Idols/Blessings


  • Initially posted May 29th 2021. Viable for 0.8.2F




Enchant Weapon
Flame Ward

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what would be the best way to level this guy up?

you can use the 1 to 75 leveling guide for spellblade and as soon as you unlock shatterstrike start build into it.

Am I missing something about the loot filter? It seems to be filtering for spell and lightning affixes in green/blue/red, only yellow seemed correct.

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Ill take a look at it, you dont need the spell/ligtning, i might just need to uncheck some boxes.

Playing around with this build i found some small changes that made good improvements for me. (lvl 79 so far)

  • Passives from Fire Blood → Mental Fortitude gave a good extra chunk of stable ward
  • A single 1x4 Idol with Ele dmg and ward/s gave me -10 stable ward and a huge dmg boost
  • Flame ward: Stalward Defense → Desparate Defense seems a straight upgrade
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Build Planner now attached for 0.8.2G

Thanks for the HUUUUUGE work you do for the LE community. Im just completly new to the game and your videos helps me a lot. I started this build now and its fun so far. Like AlienError wrote the Lootfilter seems kinda wrong (mistakes happens ^^ ) but i dont want to mess it up and wondering if u would update it <3

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Welcome to the community!

I will be looking into this lootfilter in just a few mins should be updated soon™


Lootfilter Has Been Fixed
Blue/Red/Green now have correct weapon types and correct damage types
Blue/Red Relics now have correct +Level Skills Marked.

Sorry About that.

Damn that was a super fast response and fix <3 Thanks a lot and keep going the great work.

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Is flame reave supposed to be on the bar on the builder?

I also noticed you removed the points in Mana Reaver, how do you sustain mana for shatter strike now?

Nope that should be shatterstrike, sorry between the week the build planner got updated and the build being made we tried some other things on the character.

EDIT: Updated.

Took 2 points out of Fire blood and 1 point out of mage flurry with the 2 unspent points and placed 5 in mana reaver.
Placed shatterstrike back on the skill bar

That was fast!

Just wanna say thank you for all you do for LE, been playing this build in HC and up to level 65 or so with it.

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Love the guide. Thank you. Can you please tell me how you gain back mana to keep using Shattering Strike? Thank you

You dont spam shatterstrike
You use firebrand at least 4 times inbetween shatters
Firebrand cost 0 mana
Firebrand has a 30% To generate 10 mana from passives.

I love this build so far and am still leveling it up! Lots of fun and in my mind plays like what a Spellblade should play and feel like.

I think I am going to try and set this build up with a fractured crown setup and see how that goes.

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Boardman, I love this build. quick question. What does Deicide do in “Shard of the Shattered Lance”? Can’t find description anywhere.

if you alt or alt control it tell you, but i believe its 15% attack/cast speed + 15% movement for 8 seconds after rare/boss kill if i recall.

TY. Looked it up. 20% more move and dmg for 15 sec. Awesome

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