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Ranged Ice Minions 100% Crit Endgame Destroying Necromancer 0.8.1c


This Build Tier Rating is:

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Build Overview

  • Minions Have Great Survivability
  • Minions Have Good AoE and Huge Damage Numbers
  • You gain lots of survivability just being around your minions
    -Ranged minions clear echoes faster than melee
  • Minions

Lootfilter Link Made By @zxl123 (Very specific Rules)

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Now updated to 0.8.1c
100% Critical Strike Ranged Ice Minion Necro Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted March 16th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1c




Dread Shade
Summon Bone Golem
Rip Blood
Summon Skeleton
Summon Skeleton Mage

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Hai man, nice build. Just a quick question, would you reconmend this one or the melee one for a pretty new player? (i am currently leveling the melle one, but i am missing the weapon)

This one is much more new player friendly.

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Ok, then ill re spec to this instead, im currently only lvl 59 so :slight_smile:

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Super sweet build. Easy to convert over to range archer/mage!

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How do they fight against Lagon? Are they really fighting or are they just visiting the area, like they do sometimes? I’m not worried at all for all the rest, they will be awesome! :slight_smile:

They actually attack lagon :slight_smile:

Wow, nice, thanks! :slight_smile:

Only 60ish, but have the uniques…dang can pretty much stand in bad stuff spamming ward and most mobs are dead before they come onto my screen lol. I am looking forward to Lagon on this character to see if I can stand in the the claw and smash :slight_smile:

I’m currently in the campaign with a new Necro, leveling for this build. Right now I’m on a mixed build (Wandering Spirits, Spirit Plague, Skeleton Archers), but I’ll fully switch to this build later, either at Mastery or at level 34 I suppose.

It isn’t Lagon himself that is troublesome for minions, it is the tentacle phase where it can get a bit weird. I have tried 3 different necro builds and all have struggled with the bad minion AI when trying to prioritize the correct targets (for some reason when I press “A” to direct my minions they first return to me and then go for the target). However I’m thinking that the extra projectiles might help with the wonky AI there. Have to respec my necro later this week to see how it goes.

I also had trouble during phases 1 and 3, against Lagon himself. But I think it was mainly with melee skeletons.

the gameplay from 0:33 to 1:24 Shows the entire lagon fight.

Finally an ice minion build BIG TY!!! Mage time to shine, or maybe chill :slight_smile:


@boardman21 so I made my testing with this build and I am really surprised how DPS there is. as you said in the video maybe something with ice arrow? I was expecting it to be really less DPS than my fire minion build that have on top of archer and mage around 50 fre wraths…but I dont see much diffrence?
And for both build I kept my min-max minion gear, as a main necro level 100 got really good one, so maybe I over DPS in both build?
Anyway a really good one!

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Totally my cup of tea. Thanks for posting the build and guide!

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It would be a good build if the minion control wasn’t so bad.

How do you get 100% crit chance?
I cant get there …

Crit Calculator Necromancer
Base Crit Skellis Mages
min max min max
Natural 5,00% 5,00% 5,00% 5,00%
Affix Chest T5 6,00% 8,00% 6,00% 8,00%
Affix Head T5 4,00% 5,00% 4,00% 5,00%
Skill Tree 5/5 15,00% 15,00%
Base Crit 15,00% 18,00% 30,00% 33,00%
Crit Chance Skellis Mages
min max min max
Natural 100% 100% 100% 100%
Amu 5% 35% 5% 35%
River of Bones 10/10 100% 100% 100% 100%
Heresy 10/10 50% 50% 50% 50%
Skill Tree 2/4 40% 40%
Skill Tree 1/1 30% 30%
Crit Chance 325% 355% 255% 285%
Result 48,75% 63,90% 76,50% 94,05%

Egoism in dread shade does only work on ONE minion if the text is “what the game does”

Is it really a good idea to blind a ranged minion with your dread shade? Guess the less crit gets overwriten by always crit but doesnt it miss a lot?

The mages get 100% no problem.

The archers need shade. They have roughly 70% sithout shade

Also your math is incorrect on the chart.

285% of 33% base is over 120% crit chance not 94%