Last Epoch | Cold Army Necromancer | Build Guide | 0.9.2


This Build Tier Rating is:


  • This build is played as a Necromancer! Summon an armor of Minions, both Spell Mages and Archers and then give them tons of Cold damage to annihilate all enemies! Pop a potion and fill the screen with zombie explosions and parasites to increase your damage and survivability!

Main Interactions

  • Having double digit minions around you cast out infernal shades to your maximum and then a dread shade to give minions added cold damage per infernal shade that was up! Pop a potion to have tons of zombies and parasites appear giving you ward per minion death and per zombie death!

How to Play this build

  • Just run around with your minions replacing dread shade and infernal shades as needed. They’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!



  • Defense - 9.5/10 (Tons of ward and ward generation! Minions not so much)
  • Offense - 9/10 (Decent AoE, Good Single Target)
  • Empowered Bosses - 9/10 (Good Survivability, Good single target damage)
  • Speed Running Echoes - 8/10 (OK for speed running echoes)
  • Arena - N/A
  • Average - 8.75 (S Tier)

This Build Tier Rating is:

  10/10 --->--->--->---> 5/10 >--->--->--->---> 1/10

Maxroll's Build Planner / Loot Filter

Cold Army Necromancer Build Planner

Cold Army Necromancer Build Planner! Gear/Idols/Blessings

Cold Army Necromancer Lootfilter Link:

Cold Army Necromancer Lootfilter Pastebin Link

All Uniques/Set/Exalted items Will SHOW

WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non ACOLYTE Class Items ARE HIDDEN

TEAL/BLUE - 1+ Tier 5+ Class Specific Affix For Any Class (This is unselected by default, if you would like this to be active make sure to check the box!)

Light Blue - Early Game Items (1 affix Tier 1+) (Uncheck these boxes around level 25)

Green - Mid Game Items (1 affix Tier 3+) (Uncheck these boxes around level 40)

Yellow - Starting Endgame Items (1 affix Tier 5+) (Uncheck around level 60 or when you have multiple affixes wanted on each piece of gear)

Orange - Mid Endgame (Requires 3+ Affixes with 8+ Total Tiers) (This is separated by base type so you can make them more specific if you want a very specific base implicit)

Red - Late Endgame (Requires 3+ Affixes with 12+ Total Tiers) (This is separated by base type so you can make them more specific if you want a very specific base implicit)

Light Green - Idols

Most Important Stats

Defense For You (Most important to Least important)

  • Health / Vitality
  • Capped Resistances / INT
  • Critical Strike Avoidance
  • Minion Health

Offense For You(Most Important to Least important)

  • Minion Damage / Flat added Minion damage
  • Minion Flat Crit Chance / Increased Minion Crit

How to Level

Gear -> Unique's

This build could also use these uniques:

  • Cycle of Putrescence (Ring)
  • Death Rattle (Amulet)
  • Exsanguinous (Chest)
  • Last Steps of the Living (Boots)
  • Lichs Scorn (Off Hand)
  • Reach of the Grave (Wand)

Passive Screen Shots



Skill Screen Shots

Dread Shade

Infernal Shade

Summon Skeleton Mage

Summon Skeleton

Summon Volatile Zombie

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Hi Boardman,

i followed your Cold Army Necro Leveling Guide. Currently i`m lvl 80. When should to this Build and swap golem with zombies? Any Gear requiered?