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Javelin - New Sentinel Skill Coming in Sands of Majasa Update(0.8.3)

Sands of Majasa Update is just a few days away and we have shared details about a lot of upcoming content, changes, and improvements. Sentinel is getting several improvements of his own. Including skill reworks and new skills - 3 new skills in fact. We already showcased Void Cleave and Multistrike. Today we are revealing the last, but certainly not least, skill coming into Sentinel’s arsenal - Javelin!

Javelin is a throwing attack with a fast piercing projectile helping to round out the Sentinel’s arsenal. Its specialization tree is packed with several unique nodes that significantly change its functionality. Check out just a few examples below!

Javelin - Skill

Javelin skill in action!

Javelin - Example Nodes

Values have been omitted as we are still balancing the skill.



The banner is granting combat bonuses in a radius to you and nearby allies.



A barrage of spears pulverizing everything in the area. Also, with lightning conversion.



Ligh… err, I mean Divine Fury swiftly obliterating enemies!

We hope you enjoyed this look at the new Sentinel skill. If you want to learn more about new content, changes, and improvements coming to Last Epoch, check our patch preview.


this…LOOKS SICK!!!


D2 Javazon baby :slight_smile:


Javelin is one of the skills I wanted! I’m really looking forward to the new patch :smile_cat:

Ok this is this just hype level for the patch too over 9000 :exploding_head:

CALLED THIS! Now I gotta remake my D2 Javazon! VERY Cool EHGs

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Does anyone have a fresh set of undies I could borrow? GOT DAMN! TASTE MY LIGHTNING FUCKERSSSSSSSSS


Looks super awesome.

Woah! Looks awesome! :exploding_head:


Divine Fury looks so fun, can’t wait to try this out !

Oh damn dude that’s fucking sick
Already have some dank ideas floating around in my head… Yummy

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it

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Looks to be the best visual and animated skill in game simply looks amazing :heart_eyes:
Edited: Divine fury to be more specific OMG i just have noticed this is the first skill that has full interaction when hitting monsters they have sparkling effect on them and light effect is adjusted u can see light passing on the floor when skill is moving. Thank u so much for this i guess u will update visuals in this way after all :sweat_smile::heart:


Just when I thought I had my build for next patch you guys drop this. Thanks. I was hoping for something like electrify to be added so I’m happy about that and hopefully smite is also getting a full on lightning conversion node now or at least consider it. Looking sweet.

Two more days… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

When polearm is equipped added melee damage applies to Javelin as added throwing damage at 20%.

looks at Hammer Throw
looks at Maces
looks at Hammer Throw
looks at Maces



Super awesome. Love the D2 reference.

Can Siege Barrage trigger Divine Fury to have rain that splits into piercing shots?

So how exactly do I pump up the lightning and electrify damage???

My gut feeling is that they won’t work together but I sure hope they do