New Primalist Skill coming in Patch 0.8.4 - Upheaval

As you may have already noticed, our Primalist is getting a lot of love in patch 0.8.4. Not only is his Druid Mastery going through a complete overhaul, but he is also getting some new, powerful baseline tools added to his kit. Today, the new Primalist skill Upheaval is making its smashing reveal to our community, so hold on to your boots and lets get into the details below.

Upheaval - Skill

Upheaval is a powerful, semi-spammable ground slam ability. It will do decent amount of damage and have a medium mana cost. With the announced removal of Ice Thorns, Upheaval will be stepping in to fill its empty skill slot. This means that moving forward, upheaval will be an early and core addition to the Primalist theme and leveling experience.


We knew that the visuals of Upheaval needed to feel impactful for our players. We started by adding some additional screen shake, then we added another ‘slam’ visual object right when the Primalist’s weapon hits the ground.

The visual design of Upheaval also presented us with the opportunity to create a new visual skill-tool: Decals over a trail. This is a design tool that drops visual-decals every 1.5 units which results in a repeated trail of decals. This design truly realized the desired visuals for Upheaval, and we will certainly be using it to shape other future skills in Last Epoch.

Upheaval is a powerful melee attack with a solid range.

Upheaval - Example Nodes

Upheaval specialization tree offers a wide variety of powerful nodes to support many different builds. Here are a couple highlights from the brand new Upheaval skill tree. We can't wait to see the earth-shaking creations from our community once they get a hold of the full skill tree.

Values have been omitted as we are still balancing the skill.



The cold version of Upheaval cast by totem.




Excavating blow with Tectonic Slam obliterating enemies.



Upheaval will be joining the Primalist’s skill kit before the end of the year with patch 0.8.4. For those keeping score in the community, that means you’ll have patch 0.8.4 in your hands in no more than 46 days from now.

In that time you’ll be hearing from us a lot. In fact, we’ve barely scratched the surface in revealing what all is coming your way. We have more blog posts, feature reveals, announcements, and trailers heading your way in the coming weeks - so stay tuned for all the news for our Ete… oops, to patch 0.8.4!



Nice another totem to add to the list :slight_smile: .

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Looks good, though I’m a bit surprised that Ice Thorns isn’t being replaced with a spell.

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Everyone start the conspiracies now!

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Love the natural weapons node. Always liekd stuff, that gives you benefits on using specific weapons.

So Eternity Cache News next?!

It’s interesting that the Ancestral Weaponry passive gives flat lightning damage with a staff (& flat cold with a 2h mace).

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Nice, now I can play my Slam Zerker in LE instead of PoE. Actually has me pumped!

God that looks so much cooler than Ice Thorns.

Eterra? I hope it’s Eterra.

That skill looks amazing. The visual design with the proper screen shakes etc make the skill feel powerful.

I really hope we get to go to the least touched timeline next for story. I’m thinking primalist does fit in with that timelines theme and with all these primalist changes, I’m getting hyped for it.

Looking solid, definitely going to theory craft some Frostbite stacking with Ice Peaks. Although a little worried about the potential mana cost of Excavating Blow, it might fall into the same problem Puncture’s Penumbral Ambush has where the mana cost is far too high for the additional clear it provides while also not having any improvement on single target.
Also hoping Shockwave can be converted as well. That’d be fun.

Has my bet.

Looks amazing! Nodes shown here have me really excited to play with this skill.

Since this is replacing Ice Thorns does that mean that you won’t be able to play a spell damage primalist while leveling until you have 15 points in the base tree to get Maelstrom? I guess that’s not much different than current because it wasn’t really practical to use Ice Thorns as main damage source even while leveling…

Maelstrom will be unlocked much earlier in 0.8.4


I wonder if it will have spell conversion nodes :thinking:


If there’s not a spell conversion node in the tree, gotta say that I will be disappointed and will have questions about shaman as a spell casting mastery all together. A lot of synergy with Earthquake and the new totem might be nice but outside of that, meh. (From a shaman perspective)


Very nice!
As Ice Thorns was at very low mana cost I hoped for another leveling skill at low cost, but this looks very cool and I’m happy to play it!

This attacks can scale with Attack Speed??
Like old Sunder from PoE…
If yes looking to play Aspect Of The Shark Upheaval in next patch

My Primalists still tug at me every 5 minutes [they can’t read].

I then always read very slowly and try not to report anything bad.

So far they are still halfway bearable, sitting comfortably around the campfire and sharpening their blades.

However, I have not dared to offer them a bar of soap and point to the pool until today.

When the gang finally leaves satisfied I get a few hawks and wild grizzly bears in, but that’s no problem, they are much tamer and easier to handle.

It goes forward.

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I always like this type of skills
I hope it is powerful!

It doesn’t have a cooldown, so yes.