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Low Life Charging Earthquake 0.8.1c


This Build Tier Rating is:

  Best --->--->--->---> Decent >--->--->--->---> Worst

Build Overview

  • Huge damage
  • High Survivability
  • Perma Stun
  • Lazy playstyle only point mouse
  • Requires ALOT of uniques (although you dont need them all to make it work)
  • Snapshotting is frowned upon.

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1c
Low Life Chargeing Earthquake Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted March 3rd 2021. Viable for 0.8.1c




Summon Thorn Totems
Ice Thorns
Werebear Form

Looking For a different build? Here’s all my builds in One fancy spot!

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That image looks familiar.

Sshh your my usb drive atm

Looks nice. And I just found the Unique weapon. Now, I have to level my Druid. :slight_smile:

Very nice. Two things:

First. If this is A tier. What’s S tier for you then?

Secondly. With all your builds, you’ll give them so much overwork on the balancing part. I think you single-handedly postponed the release for another two months :sweat_smile:

The rating system also takes in more than just damage. This build technically uses a snapshot amd there for automatically is disqualified from being s tier

Do you have a good build for a low level Druid? I mean, a bit under 60, but higher than 55. I must level up to be able to switch to your build, but my current one is very slow, I won’t be patient enough! :’(

I would just run a DW swipe crit werebear. :slight_smile:

I’m running a crit werebear. I’ll switch him to dual wielding and upgrade his attack speed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am very curious with this build if the mana cost of EQ is supposed to be carried over too since it’s using the actual EQ tree. I say this because Life’s Journey unique shield also procs a skill tree ability on hit and it currently doesn’t require any mana as well when proced but it is confirmed that a lot of the nodes aren’t working at all. I will be curious to see if this interaction is supposed to be costing mana when EQ is activated or not hmmmm.

I give up, permanent swiping in bear form is boring. I will not be patient enough to reach level 75. I tried multiple builds, but I guess I’m not the right player for Primalist, though it is a nice class. :’(

I don’t think it should cost mana when the proc is due to an item (unless otherwise stated on the item).

But for Life’s Journey for example, to move up the left side there is a huge mana cost associated with it to get that benefit; isn’t the tree balanced around power and mana cost? What would be the point those nodes if the mana cost doesn’t mean anything if proced by an item? Kinda doesn’t make sense that abilities proced by an item which use all the multipliers and reap all the benefits of the skill tree but completely ignore all the mana cost associated by the tree.

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