We're Updating the Character Selection Screen in Patch 0.8.1!

Starting in Patch 0.8.1, your characters will show their currently equipped gear when clicked on in the character selection screen! We’ll be releasing Patch 0.8.1 later this month.

Dual wielders represent!

This change should make it more convenient to tell your characters apart straight away, which will gradually get even easier as we continue to add additional 3d models for equipment.

Don’t they look amaging?

We plan to update the appearance of the character selection screen itself in a later update.


Awesome! Looks great and a very welcome update. :smiley:

Very nice!

I wasn’t asking for it… but im not complaining! haha
Good job

Love the details!

Finally! ^^ Very “amaging” indeed.

Can’t wait!


Hello, looks cool but It would be better to bring out the multiplayer!

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yeahhhh baby! good news!

NOICE ! Thanks :smiley:

But please tell me you’re going to adress the following:

Sigils Refreshing whole stack when casted again
Shards automatic picked up like gold since there’s no reason to not collect them
Performance updates

Thank you guys, keep up the good work !

Please allow us to move our stash tabs to in any order aswell :smiley:

This is probably not a good place for feedback, especially with stuff like this.
Because this topic needs some discussion, because it is simply not “no reason to not collect automatically”

There is a fairly recent discussion on this (and there already were several others)

Fantastic update. Can’t wait for it drop. Well done!

And there was me hoping to see the Primalist pic that’s on Discord so I could make a joke about him clearly being scared due to his rapidly approaching annual bath-day.

But it is a very nice thing to be finally able to see what my characters are wearing.


This is HUGE!

Well done! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Wonderful! Keep on making this game even better!

Uhhhhhh… I gotta be honest, they look terrible to me. Might be that your illumination is terrible on these pictures.
There’s very unnatural and awkward lighting which makes the 3D characters look like 2D prints on 3D models on Playstation 2.
Some parts are extremely shiny and glowy, some parts reflect nothing.

It’s like someone used the magic tool on a 3D picture and pasted it in the background.
Animations are at least progressing in the right direction.

One step after the other i would say.

Usually you don’t see your character from such a perspective/angle.

And making 3d art look very good is very difficult. It will come with time.

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Tell the truth now, you modeled the Mage after Charles Dance didn’t you?