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Void Apocalypse Speed Runner Bring Back Abyssal Echoes! 0.8.1c


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Build Overview

  • Huge damage against trash/magic/rares
  • Massive Leech
  • Does to many hits per second to kick in boss DR, so bosses take some time.

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1c
Void Apocalypse Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 28th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1c


Void Knight


Volatile Reversal
Abyssal Echoes
Devouring Orb

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Does the staff drop from anyone? Or just a random drop?

Gamble Mirage Staff

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Whats the chance of actually getting it from gambling? Like 1%?

“Rare” so maybe?

“Very rare”…

Also, they removes the boss DR aaaaaaaages ago.

No bosses defintely have some form of DR. The more damage/hits they take the less you do… i clearly can go from doing 500 crits down to 200 damage crits after just a few seconds until about the last 5% of health

Awesome build, that’s something I really want to play! :slight_smile:

I gambeled two staffes (first one was a true shit roll…) in about 1,2 million gold. First one after 250k …

It is doable but just boring…

I play the unholy baby of your two void builds :wink:
Life based with sigils of hope and shooting orbs (with max pew pew ball power) … works wonderfull.

Yeah void knight is capable with just about anything, but i really wanted to get 1 build in with abyssal echoes because, well watching it chain all around the screen is just satisfying.

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the description says “+1 to Spell Void Level of Skills” which doesn’t make any sense to me. Should it not read “+1 to Skill Level for Void Spells” ???

damn gambled 1mil + and didnt get one. You got two in 1.25m id say thats pretty lucky. Back to gambling i guess. :frowning:

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This build is now named the Vroomba. Because its a speed running vacuum. This thing clears mono sooo fast. I don’t even have the staff.

Five points in “Time and Faith” in Sentinel? That’s for skills we don’t use. I guess you used Smite at a moment, during leveling.
I suggest five more points in “Relentless” instead, to boost the damage. Unless you have a better idea.

Yeah originally before I was running smite until.i got the staff. You can move em

This build looks like a ton of fun!
So what would the smite build tree look like while leveling to get the last skill Anomaly? I am new so I am unsure whats best for leveling with until I can focus solely on the build.

If your just using smite as a utility, probly get all the extra lightning hits on the right side, thats about it, you dont need the attack speed or the teleport node. If you want to use it for damage then i would get the sacrificed life hit damage, crit chance and crit multi for it.

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I’m stuck in timeline 75, I can’t kill Lagon. I do very little damage to him, so I have plenty of time to make errors and he ends killing me.
I don’t have the staff, so I run a slightly modified version, with Mana Efficiency maxed in skill trees. I’ll go further when I find the staff. ^^

Awesome, thanks for the tips! Its working wonders!
So another question, I was looking around at the passives in Devouring Orb, and I noticed the Hollow Orb passive does not allow for dmg and area to be increased. Would that make some of the other allocated points in Rift Caller and Abyssal Expanse not work as intended?

if i recall in my testing, i think the balls were still getting bigger. It might be a bug, but yes taking the node on the right that increases duration makes them no longer scale. i played like 3 version of it while messing around with it.

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