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The Easiest Most Powerful Werebear/Pet Returns. The Werigan! 0.8.1b


0.8.2 Updated Guide here:

Machine Gun Spriggan Update HERE


This Build Tier Rating is:

  10/10 --->--->--->---> 5/10 >--->--->--->---> 1/10

Build Overview (1 to 10 Rating System)

  • Defense - 10/10
  • Offense - 10/10
  • Empowered Bosses - 10\10
  • Speed Running Echoes - 6/10
  • Arena - 10/10
  • Average - 9.2 (S Tier)

Rating System Breakdown NEW


  • S Tier - Face tank Empowered Bosses
  • A Tier - Face tank Bosses (Non Empowered)
  • B Tier - Face tank Some Bosses But No All
  • C Tier - Cannot Face tank Any Bosses Must dodge Choreographed Abilities
  • D Tier - One Shots are frequent
  • F Tier - Trash mobs are fearsome


  • S Tier - Empowered Abomination < 10 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • A Tier - Empowered Abomination > 10 Seconds < 30 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • B Tier - Empowered Abomination > 30 Seconds < 60 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • C Tier - Empowered Abomination > 60 Seconds < 120 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • D Tier - Empowered Abomination > 120+ Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • F Tier - Empowered Abomination = Gave up.

Empowered Bosses

  • S Tier - Not a challenge
  • A Tier - Some are challenging
  • B Tier - Not empowered boss friendly
  • C Tier - Some NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • D Tier - All NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • F Tier - Don’t even bother.

Speed Running (Echoes)

  • S Tier - Doesn’t Stop Moving and Things die as you go + Fast Movement Speed
  • A Tier - Only Stops for rare’s/bosses
  • B Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things
  • C Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things or wait for mana
  • D Tier - Very Slow
  • F Tier - Painfully Slow


  • S Tier - 300+ Waves
  • A Tier - 225-299 Waves
  • B Tier - 150-224 Waves
  • C Tier - 100-149 Waves
  • D Tier - 80-99 Waves
  • F Tier - Less Than 79 Waves

Tier Converted to Points

S - Tier is 8.5+
A - Tier is 7-8.499
B - Tier is 5.5-6.99
C - Tier is 4-5.499
D - Tier is 2.5-3.99
F - Tier is 2.499 and less

Brand New Lootfilter Layout

Please let Me know if you find anything messed up

GREEN - Early Game Items (Level 1 - 30)

BLUE - Mid Game Items (Level 31-60)

RED - Endgame Items (61+ All Bases You Need)

PINK - Exalted/Set/Unique Items

WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non Primalist Class Items ARE HIDDEN

Werigan Werebear Lootfilter Pastebin Link


Build Overview

  • Huge Damage
  • Fast Boss Kills (just seconds)
  • Almost unkillable with 60% Endurance threshold 30% DR Beserker Capped 75% Resistances 21% DR Boar Heart 16% DR Nearby Mobs 38% Block chance for 26% DR 50%+ DR from Armor
  • Spriggan Single Target against Huge Mob Dense Maps Can be slow at times (Try removing the “fire in a line” node in spriggan skill tree

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Updated to 0.8.1i
Werigan Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 20th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1b
  • Updated 4/15/2021 with New Filter and updated build Planner




Ice Thorns
Entangling Roots
Werebear Form
Summon Spriggan

Looking For a different build? Here’s all my builds in One fancy spot!

All My Builds In One Fancy Place Click This

You’re on a roll man, stop it. I keep seeing all your primalist builds and I keep getting the urge to make a real one now, the previous ones were all stopped early because they felt boring.

At this rate I’ll end up making the first 0.8.1 BM you made so I can transition into the second one

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LoL this build makes the minion Spriggan look better then the Shapeshift skill by a quatermile :D.

Its better to use Werebear and Spriggan in the same build

Spriggan Pet + Spriggan form using Poison Vines for clearing, then on Bosses switch to Werebear

A 1-50 Leveling guide for Primalist would be great so I can figure out how to get from a to b.

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There in the works :slight_smile: I was expecting alot more to the skill changes on this patch so i delayed them. but there going to start getting pumped out soon.

When i click the dammits build planner 3 pieces of armor are missing, could you fill in what pieces/affixes we’re aiming for. Thx boardman.

Yeah the planners are all messed up since it doesnt have the updated affixes/items so it doenst know what to do. Ill update them as soon as dammit updated the planner hopefully soon or else i might have to go back to manually typing them in tunks planner

In video we can see, you spam Roar and you are all the time full mana in Werebear. how you can do that ? i return all the time in human form really fast…i have follow all your passive werebear skill…how you regen mana ?

Entangling roots skill tree gives Mana back per second per patch you stand in.

Skills are very cheap due to the 300% mana efficiency bottom left

ah thx i don"t have up the skill again no place at the moment.

That’s pretty easy depending the mastery you’ll use. mostly you can get everything done with wolves, swipe (specializes) and whatever you like. If you went for a caster build use ice Thorns instead of swipe. it’s pretty easy to be honest because you can toy arround a lot with your gear and you get strudy armors to brute force through almost anything in the story except of Lagon.

Great build dood! Gotta say facetanking Lagon is fun! :joy:

But why does my char sometimes drop out of WB form? This happens in the Arena quite often and I’m at full mana

Because your dipping below 30% maximum health. Read thde bottom left node for the 300% mana eff in werebear skill

OK thanks well can’t really figure out how to avoid that at this point. I am finding leveling past 60 painfully slow. This a game where we play lots of alts, they seriously need to look at leveling speed.


I’m thinking of running a spriggan build, is it possible to run it from an early level?
Or would it be better to run another form of leveling?

Yes, but usimg a melee weapon and doing damage with swipe in werebear will help with damage until.ypu get the 40 companion spell damage

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Thanks for the Tips I am going wolves and Ice thorns since I will need the thorns later and can respec that.

So having tons of fun with this one. No need for critical strike avoidance or glancing blow?

IF you want to build even more defensive you can, however in this build your always just running away as the spriggan kills everything so you dont have to worry to much about damage (move speed is way more important than CSA)