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Sands of Majasa Update - Gameplay Trailer

Sands of Majasa Update (0.8.3) is coming 2021-09-03T16:00:00Z

To learn more about new content and improvements coming to Last Epoch, check out our patch preview.


That’s 6pm my time already! Crazy early, almsot too early for me, just coming from work >.>

Good stuff anyway.

Will be get Full Patch Notes before the Patch goes live?!?

Looking good team

And here I thought the 25+ you promised on the latest roadmap was a lot. This is nearly 20% of all current Unique’s in the game being dropped in a single patch.

The patch is looking amazing. Awesome work everyone!


Yes yes yes this amount of uniques every patch please :heart::heart::heart: visuals look really awsome

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Awesome work guys!

WOW! Great trailer guys! Love to see you getting this serious…

Edit: Didn’t notice the date at first. This is going to be too much fun!