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Massive Amount of New Item Art - Which Do You Like the Most?

It's Poll Time!

Hey Travelers!

As you may have seen in 0.8.1’s Patch Preview or Patch Notes, our most recent content patch included much more new item art than normal. We’d love to hear which you liked the most! We’ve included a couple of polls as those are great at encouraging participation, and we’ll also be keeping an eye on the comments - so keep the feedback coming! :+1:


Table of Contents
 1. Relics
 2. Sceptres
 3. Shields
 4. Overall Poll



Name Class Requirement Art
Copper Chalice -
Damned Souls Acolyte
Runed Bones Acolyte
Homunculus Bile Acolyte
Ancient Tome Mage
Elder Eye Mage
Rune Quill Mage
Ochre Antler Primalist
Spirit Catcher Primalist
Spriggan Seed Primalist
Ancient Coins Rogue
Ruby Dice Rogue
Venom Phial Rogue
Inscribed Tablet Sentinel
Solarum Banner Sentinel
Tainted Effigy Sentinel


Favourite Class Relic Art
  • Acolyte
  • Mage
  • Primalist
  • Rogue
  • Sentinel
  • I like the chalice

0 voters

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Name Art
Acolyte Sceptre
Argent Sceptre
Auric Sceptre
Brass Sceptre
Cultist Sceptre
Ice Sceptre
Oak Sceptre
Obsidian Sceptre
Ornate Sceptre
Skeletal Sceptre

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Name Art
Bandit Shield
Carapace Shield
Cavalier Shield
Dawn Shield
Frostbound Shield
Heater Shield
Ironglass Shield
Kite Shield
Knight Shield
Meruna Shell
Mountain Shield
Root Shield
Tower Shield
Wooden Shield


Overall Poll

Favourite Item Type Art
  • Relics
  • Sceptres
  • Shields

0 voters

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How on earth are you making us vote like this??? All these are winners and look fantastic.


Poll needs more options, it’s too broad, like I like some of the relics but not every single one, there’s great art in all of the categories and some that aren’t as shiny. Assuming you using this for feedback.


honestly I thought the sentinel relics looked meh… all except the tainted effigy that was cool looking! :slight_smile:

Overall everything looks great… Acolyte tho is amazing!

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Overall great job.
General idea: Item look and feel must show which item is higher lvl without looking at level requirement .

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all the items looks great!
but i like relics a little bit more.


I like shields Art. But I don’t use Shield…

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These are all friggin’ gorgeous. Well done, you all!

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It’d be a lot more useful if we could rank order favorites to least favorites.

Everything looks really nice, especially the Relics, great work team!

Some feedback:
Relics: Simply incredible overall! The Sentinel Relics and the “Damned Souls” Relic looks a little lower in quality, in terms of polish, almost like they’re slightly lower resolution or something, the colours don’t seem as vibrant and details aren’t as clear as some of the others.

Sceptres: I feel like the Sceptres could be a little more creative in their design, a bit more interesting looking. For instance, if you reduced all of the Sceptres to a silhouette, it would be hard to tell much of a difference, as the general shape (for most) is quite similar. But hey, maybe that’s intentional. Perhaps customisable animated weapon effects could be a nice future addition :wink: (pleeeease?!)

Shields: Loving these designs, especially the more creative one’s, like the Meruna Shell, Root Sheild etc. I’d like to see even more creativity here, think outside the box. I mean, technically, I could use a giant fish, crab’s shell, scorpion’s tail/stinger, spider’s head or maybe even an umbrella to block :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultimately I’d love to see most gear transmogrifiable so I can get my character looking exactly the way I want it - i.e. so bad ass that everyone in multiplayer has to stop and stare, ya know? :smiley: Hate to say it, but PoE has a decent system for this (minus the price tag). Ideally, if I’ve picked up an item with an awesome appearance, I’d love to be able to make my current gear look like that. But I digress, great job on the artwork!

I really like the look of all of these. Great work!

I do not like the Homonculus Bile artifact at all. Looks like a small child trapped in a cage. The effigies I am not even sure what they are. They could use a new look all the way. Really the only one I liked was the chalice. The rest I am not even sure I would want to put on a character of mine.
The only good scepter is the Argent Scepter. I like all the shields with the exception of the Meruna Shield, Root shield, Wooden shield, targe, and Ironglass Shield.

The items you have come up with are all plain Jane. Other games have done this and it’s old to people that have played video games for a long time. Give us something we haven’t seen. Give us something that’s refreshing and new. Give us things like shields made of lava, an armor look that has not been seen before and some skills that are worth playing to get.

Gore and uncanny relics of Accolyte are clear winner for me, but overall all classes (except Sentinel) got something shiny that makes you say- “woah that’s neat!”.

In terms of shields, I think it’s a good mix between fantasy ones like Meruna Shell and more medival, practical ones like Wooden Shield. Overall art on them is great.

As of sceptres I think there is way to many high-fantasy stuff and not so much sinister looking ones like Oak Sceptre or Skeletal Sceptre.

Anywho, keep up great work and try to pour more personality into Sentinel gear!

These are all really well done pieces. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!

For animated weapon effect would be nice to have a tool so the communauty could make them and submit them on the website

If anyone doesn’t think the He##i Relic is the best, they’re not paying attention…

would be great if the artwork transferred to your character

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The shield & sceptre art does, the relics don’t show though.

Copper Chalice and Rogue’s implements are my favourite. Though the rest is fantastic too!