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100% Missing Health Healed Per Second AoD Death Seal Lich! 0.8.1c

Video and special thanks to @Stormquake

This Build Tier Rating is:

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Build Overview

  • Good Damage Dealer
  • Massive Healing
  • Face Tank All Bosses and Their Abilities
  • Snapshotting isnt something to be proud of

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1c
100% Health Healed Per Second Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 27th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1c




Reaper Form
Aura of Decay
Wandering Spirits
Death Seal

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and with a 2-hander. Cool! No need for endurance on this one I guess?

I mean you can… But no no need. When you use death seal and your at 33% of you maximum helath endurance would be useful ( I assume it works in Reaper form )

Are you ever dropping off Reaper Form? For me, after a while i just cannot keep up with the degen and when i use Death Seal im dropped off Reaper Form. Is that how its supposed to be working or am i missing something? (less than a week to the game, just trying to figure out the mechanics)

Reaper Form Degen Picks up pace the longer your in it, Its best to let yourself run out of it before starting each mono run or if in arena every 5/10 waves.

And that is done by deactivating the AoD, right? I see… Was wondering why i couldn’t keep Reaper Form forever, didn’t know the degen scales with time, thanks!

Yes you can either deactivate AoD and youll degen really fast or Just wait it out (Boringg)

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How do you level this? I’m trying to level with this and I’m at 30 now and getting my rear handed to me on the Imperial Ship.

Level Acolytes with Wandering Spirits, Spirit Plague and Bone Curse. If it’s a Lich, you can add Drain Life. With that, you will have a very easy leveling.
You can switch later to a Death Seal build.

I’ll try it out. At 5 points each using Wandering Spirits, Spirit Plague and Bone Curse, it’s definitely slow going. :smiley:

For Wandering Spirits, first go for poison projectiles. It’s a node on the right. Then go for spawn frequency, I guess.

Thanks for making this guide. I’m a new player and thought this looked like a fun build. Reaper form looks cool and I like DoT’s and life leeching and death auras in other games.

I just finished the campaign and have done some Monoliths so I am level 55 now but still using my leveling skills and gear.

I’m not sure how to transition to this build though. Do I just keep farming Monoliths until I collect enough Increased Health Effectiveness items?

I guess I should ask if this build is even accessible to a new player or if should I play a different build while gearing up first?

Thanks for any advice!

I would keep farming until you have at least some healing effectiveness then swap

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I cant understand… Why we using Armor Shred? We dont have physical damage, only necrotic and damage over time… Why armor shred? Or it’s effecting necrotic damage too ?

First Welcome to the community!

Armor gives damage reductions of all types of hits but is double for physical damage.

If the armor shred your referring to is the conversion of AoD from poisoning to armor shred its so that we dont have to fight all the poison damage as it poisons us to and we are getting our damage from other places.

Thanks! Now I get it, thank you

Hi, I’m new here so i might miss smg. What about Violent Emergence? It doesn’t work on bosses or what? By the looks of it it should be best thing ever - 20% culling on your movement skill is just OP. No?

Welcome to the community!

Nope not missing anything against bosses that 20% culling is very nicce. Try it out :slight_smile:

Trying to understand where to put my points to scale the best past 75.

I have 3/8 crippling insight, 5/8 dance with death, 6/8 Acrophya, 3/10 Necrotic Energy.

Which should I max out first?

Enjoying this build so far even though I’m still in campaign, plays a bit like PoE’s Righteous Fire used to.

I’ve got a couple skill build questions:

Transplant: Dance of Blood. We’re increasing Transplant’s cost by 30% from 13% of max HP to 17%, which with our high health numbers saps a decent amount of health. In exchange we’re getting a little bit of damage and 10-30 health returned, since we don’t spec into Rip Blood’s tree. I feel like these are kind of wasted points considering the clear is so good already, and this doesn’t help much with single target dps (tooltip is saying less damage than Wandering Spirits, and we spawn tons of those).

I think swapping those points into Sadism would be ideal, 15% global dmg while Transplant is on cooldown for a measly 3% life drain. Scarlet Rain into Black Mirror so you can melee detonate for 6 corpses might also be a nice damage boost if you take points from somewhere else (Ivory Court?). Or Violent Emergence for up to 20% execute, not sure how late game bosses scale but that seems good.

Death Seal: Doomcall, do you know if the reduced regeneration affects the health gain we’re getting from AoD? I’ve leveled Tachycardia to 5/5 and it feels very good, I’m hesitant to invest into the Doomcall branch when an extra 2 Tachycardia and 1 Moratorium synergize well. I’m not trying to zoom-zoom so QatD isn’t a priority, I’d probably go down to Lethal Release and Cycle of Decay (since Wandering Spirits are poisoning for us).

Only other thing that seems odd to me are the Physical Spell Crit on idols since our only physical spell is Transplant. But I also don’t know how those items roll.