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100% Uptime 100% Crit Void Warpath! 0.8.1b


Looking For a different build? Heres all my builds in One fancy spot!

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Build Overview

  • Looks and Feels amazing
  • Decent Damage
  • Speedrunner

Dammitt’s Builder Link

100% Crit Uptime Warpath Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 21st 2021. Viable for 0.8.1b


Void Knight


Volatile Reversal
Sigil Of Hope

can wings of sargentus be gambled for and if so, what base item do you gamble for.

Negative you get it as a 10% chance drop from the God hunter (Level 60 timeline)Empowered to level 100

I have a feeling that chest piece is gonna become the most farmed unique in the game pretty quickly… 40% damage reduction is crazy…

how do i unlock the epowered version of the stolen lance, i think its new that it can be empowered if im not mistaken.

well… while moving so that makes its a bit tougher. Most people die because there standing still already and this wont help that.

Im not 100% sure, i did the 3 new timelines and hit the empower chest in the middle and then started farming god hunter. Not sure if the empower version is available before that but it might be.

Isnt that @Llama8’s Achilles heal…

That is how you empower the monoliths now.

??? You shouldn’t believe everything you hear from disgruntled ex-raid leaders.

Besides, I’m more than capable of dieing by moving through thing I shouldn’t as well…

As soon as your name is involved, i’d believe anything I hear.

Build Planner is Now UPDATED to 0.8.1b!

QoL Link: Came in at the bottom and to lazy to scroll up?
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Ty very much for that Build. Im a Casual player and i like what people like you do for us.
I have 1 question, is it possible that you can make a Loot Filter for that build? Atm i use the Heavyz Casual Loot Filter for it, its fine, but i also get tones of items that i dont need.
Ty very much

I will try and get some filters done for previous builds that dont have any that re 8.1 or more recent this weekend :slight_smile: but they still be basic ones just have the correct affixes highlights

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I have a question about stats. When i play Void Warpath, the first stats that i need is Melee Void damage right? What about Melee Physical Damage?
What kind of stats should i pref when i try to increase my Warpath Damage?:sleepy:

ps: Strength also increase the Damage from Warpath, but when i play Void Warpath, Attunement also increase the damage from Void Damage :see_no_evil:

Sure, but almost every weapon comes with physical melee damage and then you add void so youll be doing both types, the reason you want to try and get as much VOid added melee daamge is in void knight tree your just getting lots Void damage so it scales better, But having weapons with High physical melee damage as well will help as its all added into the damage.

Im not sure attunement increases damage of warpath. Where are you seeing this?

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I thought Attunement increased Void damage, looks im wrong with it sorry.

It does of the skill has the Attunement tag, but that’s only for Sentinel (& Primalist) spells.

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That chest looks amazing. build looks cool aswell :slight_smile: gonna try and farm the chest. thank you!

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Hello hello, please im new at the game. Your builts were the first i check, loving how easy and how straight foward is your insights. Im following them. The paladin bleed warpath didint fullfill my expectations, lvl78. Its like POE, looks promissing but we get stuck unless playing hundreads of hours. Please answer us, please, what melee built is better ? Warpath crit, warpath bleed, or Rive dual ?

Welcome to the community!

I would recommend the void knight rive melee build. Its straight. No uniques. Great damage with just basic tier 1 base types. Will get ya through the content to learn mechanics and see whats there

Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

why is Imediacy required in Anomaly? Wouldn’t having it on autocast perform the return on enemies and trigger the effects? Unless that doesn’t work on bosses?