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Tornado Wind Druid Build Guide | Last Epoch 0.8.3E


Build Breakdown


Here is my next Last Epoch 0.8.3E build guide! Featuring the Tornado Wind Druid.
This build makes use of Tornado and Entangling Roots to deal catastrophic damage to our enemies. Support from Ice Thorns and Thorn Totems.


Spell Damage
Physical Damage | Pen
Resistance Cap

Build Planner
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Final Thoughts I have had tons of fun with this build. I have always wanted the storm caster style build to work in LE. I have actually found this to work pretty decently. I know it may no be for everyone. but those who like the playstyle will enjoy it. Very reminiscent of the wind druid in D2. This build will do fine in empowered monoliths. Just don't expect it to be a high arena or corruption pusher. ;-)


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How important is Thorn Totem in the overall scheme in your build? I assume it’s for the Armor shred to help your Tornado’s damage, but if Mana is a big issue, you can spec Thorn Totem to help with the mana issues.

You spec your Tempest Strike so that you select all three “cannot proc” nodes to ensure that you gain mana, but the node “grounded” has no effect if you select the other two nodes, meaning that you still have a chance to proc Lightning Bolt.

Build Planner with Tempest Strike and Thorn Totem changes

I changed it so that Thorn Totem grants mana when they expire or are unsummoned, and I specced Tempest Strikes so that you’re either proccing Earth Spikes (which also spawns Thorn Totems) or empty. This way, you’re gaining mana every time, either through unsummoning the Thorn Totems with Earth Strikes or through the “empty” chance where you gain 20 Mana.

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The tornadoes is a dot but when you have the proc from thickets and orbs from tornado they can hit pretty hard getting 4 stacks for armor shred a hit pretty hard. Tornadoes damage its self is pretty meh. But having those added layers with roots is what makes the build able to do damage. But with those options (I didn’t realize with tempest strike so thank you.) You could prob run maelstrom since you would have better sustain on mana. BC thorns it pretty marginal. But you get some ok armor from it. I love to see what else people come up with. Thank you for sharing this :blush:

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