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All Skills Tier List 0.8.2I

Hello Travelers!

  • Here’s a Tier List of all the skills currently in the game rated by their maximum potential for patch 0.8.2I. We rated these skills on a global scale based on how it performs in ENDGAME:
  • Arena - How far it has been proven to push
  • MoF - How it performs/Its speed in Monolith of fate
  • Fun Factor - How smooth/good/fun the skill is to use

Thanks @LizardIRL for helping rate them all! Stay Tuned Travelers we will also be doing a tier list on Leveling skills AND uniques Tier list in the future :slight_smile:

Post in its infancy, lots of videos still in the works.

Skills - Endgame Tierlist

Part 1 The Acolyte (Released July 19th, 2021)
Part 2 The Mage (Released July 20th, 2021)
Part 3 The Primalist (Released July 20th, 2021)
Part 4 The Rogue (Released July 22nd, 2021)
Part 5 The Sentinel (Released July 27th, 2021)

Skills - Leveling TierList

Part 1 The Acolyte (Coming Soon) Still In the works
Part 2 The Mage (Coming Soon)

Still In the works

Part 3 The Primalist (Coming Soon)

Still In the works

Part 4 The Rogue (Coming Soon)

Still In the works

Part 5 The Sentinel (Coming Soon)

Still In the works

Items - Uniques Tierlist

Uniques Tierlist (Coming Soon)

Still in the works


I know that the last year or so has felt like an eternity, but FYI, there are less than 19 months…

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In the US we Go Month/Day/Year. I will Type it out to cause less confusion on a global basis.


U.S. > all.

MM/DD/YYYY forever! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Going from the small duration (day) to the longest (year) through the average (month) seems more logical, therefore DD/MM/YYYY seems more natural. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve found the DD Mon YY format to not cause any confusion. 19 Jul 21

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Ill Be honest. When Creating the post, this was the last thing I though would be the topic of argument. I thought it would be… You know… A skill on the wrong tier. LOL


A very interesting video and I 've learned quite a few new things from it. Thanks. As to tier list - think Hungering Souls deserves at least S tier . Looking forward to your next videos with Lizard IRL

For the next time you might want to use Calendar Weeks and the days as numbers from 1-7, starting with Monday as 1.

CW23.3 = Week 23, 3rd day (=Wednesday)


Nah… lets get “Unix Epoch” time going… that should shut everyone up in confusion…


How little you know me. At least I didn’t comment on the lack of punctuation. And capitals in the wrong place.

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How Little You Know Me!

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Generally really good information. I feel like a lot of things are going to change with some of the classes/masteries for sure. Aura of Decay is definitely bugged.
I think its a great idea for a video, but with all the changes i imagine are going to be coming in the next few months, is the effort worth the time?

Cant that be said for any video covering LE right now?

  • Build Guides
  • Leveling Guides
  • Tier List
  • Mechanic Guides

I mean it all changes. I expect it all to change. I love changes. I also love doing what I do as a hobby and definitely find it “worth the time”.

“If you do what you love, it isn’t work.” - Somebody


This is really great content from the both of you. I was pleasantly surprised to see how au fait @LizardIRL is regarding the issues with Spellblade. Needing Flame Ward to engage, the enchant weapon discussion, and the current state of Ward vs other forms of defense are all very very true. Good stuff, can’t wait for the other videos.

But to the topic at hand:

You are all wrong. YYYY-MM-DD is the superior date format. Stop using slashes.


I only do it like that in file names as it allows them to be sortable is date order.

In filenames I use the underscore. Today is 2021_07_21.

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CW23.3 would be very early on Wednesday morning if you consider the 7 weekdays and that every day is 0.142857143 :smiley:
Furthermore there are some countries where the week starts on Sunday or even Saturday. Today, wikipedia teached me also that the US isn’t necessarily using week numbers: 'This style of numbering is often used in European and Asian countries. It is less common in the U.S. and elsewhere. ’

Unix epoch time seems to be the least confusing xD

Or just maybe, we could just simply use the three letter abbreviation for the month and 4 numbers for the year. This is very unmistakable .

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