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Patch Preview: Beta 0.8.1




Patch 0.8.1 introduces substantial updates to endgame content, our itemization, and elements of our user interface. As with all content patches, it also brings new polish to Last Epoch.





User Interface



  • We are introducing powerful new skill level-raising affixes.
  • We are working on significant changes to defences.
  • We have reworked how affixes are distributed between prefixes and suffixes and which items they roll on.
  • This update introduces new, class-specific Relics.
  • Sceptres now have new 2d art, new 3d art, and new implicit properties.
  • Shields now have new 2d art, new 3d art, and new implicit properties.
  • We’ve updated all unique items implemented before Patch 0.7.7 (March 2020).





  • All animations used by non-transformed Primalists have been replaced or improved.
    • We plan to improve Werebear Form and Spriggan Form animations in future.
      • We are also exploring model improvements for these skills.


Level Design

  • We’ve performed a pass on many zones to improve their appearance. These updates were concentrated on Chapter 5 and Chapter 3, but we’ve touched up other zones as well.
    • We haven’t specifically posted about these, but you might have found a teaser.



  • Significantly optimized visual effects that appear around the character during skill usage.
    • While these are not the most significant contributors to poor performance, this is the first update to include work from a long-term project of ours to dramatically improve combat performance in Last Epoch. We will be gradually rolling out this optimization work to additional areas of the game across future updates.
  • Optimized the performance of outlines applied to enemies and allies on mouse-over.
    • They should also now look better.

Whiel i don’t think there were skills, that were “not viable” (depnding on how you see viable), this sounds exciting.

Having some of the more unterwhelming skills catch up, is always good.

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Is it something we will see in this patch?

P.S. I was hoping to see Lost memories this patch :frowning:

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Goody… :wink:

Love this! Multiplayer next?


Ooh, exciting! Maybe something my new pally can get into (or one of my other pallies).

This will be interesting to see. Hopefully this does something about the fact that every single build wants to use a Bronze Belt with set phys/void, set nec/pois, hybrid health and elemental resist (or crit avoid if it’s a non-pally build).

Pumped for the new skills too (surge mostly, don’t really play primalist because the animations and model look pretty meh).

Also an exciting change. Looking forward to see if there will be any interesting new build-makers.

Can’t wait for this patch!!

Edit: Sad, no drop-date yet :sob:

A lot of interesting changes.
Had a feeling that previous uniques would get a pass with the new skill itemizations. As well as various skills and passives after Rogue showed up to the scene with her deep and synergistic builds. But to get them this soon is a happy surprise.
A little weary about the defense changes, but we need to find a happy medium in terms of difficulty balance. So I think we all knew this was coming eventually.
Also, Primalist animation updates. Yus!

I’m excited for new art and new primalist animations! :slight_smile:

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i most excited about new sceptres. they’ve needed some love for a while.

So finally some love for Sigils of Hope? Maybe a belt that allows Warpath to proc Devouring Orb on hit (respecting the cooldown & paying the mana cost)?

Hope I have time to give this a proper spin!

These are really exciting updates!!! I’m stoked to see all the new stuff and changes.

My mind instantly goes L2 on this one. Heal HP imcrease maximum HP and boost damage. Really hoping this boost defense and has DR though

I wonder if the mew implicit can compete with DW

Hmm new class specific affixes as well For relics?
+1 skill levels here?

Super excited for this in the future


Oh my goodness!!! And I just got a heap load of new work dumped in my lap. I’m doomed. :smiley:

Maybe it’s mixed in with this?

A shield bearing die hard melee Paladin fan boy can dream!

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Shields are already the best defensive offhand that you can have, would you want them to be good for damage as well?

Hmm, dunno about making them offensive, but maybe having a themed one for shield throw, with maybe lower block value but some boost to shield throw. It’s thematic, at least :crazy_face:

While there’s no change to the model, animations get an overhaul this patch as well. Maybe it’s more your flavour then :wink:

Nope not at all. Im wanting there defensive power to be raised to make it a much harder choice to choose dw over it as with every mastery that can dw ATM… Does…

my Fire Spellblade will miss FIreshield dearly :frowning:

Awesome, can´t wait. I mean I can, but I don´t wanna. :face_vomiting:

Gonna stop playing for now, deleted my save files, time for a fresh start.

I´m having a lot of fun with this game, even though it´s unfinished and I am basically just fooling around and trying stuff out.