New Unique and Set items coming in Patch 0.8.4

Last week we shared details about the upcoming changes to the Druid Mastery and revealed the deadly Swarmblade. If you missed that news, be sure to check it out here. We have plenty more big reveals up our sleeve so stay tuned in the following weeks. Today we are taking a look at a few Primalist and Sentinel specific unique items coming in patch 0.8.4.

All values are subject to change.

We have much more to talk about in the upcoming weeks, including crafting changes and mysterious Legendary items, so make sure to follow along:



The visuals are insane!
And very interesting items!

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Multistrike CoC Lets GO!

Whoever it was complaining about Lunge not being a proper movement skill is going to be happy at least…

Good thing that set dagger isn’t 1% flat crit chance for totems per Attunement (& that it’s not an axe so the Primalist can’t DW them)…

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Visual are amazing if only they looked the same when u open your inventory

That sword looks so damn nice!

Very interesting stats.

Some interesting items here. I really like the look of the Phoenix axe and the totem dagger.

Is there a way to kill your companions so that I can proc the item? That buff looks so juicy!

Yo! These are pretty exciting. Very curious about how and why I would want Int on my primalist :thinking:

No one ever crafts “All Attributes” now. Maybe they will start to.

Doesn’t seem like you would get enough to make a difference. Maybe we will have too see lol.

Edit: if that is flat it would be strong. Other than that I would like to see ot as attunement

It is flat. It’s got the “+1% Critical Strike chance” verbiage, not the “1% increased critical strike chance” verbiage.

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I was hoping that wasn’t a typo cause that would be great. Now we might have a use for Ucenui’s Sphere

Yes! Just get to 150+ arena waves :laughing:


Absolutely love the totem set! I can’t help but notice that both Ferebor’s Chisel and Hakar’s Phoenix have melee damage for minions/totems. Are we getting a totem that deals melee damage besides Claw Totem procs from Swipe/Summon Bear?


Hopefully this patch will have fixes for broken skills.

Well if you wear the dagger and ring together it looks like you get a nice juicy 15% Base crit chance. If they based it off attunement you would get alot more since attunement is in the passive trees.

However as being int. It looks like its 1 more way for the crows to buff us up with there generous int giving. 100% crit totems now going to be easy peasy.

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haha new build incoming for 8.4? XD

Already got some juicy build ideas! Ooo and nice art!

Yo I forgot all about that. Poggers. This has increased my excitement level