Legendary Items - What We Know So Far

I’ve collected all the information I could find about legendary items and placed it within this post. As more information becomes available about legendaries I’ll be sure to add it here – at least until its own dedicated developer blog is released. If I’ve missed anything please let me know and I’ll be sure to include it.

I’ve also created similar threads for the following:

Here is what we were told about legendary items in the 0.8.4 & beyond dev blog:


Since then Mike has answered various questions pertaining to legendary items during the dev streams. I’ve gathered all these below – transcribing them to the best of my ability, but I’ve also provided links (if the dev stream is accessible on their YouTube channel) or timestamps (if the video is still only accessible on Twitch) for all the content if you’d rather watch Mike answer them.

October 8, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 15, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 22, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 29, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 5, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 12, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 19, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 26, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - Twitch

Legendary Items & Eternity Cache Dev Blog


One mistake I know I made in all that was the minimum number of affixes. Right now it is possible to get a 3 affix legendary. Only one of them and you’d have to intentionally do it.

I double checked and the max right now is 12 on one specific legendary.


Sounds like the intentional bad rewards you were talking about from dungeons :stuck_out_tongue:

Which peopel will complain about.

Nah, it’ll be fine. It’s not like you are being forced to pick a bad blessing or something. You would really have to try to make a 3 affix legendary. You would know for sure that it was happening before you start.

May I introduce you to the internet? People will complain about anything and everything. And I’m British, I’m good at complaining!

So the Blessings have sometime to do with Legendaries?

As a French guy, please permit me to laugh!
No, sorry, we should never laugh at beginners, we should encourage them.
Keep it up! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just because I’m too polite to complain out loud doesn’t mean I’m not complaining in my head. Out loud I’ll be tutting disapprovingly while frowning because this is the proper thing to do. Not everything has to involve screaming at the top of your voice & getting all emotional.

I’m certainly not waving a white flag while eating cheese.

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My interest is definitely peaked, and the game does need more things to chase once you get to 100 with most of your blessings done.

The only thing that concerns me from the sounds of the legendaries is the possible introduction of a starting point of power creep.

Right now the balancing between what is available, high corruption mobs, and survivability is very well balanced imho. I trust that a lot of thought and testing has gone into introducing more powerful items without an equippable limit.

Introducing things with increased power without counter balancing could start us on the slippery path of constant “patch tinker balancing”, and most of us have seen what that looks like in another popular arpg.

I think he was more making a joke. That we will have to intentionally work hard to make a 3 affix legendary. Unlike blessing were we are forced to pick one that may be bad for our build :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Wxcuse me but what do u mean by game is perfectly balanced? Some builds can reach 800coruption some can barely sustain 100, some can speed run through maps killing everything with huge AOE, others have only few targets on their disposal. Did i miss something here?

I never said it was perfectly balanced. I said I thought it was VERY WELL BALANCED, that is not the same thing. I’m not sure if you are asking a genuine question, or trolling, so I will give the benefit of the doubt here and attempt to answer the perceived genuine question.

I don’t think in a complex game where players can choose their builds there is ever going to be such a thing as “perfect” balance. All the devs can do is make what they perceive to be a collection of average/common builds and balance those against the incoming damage; and I think they have done a great job of this.

As far as some builds doing 800 corruption and others 100, well that is down to the individual builds. Obviously every build has its individual capabilities. I personally play what I think to be well rounded builds aiming at the “middle of the road”. I prefer being on the tanky side of things rather than speedy glass cannons. I’d rather die less and go slower at higher corruption.

The beauty of a game like LE is that each player can pick builds that suit their play styles, or indeed make up their own.

The scenario you pose has little to do with dev balancing. Someone could quite easily make what “experts” would see as a terrible build, but one which that player might enjoy. The fact that it gets trashed at 250+ corruption has nothing to do with general balance, and more to do with bad mathematics and build making skills. Also, 800 corruption that you mention is hardly a typical amount of corruption. I think that pretty much most of the builds in these forums would get trashed often at 800 corruption. Again, that has little to do with balance, and more to do with a sense of sado masochism.

Also, “speed running” is subjective as well. I get your meaning, but this is more akin to something from PoE than LE. Some builds are built to combat single target, some AoE, some a hybrid. Some are Arena specific, some are Mono specific, some are hybrid.

In fact, the more I try to reply sincerely, the more difficult this is becoming. I am failing to see the purpose of your reply other than it being purely rhetorical. Perhaps you could elaborate on any question you are trying to ask of me in reply to my previous post, if indeed there is a question?

Man chill out it was a simple question, u are overcomplicating with your answer and u are being rude in some parts i do not have any desire to go in disvussion with u

Post was updated with some minor information from the latest dev stream.

However, we did get several spoilers. In patch 0.8.4 you’ll be able to see what ailments and the number of ailment stacks that are currently on the target, as shown below:

A new enemy was shown off:

And there’s more leaks :open_mouth: – in the Dungeons & Crafting Updates threads.


I am really sad, that I sometimes can’t join the devs stream.

But that new enemy type gives me some strong WH40K vibes!

Purge the unclean!

It does look a bit Nurgle-y.

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Ya, this stream was definitely un- :honeybee: -lievable, especially Mike’s entrance on camera. :rofl:

It’s totally worth going back to see. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great work @EHG_Mike !


OMG I completely missed this in the dev stream. That’s awesome!

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All threads were updated with the relevant questions & answers from the latest dev stream on November 5. So be sure to check out the Dungeons and Crafting Updates threads as well if you’re interested.

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All threads were updated with the relevant questions & answers from the latest dev streams on November 12 & 19. Be sure to check out the Dungeons and Crafting Updates threads as well if you’re interested, though the crafting updates dev blog was released so that thread won’t be receiving any further updates.

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