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Legendary Items and Eternity Cache

Legendary Items

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Legendary item dev blog!

Legendary items in Last Epoch have evolved heavily since we first concepted them a few years ago. We are very excited to say that you will be forging your own legend by completing the first dungeon and creating a Legendary item of your own.

A Legendary item is a composite item made up of a unique and exalted item. You however may not use just any unique and exalted item, it requires specific criteria to be met.

Legendary Potential

Unique items can now drop with a new property called Legendary Potential. This is a new stat that ranges from 0 to 4 and determines the unique’s ability to be transformed into a Legendary Item in the Eternity cache.

High Level Uniques will generally drop with no or with low Legendary Potential.

Low level unique items will generally roll with more Legendary Potential than end game uniques. Finding a low level unique with 4 legendary potential will still be very rare, but not as astronomically unlikely as finding an Omnis with 4 legendary potential.

Low-level uniques have much higher chance of rolling high Legendary Potential.

How do I get a Legendary Item?

To create the Legendary Item, you need a Unique Item with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item of the same type with 4 unsealed affixes. This means that you can use any exalted, 4 affix Shield to create a Legendary Bastion of Honour.

To create a Legendary Item, you need a Unique Item with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item of the same type with 4 unsealed affixes.

It takes time to forge a legend into the record books. So, you’ll have to employ a new mechanic in our Temporal Sanctum dungeon to create a Legendary Item.

At the end of the dungeon, you will be rewarded with the ability to access the Eternity Cache in 2 different eras. You place your two items into the cache in the past and when you return to it in the future you will be greeted with your new Legendary item. Legendary Potential determines how many affixes will be extracted and transferred from the Exalted item into your Unique - making it Legendary.

Process of creation of a Legendary Item in the Eternity Cache

The Legendary Item we have just created

Goals of the System

When designing our loot system in general, we quite often look for ways to make loot drops exciting. You may have noticed that a large number of unique items are going largely unused. Many of them have very cool mechanics on them but they just lack the stats that end game items have. So, we wanted a way to bring some of these items into a spot where they have the potential to become something amazing.

We didn’t want to completely invalidate exalted items as a rare and exciting drop to get so we decided that we would incorporate exalteds in as an ingredient needed to make a Legendary item. Another big advantage here is that it doesn’t invalidate our crafting system. We wanted to make sure that this would feel like a natural extension of the current crafting system rather than a replacement.

One thing we have felt that we were missing was multiple large drops which fit together. Where you can see tangible progress towards one super item. This system combines multiple drops into a more powerful whole in a directed way. Making this is the most number of different items we’ve ever had to get really excited about dropping.

We are very excited to see all of the very powerful, and perhaps some not so powerful, Legendary Items that you all create. We know there are some unexpected and fun builds that are waiting to be unleashed with the addition of Legendary Items.


Can I use an exalted item with only 2 affixes on it to improve my chances of pulling the right affix?

No, it doesn’t matter how much Legendary Potential the unique item has, the exalted item must always have exactly 4 unsealed affixes.

Can I use an exalted item with a sealed affix and is that affix able to be moved to a Legendary item? Can I use an Exalted item with 3 regular affixes and 1 sealed affix?

You may use an exalted item with a sealed affix. The Eternity Cache ignores sealed affixes. The exalted item must always have exactly 4 unsealed affixes, regardless if it has a sealed affix or not.

What is the difference between a sealed and unsealed affix?

Sealed affixes are a new type being added in 0.8.4 which are the product of the new crafting support item Glyph of Despair. It is essentially an extra 5th immutable affix.

Do tiers of mods on the exalted item weight which mods get transferred to the legendary item?

No, each affix has the same chance to be chosen. Get them all up as high as you can before you use it.

Can I use an exalted item with 0 remaining Forging Potential?

Yes! So make sure to get those affix tiers up as high as possible before using it. This also means that you can use a Rune of Creation on a particularly epic exalted item to get 2 shots at making the Legendary of your dreams.

Does level requirement of a Legendary item go up to the level of the exalted item?

Yes, the item level is recalculated based on the affixes brought over.

Will my existing uniques gain Legendary Potential?

Sorry, no. You’ll have to hunt down some new ones.

Do I have to bring the unique and exalted item with me into the dungeon?

No, there is a stash in the Eternity Cache room.

Can I do any more crafting on the Legendary Item after it’s been made?

No, we currently don’t have and don’t plan to add any way for you to further improve Legendary Items after they are made. This isn’t set in stone but it’s unlikely to change.

What exactly affects the amount of Legendary Potential that a unique item gets?

Being in a higher level zone is the only thing that you can do to increase the chances of getting Legendary Potential on an item that drops. If a certain zone has a higher chance to drop the specific unique you are looking for and is a couple levels lower than an alternative zone, it’s probably better to farm where more of that unique drops. This might not always be true but don’t expect to frequently find even 3Leg uniques in a level 100 zone. These high potential items are very rare.

Can a Legendary Item be reforged as a unique into a new Legendary using a new exalted item?

No, only unique items may be placed in the Eternity Cache with an exalted.

Do all unique items drop with at least 1 Legendary Potential?

No, most unique items will not drop with any Legendary Potential. Each unique item is eligible to drop with some amount of Legendary Potential but it is far from guaranteed.

Can Set Items have Legendary Potential?

No, only unique items.

Do unique items get their affixes re-rolled when you convert them to a Legendary?

No, the affixes already on the unique item are unaffected by the process.

Is there a limit of the number of Legendary Items that I can equip?

No, you can have Legendary items in every slot which has uniques and matching exalted items available.

What is the exact % chance of a unique having Legendary Potential?

It varies based on which unique and what level zone you are in. We don't plan on releasing the exact formula at this time.

What happens if I put a class specific affix onto a non-class specific unique?

If a Legendary Item has any class specific affixes on it, that item becomes class specific.

What happens if I put a class specific affix onto a different class specific unique?

This is the one exception to the requirements. This would result in an unusable item and the cache won't let you put those items in. We won't let you make an unusable item.



BIG like my HP on my 6K druid. love the hard work and additions to endgame gearing. keep up great work

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Damn…Mike comes prepared with a FAQ. Probably all that experience of answering questions on Discord and the dev streams. :laughing:


I may have known this was dropping right before my stream.


Was anything ever mentioned about class affixes and legendaries? Maybe I missed it, but would like some info on this.

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Looks amazing guys!!

HUGE power spike. Excited to have more min maxing available at end game!

I’m a gambling man myself, it also explains two out of the three new chase crafting items I see :sunglasses:

Looks great, could you please clarify what is sealed / unsealed affixes?

I’m extremely excited to proclaim Vipertail as the best belt ever even more now.

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Check out the crafting dev blog for more info on it


Господи, спаси и сохрани разабов! Я предсказал всё до мельчайших деталей! Прям как и хотел! СПАСИБО!


Legendaries are nice and makes even not so good exalted items still useful. I like it but are you not afraid that it would make even lvl 100 monos too easy? Don’t we need some more difficult end game content suitable for these new powerful items?

Also - is there a limit as to how many legendaries can be equiped at the same time?

This is such an interesting system. Exalteds were already really dynamic as chase items. This just adds a whole new layer… :open_mouth:

I was super excited about this until I realized that it won’t allow you to get +level of skills affixes on unique chest pieces still since most good unique chest armors are on bases that can’t be exalted. Are there any plans to address this issue?

I like the system, but what is missing for me or at least i feel its missing is that there is no punishment for greediness at the end, like pushing your item even further and than couse of it u can breake it (something like corruption in POE) i think it would fit perfectly here in the form of puting legendary that u crafted one more time in eternety cache to get one more time possible impicitit, to lose it or to break it compleatly

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You only need an exalted chest armour. Its subtype doesn’t matter at all

What is the % chance to for a unique when it drops to have Legendary Potential?

Very interesting!
I’m also very curious to see what can of weird items we can create, and what funny builds can emerge.
And no more info about the Dungeons. Are we going to see them during the stream?