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New Sentinel's Skill Coming in Patch 0.8.3 - Multistrike

Hey Travelers!

The next patch will bring a slew of changes, improvements, and new skills to Sentinel. We already revealed one new skill, Void Cleave, today we will showcase another one - Multistrike. Multistrike joins the ranks of 0 mana cost Sentinel melee skills. Its damage ramps up over time as you use it by creating more and more extra hits to other nearby enemies. Multistrike has synergies with skills in all three masteries and could be an appealing option to any melee build.

The specialization tree offers a variety of different options to modify the skill. One of which is changing the weapon types that assist you while using Multistrike. If you’re looking for new ways to play your Sentinels this new patch will provide plenty of options!

Multistrike: Skill

Note: Skill icon is not finalized.

Skill in action.

Multistrike: Example Nodes

Values have been omitted as we are still balancing the skill.








Mike said it was called Multi Slap!

Does this mean that it would benefit from the Time & Faith passive giving mana on hit?

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Yes it does.


Oh I like!

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It would have been great if the minion scaling tag was present as dreams of Forge Strike, Rive, and Multi Strike would have probably yielded some comical numbers :joy:

That’s something I will try! :slight_smile:

Oh sweetness! This is MY patch :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Do I see the option to go retaliate here? 3 second cooldown though

Ha! Had the same thought, as I’ve been trying to get not one, but two different Reflect builds working (no real luck so far).

Just what my bleedadin needed. Even more power.

Looks like were going to get a 3 part combo. Build up with Multi. Fire off a buffed Void Cleave. Then Void Cleave gives a buffed Erasing Strike.

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Dont Forget it can also Proc Abyssal Echoes :slight_smile: 4 Part Combo

meh…does nothing for my fire ability I’ve built up since Pally has FIRE as a base ability. Maybe with the “Hack and Slash” node, but do I really want to slow my attack speed with mobs that have swarm logic? Methinks not. I’ll have to wait and see the whole tree before making a final decision. But, please do add MORE skills to void damage and make Void Knight the go-to for end game like all the other void skill buffs that have come out already.

Also. Super missed opportunity if there isn’t a node in either Multistrike or Forge Strike that says: “When you use Forge Strike consume all stacks of Armament and create a summoned Forged Weapon for each stack consumed”.

How do you know there isn’t? There may not be, but just because they’ve not shown us one doesn’t mean there isn’t. Though I agree with you that that would be a bit of a no-brainer. That said, that would make it a better spawner of Forged Weapons than Forge Strike.

Thats why I said if.

However, its not that great compared to right now. Against packs of enemies we spawn many weapon summons, way more than what the multistrike convert could give. Single target (see bosses) is where that spec has trouble getting going. This would be a big help there. The spec has needed a way to produce summons against single target.

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I think it’s a little early to say it’s missed opportunity without seeing the full tree :slightly_smiling_face: it’s got synergies for all 3 masteries.


Visualy skill looks really really bad and bland something that i would expect if the game was in early alpha

I like that Sentiel get’s some more simple skills.

Sentinel should not have overly fancy stuff on every skill.
Also just because the skill looks baseline like that, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it more fancy.

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I really like the animation on this. It feels fast and brutal.
Nullifying Carve seems like an example of the designers trying to get more class synergy for Sentinel. Very exciting.

Nice finally for Sentinels some intra skill sinergy that looks more like LoL and less like D2/poe copypasta gone bad. Also stacks with “up to a max value” limits, please keep this direction!

Hopefully we will see some needed rework on the already existing Sentinel trees