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Turbo (OUTDATED) Shadow (OUTDATED) Puncture (OUTDATED) Bladedancer Build 0.8.1i (S Tier)


This Build Tier Rating is:

  10/10 --->--->--->---> 5/10 >--->--->--->---> 1/10

Build Overview (1 to 10 Rating System)

  • Defense - 8.5/10
  • Offense - 10/10
  • Empowered Bosses - 8.5\10
  • Speed Running Echoes - 9/10
  • Arena - 8/10
  • Average - 8.8 (S Tier)

Rating System Breakdown NEW


  • S Tier - Face tank Empowered Bosses
  • A Tier - Face tank Bosses (Non Empowered)
  • B Tier - Face tank Some Bosses But No All
  • C Tier - Cannot Face tank Any Bosses Must dodge Choreographed Abilities
  • D Tier - One Shots are frequent
  • F Tier - Trash mobs are fearsome


  • S Tier - Empowered Abomination < 10 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • A Tier - Empowered Abomination > 10 Seconds < 30 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • B Tier - Empowered Abomination > 30 Seconds < 60 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • C Tier - Empowered Abomination > 60 Seconds < 120 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • D Tier - Empowered Abomination > 120+ Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • F Tier - Empowered Abomination = Gave up.

Empowered Bosses

  • S Tier - Not a challenge
  • A Tier - Some are challenging
  • B Tier - Not empowered boss friendly
  • C Tier - Some NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • D Tier - All NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • F Tier - Don’t even bother.

Speed Running (Echoes)

  • S Tier - Doesn’t Stop Moving and Things die as you go + Fast Movement Speed
  • A Tier - Only Stops for rare’s/bosses
  • B Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things
  • C Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things or wait for mana
  • D Tier - Very Slow
  • F Tier - Painfully Slow


  • S Tier - 300+ Waves
  • A Tier - 225-299 Waves
  • B Tier - 150-224 Waves
  • C Tier - 100-149 Waves
  • D Tier - 80-99 Waves
  • F Tier - Less Than 79 Waves

Tier Converted to Points

S - Tier is 8.5+
A - Tier is 7-8.499
B - Tier is 5.5-6.99
C - Tier is 4-5.499
D - Tier is 2.5-3.99
F - Tier is 2.499 and less

Brand New Lootfilter Layout

Please let Me know if you find anything messed up

GREEN - Early Game Items (Tier 1+)

BLUE - Mid Game Items (Tier 3+)

RED - Endgame Items (Tier 5+)

PINK - Exalted/Set/Unique Items

WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non Rogue Class Items ARE HIDDEN

Pastebin Link

Turbo Shadow Puncture Bladedancer Lootfilter Pastebin Link

Text File Download

Turbo Shadow Puncture.xml (57.7 KB)

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Turbo Shadow Puncture Bladedancer

Turbo Shadow Puncture Bladedancer Gear/Blessings/Idols


  • Initially posted May 22nd 2021. Viable for 0.8.1i




Smoke bomb

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As i said on your channel, “S tiers” build that almost gets one-shot a lot while having good gear and idols that casual players will never have, i don’t know, to me it simply looks like some random burst build that takes advantages of one broken skill, that will probably get heavily nerfed the day EHG decides to balance a bit things, to deliver the burst but sacrifices a lot in defences for that, it will mostly ends up as a waste of time for average players if they try to take their personnal iterations of this build into empowered monoliths, so… S tiers, honestly, no.

What you write makes sense without a doubt. :sunglasses:

The problem (I don’t want to overdramatize this term here) is Boardman’s criteria/guidelines, which, as long as you follow them, or better yet, take them for what they are (still?), have no room for a possible beginner’s or few-player’s point of view.
That could (should?) one possibly change. :wink:

Almost every build in the game with increased damage modifiers to an EMPOWERED boss will obviously take damage. This “almost one shot” is irrelevant as all the Damage reductions such as -24% damage at low life and 60% Damage reduction at 200 health threshold save you from even some of the hardest hitting skill in the game.

NOt sure where the random burst is as its guarenteed every attack every time not randomly, but yes dagger shodows can be considered “broken”

I specifically stated in the video not once, not twice, but 3 times that this build doesnt do well until you have the gear, so playing the normal version of shadow daggers with shadow cascade until its farmed.

I also never said this was a NEW or casual player friendly build and that along with gearing are 2 things that are NOT in the tier rating system, but that can be altered and would definitely alter the overall rating of the build dropping it down.

Thanks for the feedback though I am sorry this build wasn’t one you enjoyed. I will for sure take a look into the rating system and add in some new elements to give an even better overview of a build.

Thanks :slight_smile: Have a good day!


Welcome to a beta for a game. In PoE its the same. One skill becomes popular, they decide to nerf it, builds that used it get destroyed. No need to blame the guide on this. It will happen more often. In my experience mages are way more a glasscannon than a rouge. Even with wards giving you 4-6k “life”, you die way quicker than you think.

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0.8.2 - Shadow dagger increase effect no longer reduces number of SD stacks needed to do damage.

This build lost 75% functionality yes.

To think i never played the rogue class and wanted to test it with this build, well, it might not be the best idea :frowning:

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But gained 100% damage for a net 50% nerf in the dagger dps/sec.

It gained 100% increased damage, is that beings applied as a MORE multiplier?

Either way it already did enough damage to 1 shot so its wasted damage on 90% of mobs, just takes 4x longer to get to the end result

Could be interpreted as them doubling the base/added damage as well as them just sticking an additional 100% increased modifier on it. It’s hard to know without testing which is not easy since we don’t have access to the original figures any more.

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so this is better than shadow dagger build ?? since u mentioned shadow dagger lost 75% functionality ?

No? I said this build is nothing like what it used to be. I wouldnt play it anymore, id just do a bleed puncture

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thank you sir

Based on my testing so far and comparing with previous data it’s a 100% more slapped on the end.

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So this build is not worth to play anymore?

You Can still play it,

its just not as quick as it shows in this guide anymore.

They should make puncture apply 2 Shadow Daggers per hit instead of 1. It’s a painfully slow build now, and puncture is all but dead in the water at this point as a “fun” skill to play. If you’re building around Shadow Dagger, you’re effectively playing a channeling build, and there are far more interesting/fun/powerful channeling builds out there. :frowning:

How is it anything like a channelling build? Channelled puncture is a very different beast.

It feels like one now with how slow it runs…