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Crow Bear Earthquake 0.8.2e Build


This Build Tier Rating is:

  10/10 --->--->--->---> 5/10 >--->--->--->---> 1/10

Build Overview (1 to 10 Rating System)

  • Defense - 9/10
  • Offense - 10/10
  • Empowered Bosses - 9\10
  • Speed Running Echoes - 10/10
  • Arena - 9/10
  • Average - 9.4 (S Tier)

Rating System Breakdown NEW


  • S Tier - Face tank Empowered Bosses
  • A Tier - Face tank Bosses (Non Empowered)
  • B Tier - Face tank Some Bosses But No All
  • C Tier - Cannot Face tank Any Bosses Must dodge Choreographed Abilities
  • D Tier - One Shots are frequent
  • F Tier - Trash mobs are fearsome


  • S Tier - Empowered Abomination < 10 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • A Tier - Empowered Abomination > 10 Seconds < 30 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • B Tier - Empowered Abomination > 30 Seconds < 60 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • C Tier - Empowered Abomination > 60 Seconds < 120 Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • D Tier - Empowered Abomination > 120+ Seconds (once Soul Cages are destroyed)
  • F Tier - Empowered Abomination = Gave up.

Empowered Bosses

  • S Tier - Not a challenge
  • A Tier - Some are challenging
  • B Tier - Not empowered boss friendly
  • C Tier - Some NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • D Tier - All NON empowered bosses are challenging
  • F Tier - Don’t even bother.

Speed Running (Echoes)

  • S Tier - Doesn’t Stop Moving and Things die as you go + Fast Movement Speed
  • A Tier - Only Stops for rare’s/bosses
  • B Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things
  • C Tier - Frequent Stops to kill things or wait for mana
  • D Tier - Very Slow
  • F Tier - Painfully Slow


  • S Tier - 300+ Waves
  • A Tier - 225-299 Waves
  • B Tier - 150-224 Waves
  • C Tier - 100-149 Waves
  • D Tier - 80-99 Waves
  • F Tier - Less Than 79 Waves

Tier Converted to Points

S - Tier is 8.5+
A - Tier is 7-8.499
B - Tier is 5.5-6.99
C - Tier is 4-5.499
D - Tier is 2.5-3.99
F - Tier is 2.499 and less

Brand New Lootfilter Layout

Please let Me know if you find anything messed up

GREEN - Early Game Items (Tier 1+)

BLUE - Mid Game Items (Tier 3+)

RED - Endgame Items (Tier 5+)

YELLOW - ENDGAME ITEMS (Requires 3+ Affixes with 8+ Total Tiers) First Test

PINK - Exalted/Set/Unique Items

WARNING: Unused Base Types and Non Primalist Class Items ARE HIDDEN

Pastebin Link

Crow Bear LL EQ DRUID Lootfilter Pastebin Link

Text File Download

Crow Bear Bhuldars Wrath EQ.xml (71.1 KB)

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Low LIfe Earthquake Werebear Blessings/Idols/Gear Planner


  • Initially posted May 27th 2021. Viable for 0.8.2e




Ice Thorns
Summon Wolf
Summon storm Crow

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So perma stunning bosses, permanent Werebear and autocasting the stunlock ability and also with minions, seems a dev nightmare build

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How are you getting so much HP? I’m almost 90 on my EQ build and can hardly break 2k in Wearbear

The mastery gives 20%
Idols have alot of hybrid HP
Gear has alot of Hybrid HP, we found alot of tier 4/5’s Health items that worked great for the build. Some Vitality helps to. Lots of the HP nodes taken in passives

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Thanks for the breakdown dude.

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Thanks for the build and hard work you put into all these guides! Am i understanding correctly that % Increased spell damage double dips as both % increased melee damage and % critical strike chance for werebear form? If so, im definitely rolling that wherever i can.

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That is correct, if you take both the nodes for wizened claws or whatever there called,
1% Spell Damage = 1% Global Critical Strike Chance AND 1% Global Melee Damage

Build looks nice. Started leveling a druid. What skills would you recommend until lvl 75? Wearbear or not?

werebear will work. I have a 1 to 75 guide that will get ya to the point you can transisition to this after finding the weapon

Just got to empowered monolights and the build sort of stops working unfortunately. The crows really die left and right and all I’m doing is trying to revive or waiting out of werebear to resummon.

Not sure what to improve exactly. I have T4/T5 Minion HP Reg on 3 items and two idols with minion healing.

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Exellent build, thank you

Any idea when/if this is going to happen? It sure makes things easier with gear etc.

You need random minion heal to full health on kill idol to make it work on empowered monolith. I run 2 of those and my crows never die, unless it was from spires or whatever those thing that shoot long range aoe and come in various elements called and also sometime bosses but, you can always just put them close to you so you can resurrect them while still attacking the boss.

It WILL happen, just not sure when. Have no ETA atm.

Is there a reason gift of the wilderness is better than ancient call? trade primal strength for the primal medicine prereq.

gift 6 pts = 60 health 30% minion health
ancient 6 = 60 heath 60% companion health

storm crows has both companion and minion tags

Welcome to the community!

The Build is not min maxed :slight_smile: You can changes stuff around for sure :slight_smile:

I had some similar experience, but quickly realized that you can snapshot minion gear when you summon your crows and they will pretty much never die. I just built a gear set with max rolled % minion health and minion health regen. You can also snapshot the minion healing idols, but too many of these was causing my health to go too high. Then just summon crows, swap back to your DPS gear, and you have crows with like 20k+ health and huge regen. None of mine have come close to dying yet.


While this is something that does work for now, its very unlikely snapshotting will still be around when things go server side or at 1.0 launch. Hopefully they open up a couple more slots that allow for minion regen in the future.

Is your gearing per slot optimal?

Its viable, not Min maxed. Feel free to change stuff around and experiment :slight_smile:



Build Planner is now updated and attached for 0.8.2G