New Unique Items coming in Eternal Legends Update

Similar to the Sands of Majasa Update, the Eternal Legends Update will bring a large number of new unique items that will either help players during leveling or help create end-game builds. A couple of weeks ago we shared some of the unique items coming to the game in the next update, and last week our backers shared their own awesome and powerful uniques - Death’s Embrace by Heavy, Prismatic Gaze by woozel and Chronostasis by Corax.

The release date for the next update is fast approaching, and we know many of you can’t wait for us to share more about Legendary items - rest assured, we’ll be talking about them very soon. But before we do, let’s take a look at a few more unique items, shall we?

All values are subject to change.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on these new unique items, and it won’t take long. the Eternal Legends Update will be released on December 10th.

Keep an eye on our social media, as we’ll be sharing more about Legendary items and our first Dungeon soon.






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Cant wait to make some new builds! Thanks for the hard work.

i must say two things :

  • First the artwork of those uniques are probably the best i’ve seen in an ARPG so far.

  • Second : can’t wait to loot and try those. Tu’Rani’s Bident has my attention. It seems quite funny to use

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I think it’s not a bad strengthening of the cold SpellBlade through dexterity.

Do I like this!? Yes Yes I Do!

Hazelroot looks so beautiful. I wouldn´t believe its a weapon :smiley: if i didnt see it!

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Yooo those look awesome. Sustain from minion hit and Teleport for spriggan. excited

That’s sick!

sceptre and ring makes me happy great job EHG addressing my love of spriggan buffing me further :stuck_out_tongue:


Snowdrift looks exciting to play with on Primalist and SpellBlade, particularly if paired with Morditas Reach for a DoT frostbite build!

I like that, at least on paper, Tu’Rani’s Bident looks pretty well balanced for both DoT and Crit builds and I’m looking forward to pairing it with Javadin along with Stormtide and Devotion

Snowdrift boots look so nice. Turani’s Bident… I’ll find you just wait.

Absolutely gorgeous artwork on these. Really like the stats on the boots and ring!

cool new items.
just wondering why every unqiue player item for necros is a 2 hander the earlier melee skill based one is 2 hander to.
would have loves a ward option on the above minion health on hit weapon. every one seems to be leaving ward behind i guess. sad.

does anyone know yet if any or all of these uniques for next patch are locked behind empowered mono bosses or are they all random possible drops. thank you

We won’t no till patch, but the creator uniques are not boss drops. They will be a rare or very rare rarity though iirc

All this Electrify and Frostbite support coming in has me very very happy. One of my favorite things to build with is LE’s DoT mechanics. Feels so satisfying to gear up and make things melt.
Can’t wait to see what legendaries bring to the table.

So about the ones with abilities to let me stay perma bug man…