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74k EHP + 1000% increased Damage | Shadow Dance Tank BladeDancer | Last Epoch 0.8.3E


Build Breakdown


Here is my next Last Epoch 0.8.3 build guide! The Shadow Dance Blade Dancer Tank for the Rogue Class. This build is insanely fun! We have a massive 74K EHP with the help of Dancing Strikes, Shuriken’s, Shadow Cascade, Shift and Smoke Bomb to both buff our damage and our defenses. Most of our damage comes from Shadow Daggers which is procced by all of our abilities. Hitting bosses for 20k and hitting Orobyss for 124k. One of the best combo’s of damage and tank I have made yet!


Resistance Cap
Melee Damage
Throwing attack
Melee Crit
Shadow Daggers Effect

Build Planner

In Video-


EHP Calculator"Evasion"%2C"Arena"%2C"Frailty"&t=000

Loot Filter


Final Thoughts I have been trying to make a rogue tank ever since the Rogue came out in 0.8.0. I finally think I have found what I have been looking for without requiring a heavy gear threshold or needing a bunch of uniques. this was a very important criteria, One because I wanted new player to be able to easily enjoy the build. Two I wanted to make sure it had a high ceiling, so that people who wanted to push it in extremely high corruption or arena could do so by grinding out uniques they may want or highly exalted gear. Let me know your thoughts on the build and I hope you enjoy :heart:


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Do me (us?) a favor and calculate the 74K EHP once, will you?
(Afterwards you’ll also get some further feedback, I promise!)

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Not sure what you mean? I have the EHP Calculator linked.

Ok, if this link was already in there I missed it. Happens.

You have besides your evasion rate in your active and passive abilities many things in there which you…

a) …basically not all together can activate, and if nevertheless rather rarely… the passive point “Evasion” lets greet nicely.

b) …you won’t (may) be able to use them on all opponents at same time… “Frailty” also sends its regards.

c) You have Dodge in it. So if I wanted to replay this build, I would withstand 3 big hits and take a nap on the fourth? I beg you.

Translated with (free version)

Sure so all of this o covered in the video explanation that is is an up too 74k EHP. Also that it is stackable and you can have all of these up at once. I even show an example of not properly executing the rotation and what taking a big hit does.

Maybe I am not following. But for most definitely can have all this going at once dancing strikes is a movement ability to you are moving and frailty you are hitting the mobs and stacking it.
Also the calculator shows average is 74k.

Ok, a) became obsolete, very nice. (I did not know yet, thank you.)

b) How do you want to guarantee that you have 3 Frailtys on every opponent that could be dangerous for you in higher corruption levels?

c) I am also very aware that a lot of people are into gambling, that fits Dodge quite well, and in the EHP calculator it is also in there and is calculated. Check.
[Just throw out the dodge rating, then you know where your character stands in the fight).

Personally, I can’t get anything out of the random monster hit, which could just randomly kill me once. It’s probably my problem.
→ Good luck to everyone else!

Translated with (free version)

EDIT: Would Wings of Argentus work here?

This doesn’t make sense because the damage reduction with dodge is 100% even if we get hit on the remaining 23% we still have major DR to back us up. Dodge is really one of if not the best Defense in the game. So without dodge we still have a bunch of DR from all the other sources

Great, I’m trying to explain “1 hit mechanics” to you all the time and you’re telling me, “If you dodge, you don’t get hit!”

Against potential “1 Hit Blows” you can forget your nice Dodge Rating, therefore your 74K EHP was and is a milkmaid calculation.
[Someone is about to tell me that he dodged the first 3/4 of it].

When Dodge is activated, you have infinite EHP against physical 1-hits.
When Dodge is not activated, you have about 17K EHP against physical 1-hits.
[Just deleted Dodge from the EHP calculator here].

I had to look up milkmaid in the urban dictionary to figure out what that is, lol.

Yeah it is kind of a glorified EHP when factoring in all the dodge, and the stats are snapshotted assuming all your buffs are up / you are in smoke bomb to get 100% glancing blow and have hit all the mobs 3 times for frailty and so on. The real EHP is about 17k against 1shots

Gearing setup is a bit questionable. No chill and slow, how do you play? Also I am almost certain that this build would get alot more EHP if it was properly using its suffix slots for %health and flat health or hybrid health.

And chill at the very least. That makes things like the Dragon Emperor’s big AoE take 36% longer to cast/whatever which makes getting out of it way easier even with 0% move speed…

Moving out of the way isn’t really an issue with this build.

Not when they could be avoided.