Spears - Polearms Rework

Spears - Polearms Rework

In recent patches, we update the 3D and 2D art of several weapon groups and added powerful implicit affixes to support a wide variety of builds. In the next patch, we are updating more weapon groups such as the polearms.

We’re also making a couple of changes to item type names in 0.8.4. Polearms are being renamed to Spears and maces are no longer sometimes referred to as blunt weapons instead of maces. This changes from “polearms” and “blunt weapons” to “spears” and “maces” is being made for a couple of reasons.

  • When we originally named these item categories, we went with names that had wide scopes that clearly encompassed all their individual base types. However this resulted in the names themselves feeling quite dry and technical, especially blunt weapons, so when choosing the new names we instead decided to prioritise compelling names with a strong fantasy attached.
  • The second reason is that the intentionally wide scope of the original names resulted in ambiguity where they could arguably refer to base types that did not belong to them. In the case of polearms we have items like the Imperial Halberd and Lucerne, which are an axe and mace respectively (they work better with those animations), but in a real world sense they are polearms and many other games categorise them as such. Meanwhile blunt-weapons could be understood as also including sceptres and staves, especially as the name is stylistically different to something like “swords” or “axes” and so could easily be misconstrued as referring to a larger category of items.

For both new names there will be more cases where the item type doesn’t perfectly describe an individual base type, such as Spear for Trident or Mace for Pick Hammer. However we believe that this style of naming convention for these item types is common enough in RPGs that this won’t trip many people up, and if someone is unsure about an item’s item type it is better if that confusion is just not knowing what it is (e.g. “what is a club? Is it a mace or something else?”), than mistakenly believing that it’s the wrong item type (e.g. “I’m guessing that Lucerne is a Polearm”).

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of our new Spear weapons, which you will be able to find in 0.8.4.

Sun Spear


Ice Spear

Coiled Bident

Dragonslayer Glaive

Deicide Lance

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Like the look of that Deicide Lance!

That looks very good!
And I hope the Naginata is still here…

Wow, that trident tho… a lot of crit multiplier haha.

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Wow these looks freaking awesome!! Excited for these. I hope there is a nice juicy poison one for my serpent strike beast master :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Imagine that base on Trident of the last Abyss

There is one: Coiled Bident

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Nice, surely gonna try them out :point_up:

I missed that one for e me :sweat_smile: have to sneak peaks on my phone while at work. That one does look good though

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Deicide looks juicy for my Zeus Jav build :smiley: although I’m still sad that there’s only a single spear with global +crit (Bronze Glaive), all others being +melee crit, almost makes me wonder if that was a mistake lol


(p.s. I think that’s just “spear” … :slight_smile: )

Will there be one with some nice Throwing mods for a Javelin build, or maybe Lightning for specifically the Divine Throwers?

Glad to see the implicits being opened up for spears to make them more varied and compatible with various builds!

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Wtf Trident 159% crit multi? :smiley: Also Ice Spear … but only one cold melee skill in the whole game - Shatterstrike. I hope you adds some more cold based melee skills to LE. Thanks for your hard work guys!

Most melee skills have a lot of % melee or % generic damage modifiers in their tree so the Ice Spear adding flat cold damage is unlikely to be an issue unless you want to do something like a fire hit damage Flame Reave, in which case you’d use a different weapon.

Well there’s already Odachi sword, giving up to 170 crit damage (hope it will stay in 0.8.4). both weapons are pretty equal at power.

Also to add on to what Llama mentioned you can be cold based melee without using a “cold” tag skill. For example Swipe has 100% added dmg effectiveness and mostly % increased hit damage/melee dmg in the skill tree. Then you can use Shaman passives for cold dmg and penetration and skills like war cry which gives 250% increased cold dmg. So you’re damage is 100% cold but the skill just doesn’t have the cold tag.

Hey nice! Does this mean, spears now also get a propper attack animation? No more slashing with spears?

You can slash with a spear, just like you can slash with the tip of a sword, it’ll just be less effective than stabby stabby.

That’s the plan, however it is not certain it will be ready for 0.8.4.

On a different note, no one still noticed the new zone tease… :honeybee: