Eternal Legends - Beta 0.8.4 Patch Notes

0.8.4 Patch Notes

Eternal Legends, Patch 0.8.4, is coming 2021-12-10T19:00:00Z!

Eternal Legends 0.8.4 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler



If you would like to listen to Last Epoch’s new Main Theme while you read:

Dungeon: Temporal Sanctum

Eternal Legends features Last Epoch’s first dungeon, the Temporal Sanctum, the first of many dungeons we intend to introduce in future patches. The Temporal Sanctum is a place of study now corrupted by obsession. At its heart lies Chronomancer Julra, a researcher desperate to unlock the power of time and the secrets of the Eternity Cache.

  • Added a new dungeon, the Temporal Sanctum.
  • The Temporal Sanctum can be accessed off of the Ruined Coast… if you’ve found a key.
  • Dungeon Keys can be dropped by rare enemies and timeline bosses in endgame zones. Beware, if you die in the Temporal Sanctum or leave early you will need to use another key.
  • Inside the Temporal Sanctum the boundaries of time are weak, allowing you to use a new dungeon specific ability called Temporal Shift, which shifts you between Eras at will using the Epoch. Use this ability to reach the deepest depths of the Dungeon!
  • You will choose modifiers while exploring the Temporal Sanctum, increasing the danger and rewards.


  • Conquering the Temporal Sanctum will allow you to harness the power of the Eternity Cache, described below.
  • Reaching the end of the Temporal Sanctum also allows you to proceed directly to Chapter 9 of the campaign… assuming you’re strong enough. Temporal Sanctum Keys only drop in level 54 areas and above so this skip is only practical if you transfer keys via your stash.
  • The Temporal Sanctum has 4 tiers. Higher tiers increase area level, increase the power and number of modifiers, and allow you to unlock the full potential of the Eternity Cache.

Quest Rewards

  • The total number of passive points you can obtain from quest rewards is capped at 15 (the same number that could be obtained in 0.8.3). However more quests now grant passive point rewards so you do not need to complete all of them to reach this cap. This is similar to how you don’t have to complete all the quests with idol slot rewards to unlock all the idol slots.
  • Counters for your progress towards the passive and idol slot reward caps are now shown at the bottom left of the map panel while viewing quests.
  • The following quests now give passive points
    • The Power of Mastery
    • The Corrupted Lake (no longer grants gold)
    • The Sapphire Tablet (no longer grants gold)
    • Destroying the Siege Camp
    • Oasis Hunt
    • Desert Treasure (now has an idol slot reward as well)
  • Additionally the Apophis and Majasa quest now gives +1 to all attributes upon completion.

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Eternity Cache & Legendary Items

Survive the wrath of Chronomancer Julra to gain access to the Eternity Cache. Opening the cache will allow you to seal your powerful gear inside to merge them into something even greater. Centuries of time are needed for creation, and bypassed only by a Traveler. The Eternity Cache forges the most powerful gear across all time lines - Legendary Items.

  • Each time you clear the Temporal Sanctum, you will be able to use the Eternity Cache once to craft a Legendary.
  • Placing a Unique with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item of the same type inside of the Eternity Cache will empower the Unique item with additional affixes from the Exalted item, creating a Legendary.
  • Unique items can now drop with 0 - 4 Legendary Potential. Uniques acquired before this update will not have Legendary Potential.
  • The Legendary Potential of your Unique determines how many affixes will be transferred from the Exalted item (chosen at random).
  • The Exalted item that is used must have 4 standard affixes.
  • Clearing higher tiers of the Temporal Sanctum allows you to create Legendaries using Uniques with higher level requirements.

For more information, read our announcement of the system here: Legendary Items


In 0.8.4 we are introducing several crafting changes with goal to carry forward what we and the community, find fun about crafting - while addressing the areas that are less enjoyable.

  • Items now have forging potential instead of instability, and spawn with a random amount.
  • Crafting with a shard or rune now costs a random amount of forging potential (normally around 1 to 15) rather than having a chance to fracture it.
  • When an item is reduced to 0 forging potential it cannot be crafted further, but all crafts until that point are guaranteed to be successful.
  • Crafts that are Critical Successes cost no forging potential.
  • Critical successes no longer use up crafting materials (you keep the affix shard and glyph).
  • The old Glyphs have been replaced by the Glyph of Hope (25% chance for no forging potential cost) and the Glyph of Chaos (rerolls the affix on upgrade to a different affix).
  • Added the Glyph of Order - Prevents the roll of an affix within its range changing when it is upgraded.
    • For example, if you had a T1 health suffix that granted the maximum amount of health for T1 and upgraded it to T2 with a Glyph of Order, it will always grant the maximum amount of health for T2.
  • Added the Glyph of Despair
    • Grants a chance to Seal an affix instead of upgrading it.
    • Seal affixes are moved to a new slot and cannot be modified further.
    • The rest of the item can be modified and you can add a new affix to the Sealed affix’s old slot, allowing you to craft 5 affix items.
  • Added two new rare runes
    • The Rune of Ascendance changes an item into a Unique or Set Item of the same item type (but not same subtype, e.g. a silver ring could become any Unique ring).
    • The Rune of Creation which removes all forging potential from an item and then duplicates it.
  • Replaced the Rune of Cleansing with the Rune of Discovery
    • The Rune of Discovery adds random tier 1 affixes to all empty affix slots on an item.
    • It has an increased chance of rolling rarer affixes.
    • It does not cost forging potential, but cannot be used on items with zero forging potential.
  • Rune of Removal now returns shards that it removed to your forge. They are also more common and start dropping earlier.
  • The Rune of Shaping is no longer more likely to result in moderate rolls, but is slightly rarer.
  • Updated art for all Runes and Glyphs.
  • Glyphs and Runes are now picked up to the inventory rather than going directly to the forge. They can be sent to the Forge using the same button that it used to send shards.

For more information, check out our Dev Blog on Crafting

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Druid Rework & Swarmblade

Coming in Eternal Legends is the complete overhaul of the Druid Mastery. This includes an all new resource, new models and skills for both the Werebear and Spriggan as well as introducing the final Druid form - Swarmblade.


  • Added a third transformation skill, Swarmblade Form. Swarmblade is an agile form that enhances your melee capabilities. While transformed you gain the following skills:
    • Summon Hive - Create a Hive that summons Locust minions. You can have 2 hives and each hive can create 6 locusts.
    • Swarm Strike - A circular melee attack that also gathers nearby locusts to create a damaging aura around you. Used automatically when you enter Swarmblade Form.
    • Armblade Slash - A fast melee combo attack.
    • Dive - A short fixed-distance dash that deals damage to enemies in your path.


  • Werebear Form has been totally reworked. Includes a new model, new animations, reworked skills and a new specialization tree. While transformed you gain the following skills:
  • Maul - Jump a short distance and slam the ground, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Rampage - Charge towards a target location, dealing damage and knocking enemies back in your path.
  • Swipe - A melee attack that hits all enemies in front of you. Benefits from your Swipe skill tree. Unaffected by weapon range.
  • Roar - Unleash a thunderous roar that knocks back and stuns nearby enemies. Benefits from your Warcry skill tree. Cast automatically when entering Werebear Form.


  • Spriggan Form has been totally reworked. Includes a new model, new animations, reworked skills and a new specialization tree. Spriggan is a spell and minion focused form. While transformed you gain the following skills:
  • Spirit Thorns - Releases a burst of thorns that home in on enemies. Multiple thorns can hit the same target.
  • Thorn Shield - Forms a protective barrier around you or an ally that grants 30 armor and 30 damage reflected to attackers. A burst of thorns is released when it expires. This is cast automatically when entering Spriggan Form.
  • Summon Healing Totem - Summons a totem that heals all nearby allies.
  • Summon Vines - Summons 3 melee vine minions that poison enemies on hit. You can have up to 12 vines at once.

Transform Mechanics

  • You can now re-order the skills you gain while transformed. The order is saved per character, and per form.
  • Each Form’s skill tree now has nodes that allow you to change directly to one of the other forms without returning to human form.
  • Transforming now replaces your Mana with Rage.
    • Your starting rage is equal to your maximum mana.
    • Rage decays over time, and any mana proc costs will cost rage instead.
    • Reaching 0 rage will force you back into Human Form, though you can choose to transform earlier.

Other Skills

  • Overhauled the base functionality and skill tree for Entangling Roots, and implemented new visuals.
  • Overhauled the skill tree for Summon Spriggan, and implemented new visuals.


  • Overhauled the Druid passive tree. Primalists will receive a free respec of their passives.

New Skills


  • New Primalist melee skill, unlocked at character level 14. Upheaval sunders the ground in a line in front of you, dealing damage to enemies along the path.

Umbral Blades

  • New Rogue throwing skill, unlocked at character level 18. Umbral Blades is a combo ability that throws 2 blades, then 4 blades, then recalls all blades in the ground back to you, hitting enemies along the way. An enemy can be hit by multiple blades.

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Skill changes

Ailment Chance

  • Fixed “less chance to apply ailments on hit” effects not working for skills such as Warpath and Flurry.

Consecrated Ground (from Judgement)

  • Deals 12.5% more damage.

Void Rifts

  • Void Rifts from all sources have 30 base damage (from 15), but still have an added damage effectiveness of 75%. This brings their added damage effectiveness to base damage ratio in line with other void spells.
  • This applies to all Void Rifts including those triggered by the base effects of Devouring Orb and Erasing Strike.

Devouring Orb

Our goals are to reduce power and visual noise of the orbiting variant with Abyssal Orbs and fix broken nodes, while also reducing downsides on nodes and providing compensatory buffs. Bring maximum allocable points in line with other skills without depriving builds of good places to put their points. Also fix cases where added damage effectiveness to base damage ratios were not in line with our standards.

  • Devouring Orb costs 18 mana (from 10).
  • Devouring Orb’s damage and area growth cap has been increased to 120% (from 100%).
  • Dark Moon no longer increases mana cost, or reduces void rift damage or area, but now reduces duration by 50%.
  • All modifiers to duration on the tree are now multiplicative with each other (from additive).
  • Fleeting Orb grants 20% less duration (from 13% reduced duration).
  • Cosmic Impact’s collision now has 80 base damage (from 15) and 200% added damage effectiveness (from 100%) and no longer increases mana cost.
  • Extinction grants 40% more collision hit damage (from 30%). Fixed a bug where this node’s damage bonus applied to all damage from all of Devouring Orb’s sub skills’ damage, not just the collision damage from the orb itself.
  • Abyssal Rush grants 6% increased attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed (from 10% movement speed), but can have 1 point allocated (from 2).
  • Abyssal Orbs from the Abyssal Emission node’s direct hits now have 60 base damage (from 10) and 150% added damage effectiveness (from 50%) and their area of effect now has a base damage of 30 (and still has an added damage effectiveness of 75%). This means they now deal more damage to the primary target, not less.
  • World Rot now also grants 5% more duration, but only grants 10% time rot chance (from 15%). It can have 4 points allocated (from 3).
  • Rift Caller now grants 10% void penetration to all Devouring Orb damage (from giving Void Rifts 10% more damage). It can have 5 points allocated (from 9).
  • Void Adept grants 15% increased global void damage (from 10% increased global generic damage).
  • Dark Torrent can have 5 points allocated (from 9).
  • Burning Prey can have 4 points allocated (from 6).
  • Rotting Prey can have 4 points allocated (from 6).
  • Void Adept can have 5 points allocated (from 6).

Eterra’s Blessing

  • The Eterra’s Furor node on the Eterra’s Blessing tree now only causes companions to taunt if Eterra’s Blessing was cast directly. (There are now Druid effects that can cast it indirectly)
  • Crowstorm and the 3 follow-up nodes have been removed.
  • Added a new node that grants haste and frenzy for 5 seconds to Storm Crows healed with Eterra’s Blessing.

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Holy Aura

  • Holy Aura’s Demoralizing Aura node now has 2 points allocable, and now correctly states that it only works when Holy Aura is activated.

Fury Leap

  • Added a new node that procs Upheaval when you land (consumes Upheaval’s mana cost and requires greater than zero mana on landing).
  • Rise and Poisonous Thicket now proc the Summon Vines skill from Spriggan Form, so the vines they summon are affected by the Spriggan Form tree and share its vine limit.
  • Rise grants 25% chance to summon Vines per point (from 20%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Poisonous Thicket grants 25% chance to summon Vines per point (from 20%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 5).

Ice Thorns

  • Previously, we announced that Ice Thorns would be removed this patch since its fantasy was going to be covered by Spriggan Form’s Spirit Thorns skill. However, after receiving feedback and more playtesting we decided it would be best to keep Ice Thorns in the game until it can be replaced by another new spell in a future patch.
  • The Thorn Shield from the Ice Thorns tree has been renamed to Thorn Barrier.
  • Second Nature now causes Ice Thorns to be double cast, rather than instant cast.
  • Floric Tides can have 4 points allocated (from 6).


  • Pilgrimage grants 15% more fire and lightning damage with Javelin (from 25%), but grants 30% melee ignite and electrify chance while on cooldown (from 25%).
  • Spiked Bombardment increases mana cost by 25% (from 30%).


Our goals are to concentrate Maelstrom’s power onto fewer stacks, remove auto casting, and add more advantages for self casting rather than relying very heavily on procs.

  • Deals 20% more damage.
  • Fixed the tooltip saying that added spell damage applied at 100% each second (it was actually 50% and is now 60%).
  • Increased Freeze Rate by 20%.
  • Lasts 7 seconds (from 8).
  • Costs 17 mana (from 20).
  • Primalists with Maelstrom specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Removed Sudden Gale (instant cast).
  • Added a new node, Beneath the Waves: gain a stack of Lagon’s Slumber if you go one second without directly casting Maelstrom (up to 1 per point). When you directly cast Maelstrom consume all Lagon’s Slumber stacks to cast Maelstrom an additional time per stack. This requires 2 points in Turmoil.
  • Added a new node, Frozen Abyss: more damage dealt to chilled or frozen enemies. This requires 3 points in Arctic Blast.
  • Turbulence grants 8% more damage, doubled if you have at least 60 Attunement (from 15% more damage and 10% increased mana cost)/
  • Whirlpool grants 10% increased duration (from 20%), but can have 4 points allocated (from 3).
  • Vortex grants 60% more damage when cast on a totem (from 50%).
  • Eye of the Storm grants 20% more damage (from 15%), but can have 3 points allocated (from 5).
  • Calm now requires 1 point in Turbulence (from 2 in Sleet-Footed or 2 in Arctic Blast, correspondingly those nodes can no longer be reached via Calm).
  • Windswept now requires 2 points in Calm (from 4 points in Turbulence).
  • Power of the Storm now requires 1 point in Sleet-Footed (from 2 points in Whirlpool).
  • Maelstrom is now unlocked at character level 12.

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Serpent Strike

  • Culling Point can now only have 3 points allocated (from 4).


  • Smite’s Sacrifice node now correctly states in its stat line that it consumes health, rather than having a health cost.

Static Orb

  • Mages with Static Orb specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • When you have Orbital Fulmination orbs now orbit for 3 seconds (from 5), but reach the same maximum distance (their radial velocity is 67% higher). This is a damage nerf in most scenarios, particularly against large tanky enemies.
  • Storm Artillery now also gives 8% more damage.
  • Overwhelming Barrage now grants 8 ward gained on stun (from 5).
  • Arcane Current grants 2 static charges on it (from 1), but can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Ball Lightning Changes (Aim: specifically hit combos that bypass the downside of this node)
    • Now gives -26 mana cost (from -22).
    • If you also have Scatter Blast then you only have a 20% chance to create small orbs.
    • If you also have Orbital Fulmination the orbit duration is reduced by 35%.


  • The Spirit Wolves subskill and Lupine Attunement nodes now scales its damage with other nodes on the Swipe tree, does not scale with non-minion damage, and has 150% added minion melee damage effectiveness.


  • Thorn Totem deals around 12% more hit damage with its thorns.
  • Storm Totem deals around 12% more hit damage with its lightning storm.
  • Fixed a bug where Warcry Totem did not receive health scaling from attributes or levels.
  • Fixed a bug where Warcry Totems were not considered as Totems for effects like “while you have a totem”.
  • Fixed the Shaman mastery bonus not reducing the mana cost of Warcry Totems.
  • Warcry’s Totemic Heart node now displays the Warcry Totem tooltip when you hold ‘alt’.

Primalist Unlock Order

  • Maelstrom is now unlocked at character level 12 (from 15 points in Primalist passives).
  • Warcry is unlocked at 10 points in Primalist passives (from 10 points in Beastmaster passives).
  • Summon Storm Crows is now unlocked at 15 points in Primalist passives (from character level 16).
  • Summon Scorpion is now unlocked at 15 points in Beastmaster passives (from 30).
  • Summon Frenzy Totem is now unlocked at 25 points in Beastmaster passives (from 20).
  • Summon Sabertooth is now unlocked at 35 points in Beastmaster passives (from 10 points in Primalist passives).
  • Earthquake is now unlocked at 15 points in Shaman passives (from 10).
  • Avalanche is now unlocked at 25 points in Shaman passives (from 20).
  • Spriggan Form is now unlocked at 5 points in Druid passives (from 15).
  • Summon Spriggan is now unlocked at 15 points in Druid passives (from 10).
  • Entangling Roots is now unlocked at 35 points in Druid passives (from 5).

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  • Overhauled the Druid passive tree. Primalists will receive a free respec of their passives.

  • Primalists will get a free respec of the passives due to the overhaul of Druid passives.


  • Glacial Strike now grants +40 melee cold damage every 3 seconds as a non-scaling 5 point bonus (from +5 per point).
  • Fixed the Glacial Strike tooltip saying that it applied every 5 seconds rather than 3 seconds.


  • Pursuit grants 6% increased melee and throwing damage per point (from just melee damage) and grants 8% increased movement speed at 5 points invested (from 1% increased movement speed per point, no change in maximum movement speed).
  • Once grants +2 melee physical damage and +2 throwing physical damage (from just +2 melee physical damage).
  • Flash of Steel now grants 15% increased melee and throwing attack speed while dual wielding at 5 points invested (from 2% increased melee attack speed per point, with up to 8 points allocable).

Monolith of Fate

  • Spires now only attack the player while they are in combat.
  • Added 10 new random echo layouts.

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  • Greatly improved visuals in several Chapter 5 zones
    • The Ruined Coast
    • Maj’elka
    • The Sapphire Quarter
    • The Oracle’s Abode
    • The Maj’elkan Catacombs
    • The Maj’elkan Waystation
  • Updated Void environmental visuals throughout Chapter 2 and 3.


  • The color of hit flash effects on enemies now varies with damage type.
  • Updated the visuals for the base version of Abyssal Echoes.
  • Updated the visuals for all Flame Reave variants.
  • Updated the visuals for all Snap Freeze variants.
  • Soul Feast now has a new visual for its cone physical version.
  • Improved the visuals for the small version of cold-converted Static Orb.
  • Updated Wolf Howl and Werebear Roar visuals.
  • Updated the visuals for Decayed and Voidtouched Spriggan enemies.
  • Added a new model and animations for Voidfire Maggots.

Character Select Screen

When you log into Last Epoch tomorrow, you will immediately notice two substantial new changes - the all new Character Select Screen and new music accompanying it. The team has been at work on this and is proud to share it with you. This has been a large project as it also pulls in all 4 of the new character models.

  • The character select screen has been re-built from the ground up.
  • The background visuals for creating a new character or loading an existing one have been replaced.
  • Overhauled the animations and visuals that play when selecting a class.
  • Replaced the character models for the Acolyte, Mage and Sentinel.
  • Changed the music used on the login and character select screens.
  • Updated the user interface for creating a character.

User Interface

  • Overhauled the visual presentation of the world map. The backgrounds have been redrawn and other elements like waypoints have been adjusted.
    • We were very pleased with the artistry of the new world map we introduced in 0.8.2, but it proved to be difficult to read in-game.
  • Hovering over an enemy now shows most ailments they are affected by below their top of screen health bar.
  • Added a tooltip to the Loot Filter window that appears when you’ve reached the maximum number of rules.
  • Added minimap icons for Key items.
  • Implemented toggleable RGB lighting effects for compatible Logitech devices. This is on by default and can be found in the Settings under Gameplay > Gameplay Feedback.
    • The F1-F4 keys are used to display health with a red fill.
    • The F5-F8 keys are used to display mana with a blue fill.
    • Keys that are bound to an ability are unlit when an ability is on cooldown and fade to white as the ability comes off cooldown.
    • All other keys and devices are purple, and (optionally) fade towards red as you lose health.

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  • Renamed polearms to spears.
  • Maces are no longer referred to as blunt weapons in some places.
  • Replaced all Spear base types. Includes new visuals and stats.
  • Replaced all Staff base types. Includes new visuals and stats.
  • The Sentinel has two new sets of body armour and helmet visuals, including one which replaces the old starting models.
  • The Acolyte has a new set of body armour and helmet visuals.
  • Higher tier armour and helmets for the Mage, Acolyte, and Primalist more consistently use higher tier models.


New Items

Bhuldar’s Wrath

  • Bhulder’s Wrath now has a 5s internal cooldown on using Earthquake.
  • Now requires level 76 (from 75).

Eternal Eclipse

  • Now requires level 72 (from 36).

Eterra’s Path

  • Grants 80 to 120 health (from 20 to 80).
  • Grants you and your minions 20 to 28% increased healing effectiveness (from 80%).
  • 20% to 28% chance for Summon Vines every second (from 20% chance for Summon Vine or Entangling Roots every 5 second).
  • Now uses the Spriggan Form’s Summon Vines skill, so the vines they summon are affected by the Spriggan Form tree and share its vine limit. This also means it summons 3 vines at once rather than 1.

Kermode’s Cage

  • Now grants Rage on kill in Werebear Form rather than mana on kill.
  • Now grants 65-100% increased elemental damage.
  • No longer grants increased cast speed.
  • No longer increases the mana cost of skills in Werebear Form.

Legacy of the Quiet Forest

  • Now grants 15 to 20 Rage every 3 seconds while in Spriggan Form (from 10 to 15 mana every 3 seconds while in Spriggan Form).


  • Now requires level 76 (from level 75).

The Slab

  • Base type changed to Ironglass Shield, resulting in an additional 7% block chance from the implicit.
  • Reduces block chance by 52% to 55% (from 40%).
  • Adds 25 to 55 health (from 20 to 40).

Smoke Weaver

  • Grants 20% to 25% increased cooldown recovery for Shift (from 25% to 30%).
  • Shift distance roll now matches Shift cooldown recovery roll.
  • Grants 250 to 410 dodge rating (from 210 to 380).


  • No longer gives 10% chance to summon a Vale Spirit when you cast a Physical or Buff Spell.
  • Now grants +1 to Spriggan Form and 12% to 20% increased area with Thorn Shield.

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Set Items

New Items

Boardman’s Set

  • Boardman’s Fallacy grants +10% to 21% lightning penetration.

Corsair’s Set

  • Corsair’s Boarding Shield grants 275 to 575 Block effectiveness (from 275 to 475).
  • Corsair’s Boarding Shield grants 7 to 15 Dexterity (from 6 to 12).
  • Corsair’s Blood Cowl grants 35% to 72% increased chance to find potions (from 35% to 60%).
  • Corsair’s Blood Cowl grants 35% to 72% increased area of effect with Lethal Mirage (from 35% to 60%).

Forgotten Knight Set

  • Defiance of the Forgotten Knight now grants 70% to 105% increased void damage (from 50% to 70%).
  • Defiance of the Forgotten Knight now grants 7% to 14% block chance (from 5% to 7%).
  • Locket of the Forgotten Knight now grants 29% to 70% increased void damage (from 30% to 50%).
  • Locket of the Forgotten Knight now grants 21% to 28% chance to apply time rot on hit (instead of 30 to 50 armour).
  • 2 set item bonus is now 50% increased time rot effect (instead of 50% increased void damage).
  • 3 set item bonus is now +15 void penetration (instead of 50% increased time rot effect).

Gaspar’s Set

  • 2 item set bonus now grants 35% increased cooldown recovery speed for Decimate (from 25%).
  • Decimate deals 14% more damage.

Halvar’s Set

  • Halvar’s Pledge grants 25 to 40 spell physical damage (from 10 to 15), though its implicit now gives 39 to 47 adaptive spell damage (from 46 to 62).
  • 2 set item bonus is now +15 spell cold damage.

Isadora’s Set

  • Isadora’s Revenge now grants 36% to 48% increased duration of chill applied by necrotic spells.
  • Isadora’s Tomb Binding now grants 80% increased necrotic damage if you have been hit recently.
  • Isadora’s Gravechill now grants 36 to 60 health (from 20 to 40).
  • 2 item set bonus now grants 100% chance to apply Damned on hit with Necrotic Spells (instead of 80% increased necrotic damage if you have been hit recently).

Invoker’s Set

  • The Invoker’s Frozen Heart now also grants +1 to Snap Freeze.
  • The Invoker’s Scorching Grasp now also grants +1 to Flame Ward.
  • The Invoker’s Static Touch now also grants +1 to Static.

Last Bear’s Set

  • The Last Bear’s Scorn grants 100% increased health regen if you’ve stunned an enemy recently (instead of 1 mana gained on kill while transformed).
  • The Last Bear’s Scorn now also grants 10% to 15% endurance.
  • The Last Bear’s Lament now grants 50 to 100 endurance threshold (instead of 5% to 15% mana efficiency).
  • The Last Bear’s Lament now grants 10 to 15 health regen.
  • The Last Bear’s Lament now grants 15% to 50% void resistance (from 10%).
  • 2 set item bonus is now 15 health gained on stun (instead of +15% crit multi).
  • 3 set item bonus is now +30 strength (instead of 100% increased health regen if you’ve stunned an enemy recently).

Pebble’s Set

  • Pebbles’ Femur grants 24% lightning resistance (from 15%).
  • Pebbles’ Collar grants 24% cold resistance (from 15%).
  • Pebbles’ Collar grants increased minion damage (from 15%).
  • Pebbles’ Bitemarked Sash grants 24% fire resistance (from 15%).
  • Pebbles’ Bitemarked Sash grants increased minion damage (from 15%).
  • 3 set item bonus is now +24 fire, cold, or lightning damage for skeletons (from 15).

Ruby Fang Set

  • 2 item set bonus now grants +1% melee poison chance per 1% uncapped fire resistance (instead of +2 to fire and poison skills).

Shattered Lance

  • 2 set item bonus is now 15% increased melee cold damage per 10 health regen (from 6% increased health regen per strength).

Sinathia’s Set

  • 2 item set bonus now grants +2 to curse skills and minion skills (from +1)

Sunforged Set

  • Sunforged Cuirass now gives 15% to 20% increased fire damage per Forged Weapon (from 100% to 140% increased fire damage with at least 3 forged weapons).
  • Reworked Sunforged Hammer to gives various bonuses per Forged Weapon.
  • Reworked Sunforged Greathelm to give various bonuses per Forged Weapon.
  • 2 item set bonus is now +1 to Forge Strike and Smelter’s Wrath (instead of 150% increased melee stun chance).
  • 3 item set bonus is now +3 maximum forged weapons (instead of Gain Inspiration when you stun an enemy).

Vilatria’s Set

  • Vilatria’s Downfall grants 65% to 130% increased lightning damage (from 65% to 110%).
  • Vilatria’s Downfall grants 65 to 130 mana (from 65 to 110).

Zerrick’s Set

  • 2 item set bonus now grants 54% increased chance to find Potions (from 40%).
  • 3 item set bonus now grants +54 necrotic damage (from 40).


Global Scaling (multiplicative with other changes)

  • Increased enemy damage by 1%.
  • Increased enemy health by 2%.

Level Damage Scaling (multiplicative with other changes)

  • No change to damage below level 30.
  • 4.7% more enemy damage at level 55 (note that enemies near this level have been adjusted and deal less damage than before despite this change).
  • 4.4% more enemy damage at level 80.
  • 1.7% more enemy damage at level 100.

Level Health Scaling (multiplicative with other changes)

  • No change to health below level 30.
  • 1.4% more enemy health at level 55 (note that enemies near this level have been adjusted and have less health than before despite this change).
  • 1.8% more enemy health at level 80.
  • 1.1% more enemy health at level 100.

Rare Enemies (multiplicative with other changes)

  • Enemies that originally appear earlier in the game have more health than before as rare enemies in endgame.
  • Increased damage multiplier to 185% (from 180%).

Chapter 9 Enemies

  • For endgame the Scarab Rider has been replaced by the Scalebane Saboteur who throws javelins that explode after a delay and rides a red scarab.
  • Ascendant Embermages deal 11% less damage, have 5% less range, have slightly greater cast speed randomisation, and arena pack size scaling has 85% reduced effect on them (from 40%).
  • Ascendant Raiders deal 7% less damage and have 8% less health.
  • Cave Spiders deal 5% less damage and 5% less health.
  • Crystal Elementals deals 10% less damage, fewer spawn in monolith zones that contain them, and they no longer spawn in the Arena.
  • The Crystal Lotus deals 10% less damage.
  • Crystal Golems deal 11% less damage.
  • Desert Spitters deal 7% less damage and have 10% less health.
  • Desert Stingers deal 7% less damage.
  • Spine Hunters deal 8% less damage, have 10% less health, and arena pack size scaling has 70% reduced effect on them (from 40%).
  • Spine Hunter Alphas deal 8% less damage.
  • Scarabs deal 5% less damage and their dash has a 2 second cooldown.
  • Scarab Brood Keeper’s dash has a 2 second cooldown.
  • Scarab Riders deal 12% less damage.
  • Gorgons’ Poison Twister deals 17% less damage.
  • Diamond Matrons deals 5% less damage and have 8% less health, and increased the size of their hitbox.
  • Emerald Nagasa have 10% less health, the poison applied by their regular melee attacks has 40% reduced duration (from 30%), and arena pack size scaling has 85% reduced effect on them (from 40%).
  • Gold Elementals deal 10% less damage.
  • Majasa deals 8% less damage and has 3% less health (applies to both phases).
  • Osprix Interceptors deal 6% less damage.
  • Osprix Zealots deal 7% less damage and have 4% less health, and arena pack size scaling has 100% reduced effect on them (from 70%).
  • Ruby Nagasa deal 5% less damage.
  • Ruby Captain Arjani deals 10% less damage.
  • Stormthrower Zael deals 8% less damage.
  • Sapphire Nagasa deal 10% less damage and have 10% less health, and arena pack size scaling has 40% reduced effect on them (from 0%).
  • The Scalebane Swarmkeeper deals 5% less damage.
  • Scalebane Sorcerers deal 9% less damage and have 5% less health.
  • Scalebane Bodyguards now take 95% less damage on block (from 0%) and their shield bash no longer deals negligible damage, but their shield rush deals 40% less damage, and they have 16% less health.
  • Scalebane Bandits deal 6% less damage and have 12% less health.
  • The Scalebane Guildleader deals 5% less damage and has 5% less health (applies to both phases).
  • Scalebane Rogues deal 5% less damage, their flurry attack now has 40% poison chance with each hit (from 30% with the first hit and 100% with the next two), their anti-ranged dash has a 2.5 second cooldown (from 2.2), and arena pack size scaling has 85% reduced effect on them (from 40%).
  • Silver Elementals deal 5% less damage and have 5% less health.

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Chapter 2 & 3 Enemies

  • Added a new enemy to replace Omen’s Eye (and similar) enemies.
  • Festering Cultists deal 5% more damage.
  • Void Leeches deal 10% more damage.
  • Void Centipedes deal 4% more damage.
  • Voidfused Earths deal 6% more damage.
  • Infernal Husks have 5% more health and damage.
  • The Primeval Dragon deals 2% more damage, but has 4% less health.
  • The Void Amalgamation has 4% less health.

Chapter 4, 5, & 6 Enemies

  • Immortal Eyes deal 8% more damage and have 11% more health.
  • Imperial Arbalests deal 6% less damage.
  • Imperial Guards have 26% more health.
  • Imperial Sentries deal 4% less damage.
  • Imperial Watches deal 10% more damage and have 11% more health.
  • Orchirian the Rampant deals 5% more damage and has 5% more health.
  • Wisps deal 5% more damage.

Chapter 7 & 8 Enemies

  • Bitterwings deal 4% less damage.
  • Flame Paladins deal 5% less damage.
  • Giant Crabs have 4% less health.
  • Lobster sharks deal 5% less damage.
  • Lightning elementals deal 5% less damage.
  • Osprix Vanguards deal 4% less damage.
  • Thuluraans deal 6% less damage.
  • Meruna Sirens deal 3% less damage.
  • Skalnir Mercenaries deal 4% less damage.
  • Storm Wisps cast lightning bolts 17% less frequently.
  • Wengari Patriarchs deal 4% less damage.
  • Reduced the size of Ice Elemental packs in the Arena.
  • Lagon is now immune to stun and freeze and cannot be erased in the campaign.

Endgame Bosses

  • God Hunter Argentus deals 5% more damage.
  • Harton’s Husk deals 6% more damage.

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Aim: move power from the block affix to make block a defense that requires a wider source of investments and to curtail the power of certain legendary shields.

  • Reduced the values of the block chance affix by around 14%.
  • Increased the block effectiveness values on the hybrid Block Chance and Effectiveness affix by 20%.
  • Increased the value of the health gained on block affix by around 30% at high tiers
  • The Carapace Shield grants 28% block chance (from 27%).
  • The Ironglass Shield grants 35% block chance (from 33%), but grants 400 to 620 block effectiveness (from 430 to 630).
  • The Dawn shield grants 30% block chance (from 28%).

Damage Taken from Critical Strikes

With the potential to gain more than 50% less damage taken from crits by crafting the suffix onto Uniques that already had the stat, the stat is being changed to “less bonus damage taken from crits”, which naturally caps at 100%. Individual sources are being approximately doubled in value, resulting in the same effect at the standard 200% crit multi.

  • The Less Damage Taken from Critical Strikes suffix has been changed to Less Bonus Damage Taken from Critical Strikes and grants 30% to 100% less bonus damage taken from critical strikes (from 26% to 50% less damage taken from critical strikes).
  • Leviathan Carver grants 70% less bonus damage taken from critical strikes (from 35% less damage taken from critical strikes).


  • The Shrine of the Ice Beetle now always summons just one ice beetle (from 1 to 2 at random).
  • Added The Shrine of the Frozen Hive, which summons 3 to 5 ice beetles.
  • Added another rarer type of shrine.

Other Changes

  • Changed player mouse movement when clicking off the reachable area to sometimes take you to the nearest reachable point to the target location, rather than always taking you in the exact direction that you clicked.
  • Increased player stun chance bonuses to 200% for melee and 100% for non-melee (from 100% for melee and 50% for non-melee).
  • Stunned enemies and minions no longer have their stun duration refreshed by subsequent hits that would stun them. This helps offset the player power gained by the stun chance changes above and reduces awkward long stun animations.
    • This has no effect on guaranteed stuns from skills such as Warcry and Shield Bash.
  • Fixed a bug where Acid Flask was creating 50% more bees than intended.
    • Increased the chance to create Bees that the Acid Flask idol grants to 10%-28% (from 6%-17%).
  • Fixed a bug where the Bees per 10 seconds idol affix would create 50% more bees than intended.
    • Increased the number of Bees that the Bees per 10 seconds idol creates to 3-7 (from 2-4).

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Music & Sound

Player Skills

  • Added a new type of hit sound for abilities that slice enemies.
  • Updated the fire, ice, earth, shrapnel and water types of hit sounds.
  • Revised looping sounds for Devouring Orb.
  • Added new sounds for Entangling Roots.
  • Added new sounds for Erasing Strike.
  • Changed the sound for the Void Beam proc on Erasing Strike.
  • Added a new sound for Fireball.
  • Added a sound for when Flame Reave returns to the player.
  • Improved sounds for Flame Ward.
  • Fixed a bug where Holy Aura’s fire burst sound effect did not trigger every time.
  • Revised sounds for Hungering Souls.
  • Improved cast sound for Maelstrom.
  • Improved sounds for Twisters (Maelstrom node).
  • Updated the sounds for Shadow Cascade.
  • Added sounds to the icicle projectiles from Shatter Strike.
  • Changed hit sounds for Shatter Strike.
  • Changed Shield Rush’s hit sound to match Shield Throw.
  • Added a new cast sound for Sigils of Hope.
  • Spriggan and Werebear Form now have unique footstep sounds.
  • Replaced the sound for casting Discharge (Static).
  • Fixed a bug where hit sounds for Disintegrate emitted from the player’s location rather than the target.
  • Added new sounds for Void Rifts.


  • Updated sounds for enemies in Realm of the Forgotten.
  • Updated vocal sounds for Frozen Wolf, Wengari Hound, Blackwolf and Winternid enemies.
  • Updated some ability sounds for Flame Captain, Frozen Barbarian, Flame Remnant and Necropolis Scavenger enemies.
  • Updated the sound for Abyssal Hunt (void enemy ability).
  • Added an emerge sound for Emerald Nagasa.
  • Added a new death sound for Flame Gryphons.


  • Player ability sounds now reduce the sound of ambient sounds to improve audio clarity.
  • Sounds for when the player is hit are now significantly quieter and have reduced instancing.
  • Improved mixing for Primalist voice lines.
  • Improved music transition in Majasan Heights.
  • Fixed a bug where environmental reverb was triggered by picking up or dropping items even when the sound effects slider was set to 0.
  • Reduced the volume of item pickup/drop reverbs.
  • Implemented a custom EQ profile for Logitech headsets which can be toggled in Settings.

Controller Support

  • The Skills panel and individual skill trees can now be navigated on a controller. The d-pad is used to pick a skill and the left stick will move within a skill tree.
  • Dialog selections can now be make with the d-pad on controller.
  • The Crafting Materials window can now be navigated with a controller.
  • The Shop and Gambler windows can now be navigated with a controller.
  • Quest reward popups can now be dismissed with a controller.
  • Closing a UI window now plays a sound, the same as when using a keyboard.


  • Greatly improved the performance of storing crafting materials (with the Store Crafting Materials button).
  • Improved the performance of enemies or minions starting a movement or attack animation.
  • Improved the performance of opening and closing the Loot Filter window, particularly for filters with lots of rules.
  • Improved the performance of playing hit sounds.
  • Improved the performance of hit flash effects.
  • Improved minimap performance.

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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where Aura of Decay’s Poison Skin would cause the player to be poisoned when hit even while Aura of Decay was not active.
  • Fixed a bug where Black Hole would retain its cold tag when taking both the Armageddon and Red Giant nodes.
  • Fixed the Reaper’s Mark node in Bone Curse extending the duration of Mark for Death incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where Glacier’s Endless Frost node was not doubling the chill chance granted by Glacier’s skill tree.
  • Fixed a bug where Infernal Shade’s Lingering Flames could be triggered by players if also using Devour In Flames (resulting in an infinite duration Infernal Shade that’s attached to nothing and could scale damage infinitely).
  • Fixed a bug where Javelin’s tooltip DPS did not account for converted added damage when taking the Divine Throws node.
  • Fixed a bug where an echoed cast of Javelin with the Battle Standard node would throw multiple additional Javelins.
  • Fixed a bug where if you gained a Maelstrom stack on kill (from the effect of the Gathering Storm node) and the lethal damage was from Maelstrom itself, all subsequent damage and healing from all Maelstrom stacks would be cancelled for 0.5 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where bow Puncture’s mirages from Penumbral Ambush appeared at the wrong location.
  • Fixed a bug where Sacrifice’s Catalyst of Horror node did not cause Sacrifice to chain to other minions unless the player was close to the minions.


  • Fixed a bug where Haruspex Orian was difficult to hit with certain abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where piercing abilities such as Volcanic Orb were destroyed on contact with Spymaster Zerrick.
  • Fixed a bug where Diamond Matrons could move far too fast in some situations.


  • Fixed a bug where you could not get a critical success when crafting with a void penetration shard.
  • Fixed a bug where Defiance of the Forgotten Knight’s “chance to apply time rot to attackers when hit” could trigger when taking non-hit damage.


  • Fixed a visual bug where using an Instant Cast skill played the casting vfx for the last non-instant cast skill you used instead.
  • Fixed a bug where bow Puncture converted to cold or poison would play its base VFX in addition to its converted VFX.
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Ward had no retaliation VFX when converted to cold or lightning.
  • Fixed a bug where Festering Cultists did not have a hit flash effect.
  • Fixed a visual bug where ailment visuals were positioned incorrectly on Sapphire and Ruby Nagasa.
  • Fixed a minor visual bug with the Shade of Orobyss’ large lightning bolt attack.
  • Fixed Desert Stingers from nests having the name “Desert Stringer”.


  • Fixed a bug where Lich’s Harvested Legions and Necromancer’s Dark Retribution passive nodes displayed the incorrect ability tooltip.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the “Board the ship to Soreth’ka” objective pointed to the End of Time on the world map, rather than Thetima.
  • Fixed a bug where the area level display did not increment with the overlay map open or when the player levels up.
  • Fixed a bug where system messages like “Loot Filter Disabled” would be hidden if you disabled English chat messages in settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the maximum number of loot filter rules could be exceeded using the Duplicate Rule button.

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