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Hack & Slash - New Axes coming in Sands of Majasa Update (0.8.3)

Sands of Majasa Update brings new and improved tools for hacking and slashing through enemies. Axes, both one-handed and two-handed, are getting new 2D and 3D art as well as powerful implicit affixes to support a wide variety of builds and create new opportunities. Check out some examples below!

One-handed Axes - Examples

Two-handed Axes - Examples

But wait, there’s more! :smiley:

No, seriously, more is coming. Additional weapon groups are being reworked for the Sands of Majasa Update and we will talk more about these soon.


Oh my Lord, Soul Harvester.

Now i want my Lich to dual wield those >.>

Also looking forward to even mroe overhauls, once all weapon types have at least 3-4 endgame viable bases, there is at least some choice


Nice! My favorite design wise is either crescent axe or soul harvester. We don’t have enough scythes… as for stats, it would have to be soul harvester. I do love my minions haha.

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Wow those are getting much more powerful! Definitely going create a lot more build variety!

Man, for real. I’m drooling.

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Waiter, one Obsidian Axe please!

Hell yeah!

Not sure how to feel about no Crit Base being shown, my Werebear hopes they don’t remove Crit Axes for good

Those Chitin Claws had me excited to break my promise to myself and pull out my poison beastmaster for 8.3. Then I remembered Viper Strike is polearm only and psyched myself out. Still looking awesome.

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I know it’s a been a few months since I’ve played, but is that a new armor set as well??? Looks like a Diablo Barb to me.

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Did you read the last line on the news? You can still hope for more:

Maybe polearms are not in THIS patch, but I am sure they will rework/overhaul ALL base type weaposn at some point.

And there are not many more left. I think only 1H Maces, Polearms and Wands are left.

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Radiant axe has me wanting to do a fire sentinel now.

Hey guys, just a heads up. Values on tooltips I captured a few days ago already changed in our current build. Old images were replaced with up-to-date tooltips. So if you believe these values were a bit different a few minutes ago, you are not crazy. :slight_smile:


Welp. My 2h warpath bleed forge guard just got stronger with that amazing base type. Might make a new character for that build with the bardiche and the new warpath changes. Love that we are getting more variety for endgame base items!

They look much nicer.

Yeah I considered all those options. Again, just psyched myself out for 8.3 and can eagerly wait for 8.4 (or whenever beefy boy gets his reworks) to give it another whirl if polearms don’t make it now as well.

These look nice but I hope there are some with base crit.

Looks nice except for the Jade one. Resistance on a weapon is not what I would be looking for especially poison. Seems like it should be poison dmg or chance.

Would be neat if some weapons had 2 weapon types. Bardiche could realistically be a Polearm Axe (a polearm and an axe both).

There is a certain amount of overlap between 2-handed axes/poleaxes (a long stick with an axe on the top) & polearms (a long stick with something either spikey or slashy or both on the top).