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100% Crit Shadow Cascade/Shadow Dagger 0.8.2G Build


This Build Tier Rating is:

  10/10 --->--->--->---> 5/10 >--->--->--->---> 1/10

Build Overview Summary/Rating/Interactions (NEW)


  • This build is played as a bladedancer on the rogue class and takes advantage of spawning many shadows that can copy your skill shadow cascade to do huge HIT damage at 100% Crit rate in a Huge AoE. Its a very fast dodgy playstyle that can tackle the end game with ease!

Main Interactions

  • Stack Mana Regeneration so you can spam Synchronized Strike Spawning 4 shadows and having them all auto use shadow cascade
  • Stacking 100% Crit so everything hits HARD
  • Speed + Dodge to go fast and survive


  • Defense - 8/10
  • Offense - 8/10
  • Empowered Bosses - 8\10
  • Speed Running Echoes - 9/10
  • Arena - 8.5/10
  • Average - 8.3 (A Tier)

Rating System Breakdown


  • S Tier - Face tank Empowered Bosses
  • A Tier - Face tank Bosses (Non Empowered)
  • B Tier - Face tank Some Bosses But No All
  • C Tier - Cannot Face tank Any Bosses Must dodge Choreographed Abilities
  • D Tier - One Shots are frequent
  • F Tier - Trash mobs are fearsome


  • S Tier - Empowered Abomination < 10 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • A Tier - Empowered Abomination > 10 Seconds < 30 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • B Tier - Empowered Abomination > 30 Seconds < 60 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • C Tier - Empowered Abomination > 60 Seconds < 120 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • D Tier - Empowered Abomination > 120+ Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • F Tier - Empowered Abomination = Gave up.

Empowered Bosses

  • S Tier - Not a challenge
  • A Tier - Some are challenging
  • B Tier - Not empowered boss friendly
  • C Tier - Some NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • D Tier - All NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • F Tier - Don’t even bother.

Speed Running (Echoes)

  • S Tier - Doesn’t Stop Moving and Things die as you go + Fast Movement Speed
  • A Tier - Only Stops for rare’s/bosses
  • B Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things
  • C Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things or wait for mana
  • D Tier - Very Slow
  • F Tier - Painfully Slow


  • S Tier - 300+ Waves
  • A Tier - 225-299 Waves
  • B Tier - 150-224 Waves
  • C Tier - 100-149 Waves
  • D Tier - 80-99 Waves
  • F Tier - Less Than 79 Waves

Tier Converted to Points

S - Tier is 8.5+
A - Tier is 7-8.499
B - Tier is 5.5-6.99
C - Tier is 4-5.499
D - Tier is 2.5-3.99
F - Tier is 2.499 and less

Brand New Lootfilter Layout

Please let Me know if you find anything messed up

GREEN - Early Game Items (Tier 1+)

BLUE - Mid Game Items (Tier 3+)

RED - Endgame Items (Tier 5+)

YELLOW - ENDGAME ITEMS (Requires 3+ Affixes with 8+ Total Tiers) First Test

PINK - Exalted/Set/Unique Items

WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non ROGUE Class Items ARE HIDDEN

Pastebin Link

100% Crit Shadow Dagger/Cascade Bladedancer Lootfilter Pastebin Link

Text File Download

Shadow CascadeDagger 0.8.2G.xml (76.3 KB)

Dammitt's Builder Link Now Updated For 0.8.2G

100% Crit Shadow Cascade/Dagger Bladedancer Gear/Idols/Blessings

Most Important Stats

Defense (Most important to Least important

  • Capped Resist
  • Dodge/Critical Strike Avoidance
  • 60% Endurance + Some Threshold if you have a spot or two
  • Dex
  • Leech if you have spare passives/gear slots

Offense (Most Important to Least important)

  • Critical Strike Chance/Melee Crit Chance
  • Added Physical Damage on Weapons
  • Mana Regeneration So you can spam Syn strike + shadow Cascade more


  • Initially posted June 4th 2021. Viable for 0.8.2G




Smoke Bomb
Synchronized Strike
Shadow Cascade

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Leveling a new character to try this out. I can’t wait, looks great. Love your guides, keep up the great work!

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Hey @boardman21, is there a reason there are some loot filter rules with 0 affixes? Or why some of the rules in the filter are not checked when you import it in-game?

Hi @boardman21 , I’m pretty new to LE and have been leveling a blademaster using your 1-75 shadow daggers guide. I’m currently level 54 and am wondering if that leveling guide is still up-to-date and ideal for leveling to 75 or if respecing to this build would be better.

Those are template rules for the offhand which you dont use in this build.

Welcome to the community!

Leveling guide still works, just dont take the node that takesthe melee tag off shadow cascade and build into more crit :slight_smile:

Hi Boardman , do u have a textfile download for the lootfilter to this buil ?

Decoy is better than shurikens? If so, what is the advantage of decoy over shuriken?

Decoy taunts all mobs for 3s, can be spec’d to apply armour shred, throw multiple decoys at once and give a shadow when they explode.

Hello @boardman21 really appreciate the builds and guide can you make a 1-75/100 guide to build into this? Mainly coz I’m a new player and idk where to put the points and nodes into Thanks!

Out and Out my favourite build so far.

Feels interactive to play, Quick, Tanky thanks to the Dodge but not immortal so you still have to stay awake.

Leveling was super easy too, just buffed SC and spam it at everything.
SS & SC make quick work of any Bosses in the campaign.

Progressing through Mono feels so smooth so far and I’m running almost 10 levels below the Mono’s.

Still have to try a Sent & Aco build but think I’ll be busy with this one for a while.

Thanks for this build, it’s great fun, I hope more people try it.

My second character in LE and this build is AWESOME. SO satisfying, fairly flexible with gear, and honestly just a load of fun.

Thanks so much for this guide man.

Synchronized Strike has a known framerate bug. It stops creating shadows if FPS is too low (around 10 for me). You can still get enough shadows from Shift/SB to clear mobs. Lethal Mirage is great single target with our 100% crit (Gloom & Doom/Pact of the Desert are traps).

Other notes:

  • Shadow Daggers isn’t worth it outside of Smoke Mine
  • (Shift) Lasting Presence/Dancing Shadows should be in the main builder
  • (Shift) Rebound/Emergency Flask is a nice “get out of jail free” combo
  • 100% GB chance is possible with dual swords and Apostasy (and all GB/dodge nodes)
  • Crit cap items: Mercenary Leather Body Armor, Ancient Coins Relic, Copper Rings, “inc. crit chance per equipped sword” Grand Majasan Rogue idol
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If you’re going dual swords (and getting glancing blow from weapons of choice) then also taking apostasy is a massive waste of dodge!

I’m also curious if it’s possible to replicate that bug.

Not really. I had about 20% dodge in the base build and 50% for 1 second with Shift. GB was around 30% to start with, then 40% swords, and about another 30% with Apostasy. 100% GB is possible with just the dodge nodes on character trees (none crafted on gear).

It’s easy to replicate the bug; just play on any laptop with integrated graphics and an HDD.

so is shadow daggers effect just not worth it anymore?

No, it’s still a big more modifier, you still want as much as you can get, it’s just not exponential like before.

Currently lvl 82 but getting one shot on Emperor of Bones in the lvl 85 quest/monolith Dragon one (can’t remember name of it) very frustrating. I seem to get one shot by the echo boss too - one at the end of the branches with the pyramid that launches all kinds of stuff at you.

Typically after posting this I did both and am now moving on to the next tier of Echoes!

just gotta say, this build is AWESOME and I don’t miss shadow dagger effect AT ALL, going to 100 with this bad boy :slight_smile: 695% crit multi is a helluva drug.

Killed all bosses never died once, this build is SOLID and engaging!


in your lootfilter it says:
“WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non SENTINEL Class Items ARE HIDDEN”
i’m assuming that’s a copy-paste error from another guide? :smiley: