New Player Beginners Pack All In One Spot 0.8.3E

Hello travelers and Welcome to Last Epoch!

  • This post includes links to all the basic guides so you can learn mechanics, bosses, endgame, crafting, leveling, and just about the game in general!
  • Over time a lot of helpful post get buried and forgotten, Lets keep them in 1 Spot!

Community Game Guide

Build Compendiums!

  • This build compendium is made by @Dammitt who has created a masterpiece. It links any build guide on the forums or youtube that has a build planner associated with it! You can also search by just about anything to find what you need! Even by a unique or skill and its visually represented well on the website!
    Dammitt’s Build Compendium

  • Over 150 Build guides and at least 1 Leveling guide for each mastery can be found in the link below. These builds will be rated and come with a summary so you can find out just what there about and how well they perform before even clicking them!
    Build Compendium over 150 build/leveling Guides

The best Leveling Guides

Guides for last epoch to learn it all

Links to great 3rd party websites/Helpful Forum Posts

Watch streamers Live on Twitch and ask Questions

Youtube Channels with tons of Content to Help Ya Out


  • This Post still in its infancy, if I missed you please PM or comment below and I can add you.
  • This post will stay updated with the latest/best guides to keep new players informed
  • The Purpose of this post is to have everything a new player would find helpful to start the game in one location.
  • Have not tested all links yet, if one does not go where intended, please let me know :slight_smile:

Have a good day travelers and welcome to Last Epoch!


Hey Boardman, thank you for linking to my MoF Boss Guide and Loot Filter, I really appreciate it.

While I would never ask someone else to promote my stuff on my own, while you are at it, you might want to add my other guide showcasing every single Shade Of Orobyss Abilitiy.

Of course only if you find that guide usefull enough to be listed here.

It’s in a very similar fashion to the MoF Boss Guide Video, with less explaining and just edited the necessary parts without showing the whole fight, because the video would have been like 2 hours lol.

Here’s the Guide:

I also have another usefull loot filter thread, giving some information and tips how the loot filter works: It’s all written, so some people might prefer that over a video. (Not sure how you like somewhat redundant content with different formats, e.g. your loot filter video vs my le forum thread)

It’s relatively old, but still valid, but i wanted to update it at some point with some of the recently added functionality:

Thank you again and sorry if this comes across as greedy, but since you posted alot of usefull links here I guess all of the other stuff I suggested here also fits in here.


Nope. Exactly the feedback i need. Like I said a lot of them get lost so there hard to find unless you search exact words. Thanks! Ill add em

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Ok, glad to hear that.

I am not sure how much you want to see “build guides” here, but there is another GREAT guide.

As many probably already know i am personally not a big fan of builds guides, but there is one “guide” in particular which i also can suggest to play, while still feeling good about it, because it’s a true beginner guide:

On the Surface it’s a “Build Guide”, but if you dig deeper into it, it’s a true beginner guide, explaining alot of handy tips and tricks to make your first experiences way easier and better.
@wasted1 put A LOT of effort writting this.

EDIT: Sorry for laying siege on your topic already lolz >.>

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That one is currently already in under the Leveling of a Sorcerer Section. Its a great guide for leveling and for endgame.

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Thanks for all ur effort guys!!!

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Thank you both for helping us newcomers.

I may bumping this, but dear god, thank you for the tips and guide.

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Welcome to the community! No problem still got alot to add to this but havent had the time yet

I appreciate the shoutout, and this resource is amazing for new players. Everything you’d want in one location. Excellent work! As are all your various contributions – which are quite vast.

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Thanks! Your game Guide is HUGE! I cant believe I didn’t remember to add it in the beginning. Also found several links in it for more things I need to add such as the wiki. Got to Update this one soon.

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  • Added updated Melee Leveling Guide for new SSF players
  • Added Mcfluffins LE University to the mix
  • Added Link for Dammitts New build compendium for the latest builds
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