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Controller Support Improvements in 0.8.3

Controller Improvements in 0.8.3

When it comes to playing video games, there are many different ways to enjoy them. Many of you enjoy playing with the controller - maybe you enjoy sitting comfortably on your couch, or perhaps you are just used to it more. We want to deliver the best possible experience and the next patch brings some major improvements to Controller Support.

The cursor will now smart move between slots depending on what you are carrying, making it much easier to equip items to specific slots. This also works with Idols.

This clip highlights the ability to quickly equip items from your inventory and also being able to pick up and move items around.

Moving items between stash tabs is now a quick and straightforward process.

You can now move the cursor between inventory, ground items, and stash tabs quickly.

Our long-term goal is to provide controller support in a way that is efficient and feels good for players. The current functionality is focused on items, but is a major step towards expanding support to all menus in the game. Patch 0.8.3 will bring controller support to the final two tabs in the inventory, Blessings and Cosmetics. In the future, we'll work to eliminate the need for a virtual mouse cursor altogether. In the meantime, keep the feedback coming - we are always listening to what you have to say.


As someone who only plays with a controller, can’t wait! Controller combat right now is great, but yeah, definitely find myself switching to my mouse when doing anything item related (beyond picking stuff up).

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Wonderful! Inventory management is the primary reason I have to switch from controller to mouse. Controller support has been a major reason I’m able to stick with LE.

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I was already enjoying the controller support for most things, except inventory and passive allocation. Pleased to see I will eventually be able to play seamlessly without a mouse, experiencing playing on my couch again.

The only thing I’d like to see get better about the current out of menus game with a controller is the direction of movement skills, especially when using them to get away from enemies. I’d like to try a build using teleport and a controller.

Looks very nice. Definitely a great step forward. Controller support has come a long way, keep it up.

Yeah it’s a unfortunate byproduct of the auto-targeting. I’m sure adjustments will no doubt happen with these in time. I just chuckle when a comical death happens in this case and wait for the next one.

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idk what to say really, its bloody awesome !!! :smiley:

Great news, looking forward to playing on Steam Deck even more! :slight_smile:

This is definitely good news as I have friends who find it easier to play games with controllers and i want them to be able to enjoy last epoch just as much as i have and honestly in it’s current state right now it is hard to recommend playing LE with a controller due to having to still use the mouse cursor to interact with menus and inventory so hopefully these changes will fix that and i look forward to testing them

looks great.
can you add an option to disable auto target for movement skills?
and/or prevent them from targeting destructible boxes and such?

I still can’t buy items from the vendor, only sell. Does anyone else have this problem using the controller! Hoping the update will fix this.

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