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New Sentinel's Skill Coming in Patch 0.8.3 - Void Cleave

Hey Travelers!

We are adding some new tools to the Sentinel’s arsenal in the upcoming patch, the first of which being Void Cleave. It is a powerful melee attack with a short cooldown and moderate mana cost that hits all enemies in front of you while also granting additional forward momentum. This skill requires a 2-handed sword or axe to be equipped, does not rely upon weapon reach, and added damage applies at 400% effectiveness!

While it is primarily designed for Void Knights, the specialization tree offers conversions to support other masteries in addition to a wide variety of options for players to customize Void Cleave’s behavior.

Void Cleave: Skill

Note: Skill icon is not finalized.

Void Cleave: Example Nodes








I’m so envious of the Precognition node. All upside on a node which offers that sort of effect is rare in games. You win EHG, I’ll play a sentinel.


The [voice] void cleave edit is complete :cookie:
Liking the erasing strike synergy at least it can make for interesting interactions

Already got some ideas :wink:


How come Time Rot is being changed from an attack/cast speed debuff with 1 stack to a DoT?

I’m also not entirely sure about the Abyssal Echoes node, if it hits very hard the there’s not going to be any/much trash left for Abyssal Echoes to hit. I’m also concerned about the Abyssal Echoes mana cost (the other spell proc nodes on Zombies cast their spells at reduced cost).

Edit: is there a fire conversion node in there as well?


ES synergy node and a “cannot be dodged” node!!!


PLEASE tell me, there is a node, that drops the Weapon Type requirement or at least a node that makes it avaialble for 2H Mace (Void Smash)!

Given the gfx, I’d think that a sword/axe would be far more appropriate. If you want to get all “void smash”, that’s what Erasing Strike is for.


Ravaging Aura leeches a portion of the damage it deals as health.

I can’t decide if this was a whoopsie reveal that Ravaging Aura is getting a tree, or that Ravaging Aura is being removed and replaced with Void Cleave.

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They’ve said several times that the stances are being removed and replaced with other skills. Likely Ravaging Aura is either something new or a node in Void Cleave or something. Maybe even a conversion node is Holy Aura.

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Ugh, I just realized that it says Ravaging Aura and not Ravaging Stance.


Didn’t they say that stances may get changed into toggleable stances which do not need a keybinding and don’t have a skilltree but get incorporated into skills. This would fit here when stances are renamed to aura.

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No, they said that the stances might get converted into passives. It may be that you get a Ravaging Aura for x seconds after hitting/killing mobs with this skill, is what I thought.

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While it is a nice node, I wouldn’t say it’s all upside, we don’t know how many other nodes it’s going to be buried behind.

Forget everything you know about Abyssal Echoes.


Whoa :open_mouth:


Me likey.

This looks sweet, & I was so close in my previous post when I called it Void Slash.

Can we forget everything @Heavy knows about Erasing Strike as well?

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Probably not “all”, but alot :smiley:

But Erasing Strike has no Weapon Restriction.

Given that Void Cleave has one and it has a Erasing Strike Erasing Strike will probably not get one.

I just would love to have a node that transforms Void Cleave into a Smash Ability and gives it Mace Requirement

oh please NO STRENGTH scaling… it should be attunement as any other VK skill. Or att least make it scale by STR and ATTUN.
And please consider adding a node that would allow this new skill to cast Void Beams. Such a cool looking skill and I don’t use it because it is only on Erasing Strike or Shield Rush.

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