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Void Knight Version of The Decimator. 0.8.1c Its a baller!


This Build Tier Rating is:

  Best --->--->--->---> Decent >--->--->--->---> Worst

Build Overview

  • Lots of Purple Balls
  • Huge Damage
  • Not the takiest
  • Requires uniques

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1c
Void Knight Decimator Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted March 14th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1c


Void Knight


Abyssal Echoes
Devouring Orb

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Hey, Quick question. Is Smite required for this build, Or could i use something like lunge for mobility instead? Just prefer it more, But if theres interaction with smite that I’m missing then let me know! Thanks

Smite is not mandatory. Feel free to spice it up! :slight_smile:

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Hi ! Thanks for showing this build. Quick question. Why stack so much crit multi and no crit chance ? wouldn’t it feel smoother with a little bit of both, or is there a reason to do so that I missed ?

Thanks in advance for your answer !

Rive has guaranteed 3rd strike crit. 1st amd 2md cant crit

I didn’t want to accept it at first but this build ssssssslaps

First, Welcome to the community!

Second, I am not familiar with the phrase “ssssssslaps” is this good or bad lol?

Are you not “down wiv da yoof”? Dissappointed!

Any reason why you are using increased unique drop rate blessing even though you aren’t using any uniques in the build planner?

First, welcome to the community!

It was just the best choice I had when I beat the boss. Feel free to change it :slight_smile:

first thanks for your leveling guids and the build, its been fun so far but after finishing the first timeline it got really hard to progress.
i switched from your leveling build to this one, only to find that the damage without the Scepter is really bad.
well i tried for some time now but it is hopeless.

is there a way to get this to work without it? or should i just stick with the old build for now?


First, Welcome to the community!

Yes that weapon is (While not Mandatory) what makes the entire build shine, i would just play a normal rive build until you get it!

Should take to long as it has an 85% drop rate and you will most likely get it on your first encounter with beating the boss on “the ruin” timeline.

You’re just heaping on the criticism.
It’s okay. :grin:

I think slaps is a term I heard for the first time on TikTok or something. In that context it was used to describe how a song was enjoyable to listen to.
In this context, it means the build is a lot of fun to play.

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Why is our phys resist so low?
26% on LETp (Last Epoch Tools/planner)

I didn’t get tier 5 rolls of it, You can definitely get it higher and i recommend you do :slight_smile:

Do you use Ephemeral Stance?
Okay, I see now. unless a stance is on your toolbar, it can’t be used.

I just watched your guide again and then checked out your video on how to autocast. Massive playability upgrade.

is there a database of loot filters? I noticed there’s no loot filter section in this guide.

Here’s the one I made over the past few days. This might just be me making this up but I have to do all my loot filter editing in the morning. At the end of the day, I don’t have the mental energy to edit it. It’s a catch 22 because I don’t have the mental energy to manually sort through all the loot that drops either. I feel like this is pretty close to done. At least 75% of the way there. What do you think?
VoiD KNIGHT lvl60+ Copy.xml (41.9 KB)

I do not.

I am not at home to check the lootfilter atm to see if its got all the right affixes, can check in about 9 hours.

Yes autocasting on some builds might almost be considered mandatory atm

Yeah I love this build but I can’t autocast and it feels like it’s going to give me RSI lol

Yeah the autocast is kinda needed or just hold down your buttons but that hurts after a while.