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This Build Tier Rating is:


  • This build is played as a Runemaster! Built around Ignite and dealing fire damage over time the runemaster has no shortage of skills that work well for it. Converting Dominion, frost claw, frost wall, flame ward all to fire many of which will apply ignite over time while you can continue on your journey letting everything die behind you!

Main Interactions

  • Stacking two dominions and frost wall on top of eachother to apply hundreds of stacks of ignite and spamming frost claw for tons of ward and then more than doubling the amount of stacks of ignite on single target with its incredible ability to hit the same target 10x per cast!

How to Play this build

  • Place frost wall or dominion out on the enemeies and then just flame rush forward and continiue on! They’ll all die as they try to follow you! For higher health mobs (Rares/Bosses) hit them with frost claw to ease there suffering!



  • Defense - 9.5/10
  • Offense - 9.5/10
  • Empowered Bosses - 9/10
  • Speed Running Echoes - 9/10
  • Arena - N/A
  • Average - 9.25 (S Tier)

This Build Tier Rating is:

  10/10 --->--->--->---> 5/10 >--->--->--->---> 1/10

Dammitt's Build Planner / Loot Filter

Burning Man Runemaster!

Burning Man Runemaster! Gear/Idols/Blessings

Burning man runemaster! Lootfilter Link:

Burning man runemaster! Lootfilter Pastebin Link

All Uniques/Set/Exalted items Will SHOW

WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non PRIMALIST Class Items ARE HIDDEN

TEAL/BLUE - 1+ Tier 5+ Class Specific Affix For Any Class (This is unselected by default, if you would like this to be active make sure to check the box!)

Light Blue - Early Game Items (1 affix Tier 1+) (Uncheck these boxes around level 25)

Green - Mid Game Items (1 affix Tier 3+) (Uncheck these boxes around level 40)

Yellow - Starting Endgame Items (1 affix Tier 5+) (Uncheck around level 60 or when you have multiple affixes wanted on each piece of gear)

Orange - Mid Endgame (Requires 3+ Affixes with 8+ Total Tiers) (This is separated by base type so you can make them more specific if you want a very specific base implicit)

Red - Late Endgame (Requires 3+ Affixes with 12+ Total Tiers) (This is separated by base type so you can make them more specific if you want a very specific base implicit)

Light Green - Idols

Most Important Stats

Defense For You (Most important to Least important)

  • Health / Vitality
  • Capped Resistances
  • Critical Strike Avoidance
  • INT / ward retention

Offense For Companions(Most Important to Least important)

  • Ignite chance / Fire damage / Fire damage over time
  • Elemental Damage / Elemental Damage over time
  • Ignite Duration / INT

How to Level (NEW)

Gear -> Unique's

This build could also use these uniques:

  • Avarice (Gloves)
  • Calamity (Helm)
  • Woven Flesh (Chest)
  • Prism Wraps (Chest)
  • Exsanguinous (Chest)
  • Last Steps of the Living (Boots)
  • Firestarter’s Torch (Sceptre)
  • Soulfire (Relic)
  • Tone of Elements (Relic)

Passive Screen Shots




Skill Screen Shots

Glyph of Dominion

Flame Rush

Flame Ward

Frost Claw

Frost Wall

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Character planner link looks wrong, does not match the video FYI.

The build planner doesnt show low life so that you can see what affixes to go for. I might just make it Legendary and fix it.

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Going over 100% less bonus damage from crits does nothing, it can’t make it where crits do less damage than a normal hit (~11 mins 26s or so).


Good to know. Ty

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I’ll never understand the appeal of builds that you need to run backwards to check for loot with. Even if you stand and wait for shit to die, so you see the loot, that defeats the entire purpose of builds like this.

Some people just like to see the world burn!

Batman aside, if your like me i dont wait and look at every item, i keep an eye for kegendsroes popping up on the minimap and most the loot drops st onjectove or high health rares/chest thay youndont just run by.

Hoping in the future we can make lootfilter show custome filtered items as a symbol on minimap.

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If we don’t have the -mana cost scepter, are there other ways to sustain the mana cost for frost claw? I had to remove the point in “On through the snow” as it caused huge mana issues

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Its harder to do. You can sacrifice points and go into the mana efficiency on the right side or build into a ton of mana regeneration. Or juat keep the point out of in through the snow

TBF, a wand gives -3 spell cost compared to -4 from Firestarter’s Torch. I personally wouldn’t worry too much about loosing that -1.

Ive got -8 in the video. The -4 extra is legendary hes referring to