Gambling in this game feels so bad

I just wasted about 1.5 million gold trying to gamble a unique item of “common” rarity. I admit I didn’t know what I was getting into. I also admit that gambling means that sometimes you are a big loser. Thats fine. Whats not fine is feeling like a big loser. I am not going to play that build I wanted now that I turned my wealth from 1.5 million to nothing. In fact I don’t feel like playing the game at all. Collecting that amount of gold to throw on gambling again when there is probably a much higher probability to get this item of “common” rarity by just playing. Yea the gambling feature to get uniques really doesn’t work.

It did make me feel nostalgic about trading though. Imagine a mechanic where you know from the get go what the price of a desired item is and all you need to do is pay it instead of clicking hundreds of times and ending with nothing. Damn…

And yes, it is said specifically that this item can be gambled, I am not trying to get something boss-specific. I am sure someone will mention that.

This feedback has been given numerous times, you may find it useful/informational to browse some of these threads to see if you missed something or learn strategies to gambling. You will also find some ways others have suggested to improve the experience, where you can voice your thoughts on that as well.


IMO, gambling in this game only leaves you “feeling like a loser” when you come into it with an improper perspective - with an expectation that you will get the item you want. Not for nothing, but 1.5m gold is nothing when it comes to gambling. But you clearly had the expectation somewhere inside you that it would be enough to guarantee the unique you wanted, and you feel bad because your expectation wasn’t met. That feeling sucks, but the game did not create that expectation - you did. Any gambling system is going to end with you feeling this way if you keep using them with inappropriate expectations.


Ok then what amount should one spend for the expectation? you say 1.5 million is nothing, 10 million? 50 million? 100? 300? 800? a billion? I am now up to OVER 4 billion gold spent trying to chance a smokeweaver on a minimum item level rogue. Its not even the fact that im rolling poinards over and over and not getting the item, I am hitting reroll, 500 coins a pop and spending 96%+ of my money on getting the chance to see the damn base. So in all honesty thats above 4 billion gold, just on trying to see a damn poinard, not even a chance at the item.


4 billion seems way excessive

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You should have no expectation at all that you will ever get it.

You’re gambling. That’s what that means.


I think the real problem is not even gambling per se. It’s a given that gambling is “bad” or “difficult”, a proverbial dead end. What’s less expected is when a item in your next build is classified as a “chase”. If you don’t agree with that special status (e.g. it’s not even top meta anymore), it can feel arbitrary. If the item enables an entire build or archetype you hoped to try (e.g. low-life), it can feel like being told “you are playing incorrectly”.

No, not really. If you do the maths (or get tunk’s site to do it for you) you can definitely have a reasonable expectation to have it within a certain amount spent, you just not a guarantee.

For example, if you were lvl 52 (the lvl for the unique), you’d have a reasonable expectation to see 10 Smoke Weavers in 1,000 attempts (which I assume is clicks of the refresh button + purchases of any poignard bases that pop up). By the time you’re lvl 100, that drops to 4 (due to more bases being available and polluting the pool of bases available).

Given that infrequent “drop rate” I can understand it being able to go a lot longer without seeing one, though 4 billion god does push the boundaries of being smote by RNGesus.

“Hoping to recoup is what ruins a gambler” – Irish proverb


I don’t think that expectation is reasonable. I understand what you’re saying and where it’s coming from, but my opinion is and will firmly remain that any expectation of getting an outcome you want from an RNG system is not reasonable. No matter how statistically unlikely an outcome it is for someone to (ostensibly) spend 4 billion gold gambling for a Smoke Weaver, it is not impossible, and it’s going to happen to somebody.

I am not sure if you are understanding this, I am using a minimum level rogue to lower the pool of items, so lvl 52. I have spent over 4 billion on just trying to see the base of the item, not the item itself. A good analogy would be, you have a 1% chance to get something if you buy it, now you also only have a 5% chance be allowed to chance it per store visited. As LLAMA8 said. you should have a reasonable expectation to see 10 smokeweavers in 1,000 attempts, the problem is you are NOT being allowed to even have those attempts. I have gone over 700 rerolls before seeing a poinard, thats 700 rerolls multiplied by 500 gold just to have a chance at then having a 1% chance of an item. The base of the item is way to far removed from the item itself so it is screwing your chances of ever getting it. The base item needs to be 50-60… not 4, there should never be an item that is underbased like that.

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I understand perfectly. I am just not sympathetic to any expectation that the use of a random gambling system should guarantee that you get an item you want on a long enough timeline.

Smoke Weaver is an extreme outlier and trying to gamble for it sucks. I get it. That doesn’t change my opinion that setting wrong expectations and then blaming the game is inappropriate.


We can agree to disagree, even gambling on the lottery is simplified by throwing enough money at it to overcome the mechanic. There should never be a mechanic in the game that makes something quite literally impossible to obtain.

No it isn’t. lol. Come on dude.

There isn’t a mechanic in the game that makes something “quite literally impossible to obtain”. That is hyperbole in the extreme, and your singular experience and frustration is not evidence of a design problem that needs to be solved.

On the other side of the coin, I have two Smoke Weavers, both random drops that I put no effort into. I don’t even play a Rogue. With a line of thinking not too dissimilar to yours, I could interpret that to mean that it is, in fact, too easy to get one.

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Ok first point, yes it is, literally by throwing money at it you increase your chances, until it becomes 100%, the amount of tickets would be 292,201,338. but thats for the perfect jackpot not including all the partial and small ones you would win,

Second point by your own logic it is NOT a hyperbole in the extreme as you said expectation, as in your expectation to EVER see the item even if you spent unlimited money should have a chance to not be met. Just because you have 2 smokeweavers just means you got lucky on the lottery twice with a couple of tickets. Dont forget that this is not just 4 billion in gold, its a retarded amount of maps run with no smokeweavers. With the new monolith the devs have considerably slowed down my progression of mono farming, they added one that is a forced timer (garbage) of survival. even so, on average its 26ish seconds for farming a mono on my runner, thats 2 mono per minute. That is a stupid amount for any item, and NO item should be what amounts to impossible to get.

You have to be high enough level for the item to be in the drop pool. A level 1 will never find a level 52 item.

More of the point a level 1 item should not have a lvl 52 unique as it makes the drop pool stupid. You then have a reduced chance per tier lower of seeing the base, upon hitting reroll. You have a set chance to even see daggers, then based on that you have a larger chance of seeing daggers close to your level in this case 52 so basically think of it like this

Chance to see any daggers, 15%
of that 15% chance
Chance to see level 52 daggers 40%
chance to see level 44 daggers 30%
level 27 daggers 15%
level 25 daggers 10%
level 12 daggers 4%
level 1 daggers 1%

now since smokeweaver is a level 1 base item with a level 52 unique level, you have a 1% chance to see the base (poingard) of a 15% chance to see the catagory (dagger)

The further you are in level the more bases you have introduced which lowers your chance of seeing the item even more as the game shows a higher % chance for items near your level so it weighs the % accordingly. Now lets say gambling has a .5% chance to be a unique, that means you have a .5% of a 1% of a 15% chance per hitting reroll of getting the item.

What i am saying is that a level 52 unique dagger should have a level 52 base item, that would mean you would have a .5% of a 40% of a 15%.

No, it does not make the drop pool stupid. I have found several. Mike while on the dev stream found one inside the end of the echo chest. The chance IS supposed to be difficult to get due to the stats applied to the base.

I also am trying to find if there were changes to this particular unique in prior patch notes, but cannot seem to find any. I find them usually between 45-54 in the fall of the outcasts.

Your numbers are meaningless if the base drop level is not met

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No, again you are not understanding that the drop tables are not the combined factors of area level and eligible character level. A level 48 in a level 55 echo will have a chance to drop a level 50+ item. Done that plenty of times.

A minimum level to gamble is when they reach council chambers. So you not putting in the actual level you were using with WAS DECEPTIVE INTENT, then blame and attempt to ridicule me because of your inherent lack of clear communication. You story is nothing but a lie. 4B gold, provide evidence or forget about it.

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Doubtful that anyone doesn’t understand what you have said a few times.

However, you are perhaps destined to not get the item you want and someone like me who doesnt care about that item will get it in a few gambles while I want something else.

Lucky me or is it?