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Updates to The Monolith of Fate in Patch 0.8.1

In Patch 0.8.1 we’re giving the Monolith of Fate endgame system some love!


Updated Mechanics

Explore beyond the Timelines you’ve previously conquered.

We’re making the following changes to empowering Timelines;

  • It will be possible to empower all Timelines.
  • Empowering a Timeline now has additional effects;
    • Enemies have 50% more health and damage (multiplicative with other modifiers)
    • 50% increased item rarity
    • 50% increased experience gained


New Content

Those found wanting in the Monolith shall be fired.

We’re adding 3 new Timelines to the Monolith of Fate. These additions entail;

  • New bosses waiting for you in our latest Quest Echoes
  • New Blessings
    • Notably, there are now Blessings available for new weapon types
  • New Unique items
  • 3 new boss music tracks


Polishing the Monolith

The Monolith of Fate is cooler than ever!

Finally, we’re also taking the opportunity to polish the system.

  • We’re introducing 9 new zone layouts for increased level design variety.
  • Many zones available through the Monolith Fate have had visual improvements.
  • We’re updating the level of the existing Timelines to accommodate the new ones.

I love it :kissing_heart::heart::sparkling_heart::cupid::kiss:

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Best thing ever.

More challenging and rewarding endgame!

I hope the rarity and experience is also multiplicative!?


Hype :open_mouth:

I am surprised there is nothing about disabling or changing the quest echoes, so you could go infinitely easier. That was one of the biggest points of feedback. I do like how empowereds are stronger now. I just hope this is enough to make it somewhat difficult.

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So can we then, pretty please, empower a Timeline, as soon as we have finished it once, instead of having to do all Timelines, as it is currently handeled (afaik)?

Love This! Sooooo an empowered Reign of Dragons in now level…!? :thinking:

Wow, I’m struggling in Reign of Dragons and here come new difficulties. Nice! :slight_smile:



Any updates on the gameplay loop?
Changes on the Monolith modifiers?

Right now once you get your GG blessings (and no longer care about quests or bosses) it is really “meh” to do Monolith as it dosn’t support the grind the old one provided.

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Man, I’m so looking forward to this patch dropping. It feels almost pointless to play right now, and I’m finding my attention wandering to other games because the changes to gearing/skills seems so considerable that grinding out gear that will only last 2 weeks seems… pointless?

Can’t wait for this to drop!!!

Firstly, awesome. This alongside the skill balancing pass might open up new builds for me to churn through this patch cycle with.
Secondly, I’m scared. Those empowered Timelines modifiers alongside the defense changes. “Oh boy…” -Dr. Sam Beckett

New bosses, New uniques.

Uniques tied to the new bosses?

Very excited for this. I’d still like to see more variety brought to the echo objectives themselves, but this is a great addition.

me love you long time!

Hope my baby will give me a breather to test all the new contents out abit :sweat_smile:


Yeah, babies sleep a lot.

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Nice news!

True! I’m happy my babies are more than 20 years old now, I have more time to play! ^^

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Awesome! thanks a lot!

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date release please ?