100% Crit Melee Minion Harvest Necromancer Destroys Bosses In Seconds 0.8.1b


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   1 Hand + Offhand 

Build Overview

  • Huge Damage Dealers
  • Harvest Feels Good Again
  • Fighting with your minions isnt suicide
  • Weapon Can take a while to farm from Frost Boss

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1b
100% Crit Melee Minion Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 22nd 2021. Viable for 0.8.1b




Infernal Shade
Summon Skeleton Mage
Summon Skeleton
Dread Shade

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And thanks to Llama for pointing out the Rip Blood interaction…

lol Rip Blood isnt in this one :stuck_out_tongue: Dont be confusing them. Wait for that one, you will get credit :slight_smile:

I’ve always stayed away from using dread shade because of what seems like a really short duration and seemingly having a lapse at high waves having the possibility of one shotting you

Does auto casting it help you keep it up without much effort or are you actively looking for a minion to target every X seconds? Also you could accidentally overwrite an internal shade as well, correct?

Autocasting helps so i never even pay attention to it

It auto targets the nearest minion so you dont even have to aim

getting +1 maximum shades is all you need to at least 1 infernal shade wont be overwritting (as a 6 second CD 1 shade will fall off before you reach maximum)

Also this build is working alot better with dropping infernal shade and using rip blood instead as the weapon auto procs it and it gives ward + minions damage.

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Oh wow, never knew this, does cursor distance matter then such as if you’re moving forward in a mono and your minions behind you? It still finds and aims minions?

Yup it most certainly does, although i have no idea what the max distance is, i think if its to far you cast but nothing happens

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Thanks, I can finally see dread shade as a non annoying skill now, I’m too lazy to use 100% uptime necessary skills with a short duration which is why anytime your videos say auto cast I get excited

thats literally every video lol. I like to save my fingers.

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And that’s exactly why I watch your videos, farming monos don’t require much attention and I don’t want to be spamming every button every few seconds to dps or survive

This lets me listen to music, a podcast or watch Netflix while farming and I can pay attention as needed

Ah thx bro been waiting for this update! I have a high level Necro I’ve been wanting to reconfig. I love playing that class in this game. How necessary is the new 1-hander?

So there are 3 points in Mind Harvest and 1 point in Mirror Soul.

How do you Curse though?

He’s not going curse.

So why put these 4 points there? I don’t get it.

I have Idol with Mark of Death on minion hit which qualifies as Curse and with that many minions - it is up all the time on bosses.

But this is not mentioned anywhere and these 4 points could go into filling remaining passives that actually do something for the build like Spectral Whetstone and Legion of the Lich.

Probably a brain fart (like how he put a build planner with a blank Rip Blood @boardman21 ).

I would never.

Originally I had some mark of death on hit but later changed it for more flat damage and just forgot about the ward only on curse. Feel.free to change it around :slight_smile:

You might want to edit your post then…

the build planner is now updated!

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See how easy it is!?!

well that and i had 2 hours to burn at work…

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