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New Maces and Wands Coming in Sands of Majasa Update (0.8.3)

Alongside Axes, 1-handed Maces and Wands are another weapon type receiving a complete rework in the Sands of Majasa Update, including a new 3D model, 2D art, and powerful implicit affixes to support a wide variety of builds. Check out some examples below!

1-handed Maces


To learn more about new content and improvements coming to Last Epoch, check out our patch preview.



Well +1 to skills on a base, what a coincidence, no class can dual wield hammers.

I guess with stuff like this, the chances of seeing DW Hammers are VERY slim.

Éxciting nontheless!

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Mjölnir :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


An Acolyte with a Lightning wand!

im Waiting for Mjolnir unique on rune hammer now if it doesnt happen ill be very sad EHG! also keep up great work <3

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I need that dragonhorn Wand! The 3d Art of the solarum Hammer looks even better than the 2d Art which is nice.

Awesomeness! Can’t wait for this update, so much to play around with! + to skills as implicit is killer!

MACES! Nice!

Why does EHG call Maces, Hammers and … uh … Stars … all the term “Maces” when the Item Type is “Blunt” (for 1 and 2 handed weapons)?

Just curious.

Awesome! We need more armour 3D assets too!

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It took myself some convincing that this isn’t just a worse katana. At a single t5 added dmg doom star has an additional 15 crit multi. It still looses as you get additional added damage and res shred effects. I feel that maces should get a small damage effectiveness boost to compensate for a slower playstyle.

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I think it limits design space for any later classes they may bring all the way down the line

Or maybe they will just add more of item bases :slight_smile:

I’d like to see dual hammers.
But what I really want is wielding two shields and slapping enemies with them. Dual slapping machine!

That reminds me of two mages in a DND campaign, of which I played one. Basically the wish to be armored let us build a little armor vehicle on wheels. It moved very, very slow and had enough room to sit in for 2 characters and a little kettle and such to make tea. The only opening to the outside were two slits through which we cast magic missile (the only offensive spell we knew basically). When we got in trouble, we’d simply slowly cart back to town and nevermind whatever the quest was.

Comfort life!

Ha ha, awesome! :smiley: