Entangling Roots - Skill Rework

We hope all you Druid fans loved the unveiling of our new Werebear design in the Werebear Blog. We are thrilled to have you back again for our next reveal. We are eager to share our full vision for the future of the Druid Mastery, and all the exciting changes coming your way before the end of the year.

Today marks day two of our Druid Development Week, so stay tuned in the coming days to catch even more great news! See the full schedule below. Today, we will be focusing on the Druid’s skill - Entangling Roots.

Entangling Roots - Rework

While redesigning the Druid as a whole, we knew we needed to elevate one of his skills into the Mastery-locked section of his passive tree. After some consideration we felt that thematically, Entangling Roots fit this spot very well. By elevating the skill in this way, we also knew we had to elevate the power, visuals, and impact of the skill across the board to make sure it was worth committing to. We are thrilled to share with you the results of that work below.


We wanted to keep the core fantasy of rooting large groups of enemies while also being open to changing other aspects. We quickly came across 3 design challenges.

  • Currently it created too much visual noise by being a large persistent area of effect, and this was a major barrier to bringing its VFX up to our latest quality standards as it had a negative impact on performance.
  • In it’s current form, Entangling Roots simply slowed enemies rather than completely immobilizing them resulting in them doing a slow walking animation that again did not hold up to our standards.
  • New enemies walking onto the skill’s area were also effectively rooted. This often created a pile-up effect as enemies were all stopping at the edge of the skill’s effected area. This made it harder to solve as completely immobilizing the enemies exacerbates the pile-up effect.

To combat visual noise it made sense to avoid leaving a persistent visual effect on the ground for the full duration of the root. From a mechanical perspective, losing the persistent ground effect would have the added benefit of preventing the pile up issue, as no new enemies could be rooted after the initial cast. As such, we changed the skill from having a persistent ground effect to having an initial impact that left enemies immobilized, while also suffering damage over time.

From a visual perspective, this meant we could focus the roots visuals around individual enemies, allowing us to increase the prominence of the roots without causing too much visual noise and increase their visual fidelity without sacrificing performance.

The end result is a fresh take on a classic Druid-themed skill that we are very proud to share with our community. We hope you enjoy exploring this newly energized skill and its brand new skill tree full of unique decisions and powerful changes.

Nodes Examples

The skill specialization tree is also getting a complete overhaul with a wide variety of options for different druid playstyles. Enjoy a taste of what Entangling roots skill has to offer!

Values have been omitted as we are still balancing the skill.







Thank you for joining us for this reveal of the changes coming to the Entangling Roots skill in Patch 0.8.4. We hope you enjoy the new direction for the Druid and, as always, would love to hear your feedback in the comments! We hope you join us again soon to check out the exciting updates coming to the Druid’s most adaptive transformation - the Spriggan.

Here is a peek at what you can expect this week!

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2nd November - Entangling Roots Rework
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Oh wow the new animation(s) for this are AMAZING. I love it.

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Taking away the persistent effect means you should lower the mana cost. 40 is way too high. IMHO.


Congrats on animations, i rhink this is your new standard now hahaha, i am so happy u realized how important they are :slight_smile:

This looks incredible! Love some more totem interactions for Druid as well.

One thing I do notice is that this seems like a suped up version of Upheaval and it has me hoping that Upheaval has some really cool skill nodes to differentiate it from Roots more than just it being melee while roots is a spell.

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Big Hype but Tomorrow EHG dont disappoint. im watching


I’m curious to know how this will function for controller users?

They are quite different, but will have things that interact between them.


Sees all the buffs to totem builds that Entangling Roots can give shamans who are built around totems, then sees it’s mastery locked with these changes :cry:


Loving the look of this. So many things to try out.

Since we’re also updating the Druid passive tree, it’s very possible that there will be more minion or even totem nodes on there.


Will Shaman’s be getting more to strengthen their stance as totem masters? Or are totems becoming more of a primalist centric thing rather than a shaman centric thing?

Are totems and vines going to be able to MOVE in 8.4?!

Shaman won’t be the focus this patch, but we will very likely buff totems in general.


I’ve PM’d the typos…

Looks much nicer than the current version, but I agree with Zaodon that the mana cost seems too high on paper.

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Druid does end up with a ton of mana late game. I do agree it should start lower though with the changes.

I’m sure there will be some mana cost reduction nodes.

Yeah, it depends how it plays.

Cold shred :thinking: interesting… not something very prominent but I would like to see more of…

I love to read the reasons behind the new way it’s done. Thanks for sharing this!
The result looks awesome, I have Druids ready to play it


Hopefully it just doesn’t just change the mana gain to Rage gain :sweat_smile: