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Sands of Majasa Update - Patch 0.8.3 Preview!

Patch 0.8.3 Preview

We’re eager to share details about changes and additions coming to Last Epoch in the Sands of Majasa Update. Read on to learn more about the upcoming content, improvements, reworks, and quality of life changes coming September 3rd!

What to Expect

  • New Chapter and continuation of the story of Last Epoch
  • New Sentinel Skills
  • Necromancer skills Updates
  • Skill Improvements and Overhauls
  • New Primalist model and armor set
  • 45 New Weapon Models
  • and much, much more!

New Chapter

Your journey continues in Chapter 9 where you will uncover more secrets, visit never seen before locations, and will have to fight through new and challenging enemies.

  • 15 new locations
  • 30+ new enemies
  • Epic boss battles

Updated Primalist model and Armor Set

In the Sands of Majasa Update, the Primalist will be the first character to receive an entirely new model. In addition, we are bringing a new Armor Set, which fits the brutish nature of this character.

Sentinel Skill Updates

Sentinel is getting a wide variety of updates to his arsenal - many of his skills such as Warpath, Lunge, Judgement, Erasing Strike are getting significant improvements or complete overhaul.

We also updated visual effects of many skills, including conversion variants.

Sentinel is also getting 3 new skills, giving him even deeper customization and more ways to play.

Void Cleave

Void Cleave is a powerful 2-handed melee attack with a short cooldown and moderate mana cost that hits all enemies in front.


Multistrike is a 0 mana cost Sentinel melee skill. Its damage ramps up over time as you use it by creating more and more extra hits to other nearby enemies.

And no, you are not counting wrong :slight_smile: More is still coming!

Necromancer Skill Updates

Many necromancer skills are receiving significant updates to address several issues. One of the main goals is to support the necromancer style with permanent pets, leading an army of undead monsters to battle and just support it from behind without constantly summoning the army.

Controller Support Improvements

We want to deliver the best possible experience for playing with the controller and the next patch brings major improvements to Controller Support.

Monolith Improvements

Monolith of Fate will also get some major improvements, including balance pass to all spires and timeline exclusive echo reward types that grant unique or set items of specific types, allowing you to target farm specific uniques. In addition, we have given buffs to many empowered blessings.

New Weapons

Several weapon groups are getting a complete rework with new 3D models, 2D art, and powerful implicit affixes to support more variety of builds. You will be able to find 45 new weapons across 4 weapon groups, including 1-handed and 2-handed axes.

Sands of Majasa Update also brings new unique and set items, balance changes, bug fixes, quality of life changes, performance improvements, new music, and so much more.

As always, we greatly appreciate the community for the continued support and engagement, we would not be here without you!

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Coming in on :fire: again!

Yes, even more MoF Update, like the 4th patch in a row making this great endgame mode even better!


there is my lost hype from the gamescom


Damn. Thats a big Update! So many Good looking things.

This is so cool!!!

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Oh yeah, great improvements once again! Very much looking forward to it.

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This is gonna help me convince my friends who have put LE on their wishlist to actually purchase the game.

Man, if only we could get the online play working right away!

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Primalist’s cleave is crying in the corner after seeing void cleave. tho im sure you guys will get to that skill soon enough. looking forward to this patch!


Great! Eagerly waiting for the patch notes.

Oh boy, even more incentives to shoot for while the search for a good Omnis continues. Can’t wait for those controller updates, looking real smooth.

Very, very nice!
I’m ready for a new Void Knight, he’s in the starting blocks! :slight_smile:

Just Curious. Uniques both player made and the Idols that were teased are not in this. They are indeed still coming correct?

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I am digging the pick!

All uniques revealed are indeed coming in the next patch.


Super excited to start a new sentinel!

Tempted to try the game after the patch. It’s hard to resist the summoner update. :3

Good stuff, I hadn’t played in a while and started playing a mage a few days ago and it’s got me excited for this game again! There were a lot of visual and UI changes since the last time I played. This update looks so good and excited for new content.

Is that cold conversion on multistrike?

Gonna be awesome :grinning:

Amaaaaazing. Can’t wait!

Is the revamp to Static Orb coming this patch or next?