Another Phase 4 Item Approaches: Tooltip DPS!

One of the most commonly requested items from our Early Access Forecast, Tooltip DPS is coming soon to a video game near you! Today we’ve prepared a few early looks at our updated tooltips. In addition to incorporating more information into them, we’ve taken the opportunity to drastically improve the appearance of our skill tooltips.

We know that a lot of you like to Spin to Win™, so we’ll be focusing on Warpath.

Here’s a look at how Warpath’s tooltip is currently expected to be in Patch 0.8.1;

Warpath tooltip 0.8.1


Been a while since you've played? Click here to see Warpath's tooltip as of 0.8d.

Warpath tooltip 0.8d


Our new tooltips pack different pieces of information into seperate sections, which makes quickly scanning them to find a specific detail quicker and more convenient. We’ve also invested more time into their design to bring them up to the level of our item tooltips.

Sticking with Warpath, let’s hold down the Alt key in Patch 0.8.1;

Warpath tooltip extended 0.8.1


Want another Patch 0.8d screenshot to compare? Here ya go!

Warpath tooltip extended 0.8d

Just as is currently possible, in Patch 0.8.1 you’ll be able to hold down the Alt key to see more details that aren’t visible by default. This, too, should be clearer due to both our new tooltip layout as well as each relevant attribute showing by how much they increase your damage.

We hope you’re looking forward to Patch 0.8.1 as much as we are! :smiley:


Looks awesome, we need more info about the skills, what they do & how they do it. Just imagine if one of them was casting invisible ignite AoEs, that would be insane…

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This looks pretty nice, looking forward to trying it out

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Not bad, but is itpossible to do something with green stats for upgrade items and red for downgrade? as we know in other games…

That’s already in the game for gear. (I’m) confused?

This is really nice! :smiley:

Hope this shows base damage, the skill’s crit chance and ailment chances, etc!


We’ve big plans for the system, but I can’t guarantee that everything you want will be in 0.8.1.


I can wait ^^

Looks pretty nice. I hope it won’t be long. Good work Guys

That looks very nice, congrats! :slight_smile:

I feel like I’ve been summoned

Looks awesome esthetically already. We take every bit of extra info with joy :+1: :smile:

I keep saying it, the developers at Eleventh Hour Games understand ARPGs and what separates the good from the great! Its the lil things like this which will catapult this game when we get the finished product 1.0! Nice Work!

Looking great !
If I may humbly suggest, giving the scaling tags back either their color and/or their capitalisation would be a good idea (it’s pretty crucial information/there is a need for it to be pushed forward, or so i believe)

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I am so stoked! Looks great! Keep up the great work, effort, and communication!

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Amazing! It would also be important that it shows the base flat damage, the base skill’s crit chance and base ailment chance. Thanks for your hard work!

Oh, something like this?

Someone else may have also suggested this…but I’m drawing a blank on who. :laughing:


Looking brilliant. Hoping this also going to hit other abilities/skills as well. Like Cascading Orb, Holy Bolts, etc.

Those are secondary abilities that are “cast” by something else rather than skills, but yes, it would be very nice to have all the details for them (dps, etc).