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300+ Echo Streak Super Tank Speed Running Shaman Avalanche Build 0.8.1c


This Build Tier Rating is:

  Best --->--->--->---> Decent >--->--->--->---> Viable

Build Overview

  • Fast Clears
  • Tank Just about anything while moving
  • Stuns

Lootfilter Very Basic Recoloring Of The Affixes You Need.

Light Pink - Tier 2 or Lower Offense Affixes
Dark Pink - Tier 3 or Higher Offense Affixes

Light Blue - Tier 2 or Lower Defense Affixes
Dark Blue - Tier 3 or Higher Defense Affixes

Orange = Class Specific Affixes + Idols


Speed Tank Shaman Lootfilter Pastebin Link


Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1c
Speed Tank Shaman Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted March 21st 2021. Viable for 0.8.1c




Ice Thorns
Summon Thorn Totem

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Thanks for the build, looks great!
Is it possible to level with this? If not, any recommendation on leveling skills for Shaman?

Also, I’ve looked at some of your builds and nearly all of them need or at least profit from very specific idols. Any way to farm them or just spam high rarity echoes?


Yes avalanche can be used to level, i recommend starting off with wolves + saber and then swapping wolves for avalanche one you get the mastery, keep the saber until you have avalanche spec’d enough for damage.

Use a 2 handed staff early game and can get ice thorns to have a 0 mana cost instant cast setup which works well.

Every idol is specific in its own way.
Every build typically has a Best in slot.

To farm them using a build like this one where you just ignore mono bosses and keep running echoes (still havent gone as high as this can go im at 335 right now) you get so many drops that idols just throw themselves at you. I get 10-20 idol drops per echo run, typically 1 is “useful”

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Dude, just when I settle into the pally build, you bring this heat!! Well cold…but still…lol. So at 77, respecced and for the first time I am using that Halvars set, is that a mistake? It seems like it’s working except that mana is still draining but I guess that improves with the node in shaman tree right? Thanks for a cool cool build!!

Halvars set is very viable! Glad your enjoying it.

Oh cool. I rolled a lot of your gear to see if the mana issue went away and it didn’t. I have 12 regen and 256 in the pool. Skills are all at 18, and I have 4 of 8 in that mana efficiency node. Is it just an issue of leveling up or did I miss something? Love raining rocks on everything!

Did you take the 8 points in shaman passive node “Elemental shrines” it gives 16% more mana regeneration which might just be what you need :slight_smile:

Also are you were a -3 spell cost weapon? that reduces ice thorns from 5 to 2 which also is huge.

Ok I made those changes and I crushed Yulia in mono’s but still draining mana into the purple, here is the link, appreciate your help so much - Shaman, Level 78 (LE Beta 0.8.1c) - Last Epoch Build Planner

With 0 points in mana efficency in Avalanche your going to need around 14 mana/s You have just under 12. I recommend getting 2 points into avalanche mana efficency and at least 1 ring or another piece with tier 3-5 mana regeneration in prefix slot

Well that did the trick man! No more mana issues. Now to build up the damage and get a better chest piece. I really like this build and I appreciate all the help. Have a good one!

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This looks amazing. How important is the chestpiece for this?

You do not need the chest piece to run it, however i would go after the chest piece as 40% Damage reduction for your entire HP pool against all damage types is huge.

Ok so I started this build, but I am utterly lost in what order to take the passives and skills when leveling. I don*t want to do the druid leveling guide you have posted.
I find this in other build guides as well here, sadly give little clue in what order to take things.
Would be great if you included that info for us who want to level with the end game build to learn it.
Thanks for your super work otherwise!

Got a few questions since I’m still kinda new

First off with Avalanche routing… is there a reason you went through storm front and elemental bond instead of harsh winter? Looks like the 10% more is better value than 5% more frequency per point and it lets you skip the useless point in the elemental. Also potentially frees up points from intensity to move over to mountains fury for more AoE if wanted.

Second in the shaman passives why are we taking sky armor and swirling maelstrom? Seems like they are mediocre at best and adding more survivability onto something that’s damn near invincible already is a little wasteful? Was thinking going into Ancestral speed would be better for haste to run even faster and the totem cast speed for more armour shred?

You can certainly change things up :slight_smile: These Guides are in no way min maxes. They just get you going with something that works.

Start Tinkering!

So, this was interesting. At lvl 51 I finished the Logon boss deathless. This is the second character I have gotten that far in the game. The other one was the ice crit necro build, which in fairness also didn’t die to Logon but was 55 and killed it faster.

This is indeed a very powerful build. I had a weapon that worked very well, called Frozen Ire and a helmet Snowblind and used the shield The Slab in offhand. Nice synergies. Very tanky.

Good build!

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I got one question basically.
Are you spamming/holding your keys the whole time to cast avalanche/ice thorns and tornado? Or is there a trick im not aware of.

D3. Numlock trick.

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How do you get that chest piece? Might try to farm it on my mage before leveling the shaman.

the chest is from Argentus in the stolen lance timeline (I think empowered is required)

honestly if there was a node or unique for instant cast avalanche this would be my favorite build right now i think