New Rogue Skill - Umbral Blades

It’s no secret that the Primalist is getting a lot of attention in the Eternal Legends Update - a complete Druid mastery overhaul in addition to a new core skill. However, the Primalist is not the only character with an expanding arsenal. Eternal Legends is bringing a new Rogue skill into the game - Umbral Blades. Let’s take a closer look.

Umbral Blades - Skill

Umbral Blades is joining the ranks of quick, spammable, low mana cost Rogue skills, and is aimed at fulfilling the fantasy of masterfully throwing daggers (or swords) at your enemies. It is a 3-step combo ability. First, you throw 2 piercing blades at your enemies, next you throw 4 more, and finally on the 3rd step, you recall all of your blades back into your hands, hitting enemies along the way. Umbral Blades pairs perfectly with the Rogue’s high mobility and proper positioning as the key to success.

Note: Skill icon is not finalized.

Umbral Blades skill is using tech we developed for the Majasa boss battle, where she sends out the blood pools, then turns all these pools into orbs and float back to her. In fact, this sparked the initial idea for this new Rogue skill. We felt that recalling your abilities is something that can be really fun to play with, offers a different playstyle, and rewards correct positioning more than other throwing skills. After extensive testing, we are happy to introduce this skill to our players.

Umbral Blades is a new 3-step combo throwing skill

Umbral Blades - Example Nodes

Specialization trees offer a variety of powerful nodes to support different playstyles. If you wish to utilize the complex behavior of this skill or you want to simplify the interaction, there is something you will like.

Skill tree offers poison and cold conversion to support a variety of builds

Recalled blades now target enemies around them, instead of returning to you

Explosive blades with cold conversion in action

Cacophony of Steel with poison conversion.

Eternal Legends Update is packed with new content and improvements and there is still a lot we will share with our community. So stay tuned for more updates coming your way very soon. :wink:



Moar throwing skillz!


Yep…i like this one :slight_smile:

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So. Many. Build. Opportunities.

Feels like a mine-based theme goin on with this one, between Explosive Blades & Cacophony of Steel… I like it.

. . , - :+1:

Скилл огонь! Спасибо!

Love this :exploding_head:

Oh such a versitile skill ! It is a normal throwing skill and can be traps and whirling blades, cold conversion is also nice. I like it !

Теперь я знаю кого будешь делать после патча :smiley:

i cant take it, too many builds for 0.8.4!

I hope you will change it. I think it doesn’t fit ‘dagger throwing’ theme and rather looks like an arrow to me.

We will change it. It’s not the final icon.

Probably not easy to play well. Interesting! A first taste of the Falconer?

I like that it has a trapper playstyle option! Skill looks like a lot of fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looks awesome. I hope it has an interaction with the shadow daggers mechanic, seems like an obvious choice

So if I understand correctly, Shadow blade (umbral blade used by shadows) will not leave a blade in the ground but deals 300%inc dmg right ?

Also would there be any limit on the number of blades that can be in the ground at any given time (aside from the duration) ? Does the 3 attack combo reset if there are no blades in the ground ?

Also does the Bladestorm return to you along with the umbral blade (the gif doesn’t show return) ?

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This looks amazing, awesome ability with the ability to pick up an Ares boon and even the Artemis duo boon for all you Hades fans out there :slight_smile:

Realy looking forward to this skill, even though there is not much “direct dmg” support for it with the class (same as for shurriken). And another thing ive seen with a few other skills… why make only the added dmg from the tree covert instead of also the added dmg from gear, so throwing dmg affixes dont feel as small as they do right now. Like making shurriken look like lightning but still having physical scaling and the added dmg like fire or physical from the affixes remaining the same. No critique just putting this out there :slight_smile: much love


I feel like rogue was mimicking things from Hades. I especially feel it in puncture.