Money and Crafting Ingredients should drop directly into stash

Its nothing but busy work for the player having to pick them all up. Just QoL it and have them drop straight to stash. Forge stash for the crafting ingredients.


I already suggested a toggleable feature, to bring crafting shards directly into the crafting stash when picked up on multiple occasions.

But this should be a optional feature and should be disabled by default to not confuse new player, because they “think” they looted something and it’s not in their inventory.

But i would like to keep the “picking up”, so you need to manually click and pick them up.
Just running over stuff to automatically pick it up does really make the whole process way less exciting, especially when you sometimes don’t see what stuff dropped and it was automatically transfered to your crafting stash.


I wasnt suggesting running over to pick up, I was suggesting automatically drop into stash. So you wouldnt even see gold or craft ingredients on the ground


I really dislike this. It takes away alot of the “looting” experience.


I’d rather get loot thats not auto-collect by myself. Its just annoying clicking and going backwards and wasting time and hand health for no reason other than just because.

Loot experience is fine with actual drops of gear.


Thing is, putting in the effort in to loot items actually adds to the experience, because it gives something a bit more meaning than just some auto-vacuum to your stash. If things go automatically they will be taken for granted at a certain point, at that is a very slippery slope imo. I’m not sure how to explain this best, but tedious things sometimes give more meaning to e.g. looting than you initially might think.
Think of mobile idle games for example, where you auto vacuum gold/resources all the time. Those resources don’t really mean a lot to you because they just magically appear in your storage.


You keep forgetting there is already meaningful stuff to loot. The gear. Thats what I want to stop and look for. Oh the mob dropped an unique, I want to turn back and see what it is.

Mob dropped Rune of Shattering, I guess I’ll just have to turn back to click it. Like a mindless drone performing a task that really should not be performed manually.


Yeah… funny thing, gold and crafting materials don’t really mean alot to me, even if i have to go click it.

The items my loot filter tell me “HEY, Pick that up, it’s got the affix you’re looking for!”, THAT means something to me.

I wish crafting materials were auto-loot, but I don’t want them just disappearing into storage. I’d be fine with the current bag situation, as it’s only one click to store them all anyway.

(The crafting materials don’t mean much to me, because I’ve got dozens, if not hundreds, of them. If every character was SSF? Sure, I’d care about it… for a little while)

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Not a fan of auto-loot straight to stash. Like some of the others said, I think it would take away from the looting experience. Would like to see a toggleable option to auto-loot shards though (by running over them).

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Can’t say I agree. It turns the game into an arcade simulation like D3 has become. At least we have shards pick up in a radius unlike in PoE when 8 different drops of 10-35 perandus coins.

Itemization, build viability and end-game is what separates ARPG’s, not QoL touches like this subject.


There are things like this, while on the surface it’s “just” a QoL feature, it does impact the WHOLE game experience hugely.

Also things like the armory in D3 is a QoL feature, but does impact the whole game experience.

I am totally ok with an option to store stuff directly into the crafting stash, when picking up. It just should be disabled by default.

But i still believe the need to click craftign shards to collect them is not THAT tedious. Maybe they could increase the pick-up radius (which is already relatively huge)

Grim Dawn have option to toggle on/off auto pick up craft components and this is very good addition, because you loot every few seconds that small things that do not do something to you until you stop at your stash, combine shards into actual components and look that you collected.

Last Epoch have no pieces and you collect usable crafting material immidiatly, but you can use them only on the forge that means the final outcome of looting shards is the same than in Grim Dawn. In addition, you can transfer shards to forge anywhere and anytime.

I just don’t see any reason to picking up shards manualy with that condition.


I know that GD has such thing, but in GD this option is also toggeled off by default, which was exactly my suggestions for LE, if they implement a similar thing. (just not auto-collecting, but auto-transfer to crafting stash, when manually picked up)

I thing the collecting radius in LE, in which you collect all crafting shards that lay on the ground when collecting one is more than enough to make the whole proccess not too tedious. Maybe they could slightly increase the radius on the pick up radius.

No it does not. You already are looting gears and idols and need to go through each one to check for your build, but here theres literally 0 reason to not loot the components since they craft for many things and dont take up the stash when you deposit them. It is literally clunky for clunky’s sake and has no place in modern gaming.

There is a good reason why GD whose dev staunchly opposed this eventually implemented into the game.


We already have a Loot Filter, so the amount of items that you have to check is minimal, if configured correctly.

That is very subjective. This is not a fact or any objective statement.

I do understand that alot of people do not like it and we already had quiet a big improvement with the implementation of this loot radius. I played hundreds of hours of LE, were you still had to loot every crafting shard one by one. For that old system i would agree, that is clunyk and slows down gameplay quiet a bit.

But with the current system you need to click once or twice per “loot pile” (most mobs die so close together that you usually can loot all affix shards with one click).


Because thankfully, the quality of life improvements will ensure the gameplay to be smooth so we can focus something new.

ARPG still copies the old formula today, we are due for some innovation on other mechanics than picking up trash from the floor.


I wouldn’t argue against some QoL improvements. But i do argue that too much “QoL” can also destroy gaming experiences.

There are so many systems in “modern” games, that do too much to “help” the player, which degrades the experience of video games in general IMO.

I don’t want systems like that, that do too much.

Slightly Off-Topic, but in a similar vein: For example in games with a more story driven approach like MMO’s or RPG’s i do NOT like if quest markers do tell you exactly where to go, like literally showing and hightlighting “Quest Object X” on the table in that specific house.
I makes the whole routine of doing that quest mindless.

So to just recapitulate my point of view on OP:

  • I would agree on adding an option to sort collected crafting affix shards directly into the crafting stash, so there is no more need to manually press the button in the inventory.
  • I would also be ok to increase the collecting radius if crafting shards.
  • But i do not want to see “automatic pick up” by just walking over it.

This sums up exactly how I feel about. I’ve got 2500 hours in GD and never really had a problem picking up craftables. I did scream often about having to join them when they were partial components and jumped for joy when they retconned that and only allowed full components to drop. This would be much the same as ‘storing the collected crafting shards directly’.

Collecting radius would also be warranted. Sometimes when you kill a bunch of stuff, the shards are all over the screen and you click on one and it’s in ‘another place’ so you walk to it and vacuum up a few but there’s a few more that you have to walk to, all in the same screen. I’d sort of like to see it just a bit broader.

And definitely don’t want it to be auto loot. I’m all for ‘efficiency’ to a certain extent but the loot hunt is part of the aRPG experience and I like to pick the pieces up, within reason (see my above paragraph.)

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You are already hunting for the loot. Thats the gear. The shards and runes and glyphs that drop are nothing but mindless drone tasks. You dont think, you dont have to consider anything you just automatically click on them. Its not engaging, its not satisfying it doesnt make me feel anything except annoyance.

The best way to get shards is buy Runes of Shattering from the vendor, and set up your loot filter so that it shows T5 drops of your rarest affixes. Then you shatter them. So its not like this craft ingredient loot that drops is that impactful either.