1 to 76 Bowmage Marksman | Leveling Guide | 0.9.2


Warning: Current known bug flurry attack speed increases the longer your in game. Relogging fixes issue.


  • This Video is a Leveling Guide to get you on your way as a marksman. It can be played as a physical ranged, a cold spell ranged, or a hybrid as both as we do in the video. Firing off tons of arrows to wipe everything on your screen!

Main Interactions

  • The Main interactions for this build is built around proc multishot through the channeled bow use of flurry. Having multishot shotgun (all projectiles can hit same target) and then later in game (Level 70+) having al those projectiles have a chance to proc an icicle once reign of winter bow is equipped!

How to Play this build

  • Move till you see monsters. Activate Flurry till said monsters are dead. Repeat.


  • Leveling 9.5/10 (Very Fast)
  • Gearing 9/10 (While not necessary, two uniques are used endgame)
  • Endgame 9/10 (Fast clear speed, Great against Single targets, average survivability)


This build can use, but not limited to the following Uniques:

  • Advent of the erased (Boots)
  • Arrow Guard (Quiver)
  • Drelkor’s Compass (Bow)
  • Mourningfrost (Boots)
  • Reign of Winter (Bow)

Most Important Stats

Defense For You (Most important to Least important

  • Capped Resistances/armor
  • Leech
  • Critical Strike Avoidance / Endurance
  • Health / Vitality / Dex

Offense (Most Important to Least important)

  • Physical Damage / Bow added Physical Damage
  • Bow attack speed
  • Dex (With Mourning Frost Equipped)

Lootfilter Attached Click Here

Pastebin Link

1 to 76 Bowmage Marksman Lootfilter Pastebin Link

How the LootFilter is Setup

  • All Uniques/Set/Exalted items Will SHOW

  • WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non Acolyte Class Items ARE HIDDEN

  • TEAL/BLUE - 1+ Tier 5+ Class Specific Affix For Any Class (This is unselected by default, if you would like this to be active make sure to check the box!)

  • Light Blue - Early Game Items (1 affix Tier 1+) (Uncheck these boxes around level 25)

  • Green - Mid Game Items (1 affix Tier 3+) (Uncheck these boxes around level 40)

  • Yellow - Starting Endgame Items (1 affix Tier 5+) (Uncheck around level 60 or when you have multiple affixes wanted on each piece of gear)

  • Orange - Mid Endgame (Requires 3+ Affixes with 8+ Total Tiers) (This is separated by base type so you can make them more specific if you want a very specific base implicit)

  • Red - Late Endgame (Requires 3+ Affixes with 12+ Total Tiers) (This is separated by base type so you can make them more specific if you want a very specific base implicit)

  • Light Green - Idols

Maxroll's Build Planner Link

Level 76 Gear and Build Planner!

1 to 76 Build Planner Link

Time Stamp Break Down Written Version with Build Planner at each Interval

Level 4

Build Planner

Level 4 Build Planner Link

Level 8

Build Planner

Level 8 Build Planner Link

Level 12

Build Planner

Level 12 Build Planner Link

Level 20

Build Planner

Level 20 Build Planner Link

Level 28

Build Planner

Level 28 Build Planner Link

Level 35

Build Planner

Level 35 Build Planner Link

Level 41

Build Planner

Level 41 Build Planner Link

Level 50

Build Planner

Level 50 Build Planner Link

Level 60

Build Planner

Level 60 Build Planner Link

Level 76

Build Planner

Level 76 Build Planner Link

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Ty for posting this - lootfilter link is broken though :slight_smile:


Flurry/Multistrike is currently bugged, and you shoot way too fast. (not just the slowing increasing AS issue)
Just fair warning,.

Hey there, still trying this out and reached my first, more or less, Monos so far…

As of the last BuildPlanner Interval lv76 - there’s a point in “Keep pushing 'em around” (Multishot, upper left, adds pushback to MS)
Why? Feels like this is a counter to “point blank”.

The point of my Question: I just defeated the first “Mono Boss” (Blood thingy…) and it got pushed around a lot after i destroyed those four tanks. Are real Bosses pushback immun? so its just a “nice to have” thing while “mapping”? (Edit: Did some more Monos - from 58 over 62 to now 66 - “rare enemys”, tankier ones or Enemys like those trapped “Mages” are getting so hard pushed around, its way “harder” to kill them with (my?) our “Shotgun” PewPew, also its happening, at least for me, that there are out of map, loot included… will specc out of pushback, for now ^^

will leave my crap char here too

Another small thing: the itemfilter filters out all 2H Weapon - had been nice if that wasnt the case until ~level26-28 (Flurry/MS transition) also FreezeMultiplier Items are shown before Level 70, which, as of my understanding, are “useless” - except for shattering - before someone has the lv70 Cold Bow…

Being able to push them around is not intended and hopefully will be fixed soon.

In the hopes of saving some people a little anguish, do note that Flurry, among other ranged skills, is suffering from an awful bug that makes your shots miss half the time unless you or the enemy repositions. I’d recommend saving this wonderful bowmage build for when the issue is resolved and playing a melee/minion/non-ranged build for the moment.

Thank you for the guide Boardman21!

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Have you tried placing your cursor within the bounds of the base of the model of the mob you’re trying to hit? This has always been an issue & may be separate to the one you describe (& I’ve experienced as well).

Oh yeah, I’m fairly confident it’s a separate issue. I’ve been playing bowmage since Lizard IRL popularised it, so I was fairly used to the oddities of ranged combat in LE. I took a break until 0.9 hit and suddenly Flurry just didn’t work right any more.

Do you know if this affects many other ranged attacks besides Flurry? I believe I had this issue with Detonating Arrow as well.

Yup, it’s likely to affect all bow skills.

Only Flurry and DA have projectile pierce issues, Multishot/CinderStrike/Puncture work fine (at least when there are no area collision issues).

  • Channel Flurry has attack speed problems since 0.9.
  • Suckerpunch & Rapid Detonating on DA are not working.
    So kinda hard to test BowMage atm.

I don’t think we’re talking about pierce issues? Rather about aiming towards a mob & not being able to hit it for love nor money until you move.

And it is awesome because of it!

There is no Lootfilter :frowning: