A cool & comprehensive guide on how to craft, gamble & farm effectively( in Last Epoch; not in real life)

Hello, kings & queens!

Here’s a short guide on how to be an affluent member of the efficiency club in Last Epoch!
Yes, I know that a semicolon in brackets is illegal but I’m a gangster!
So let’s bounce!


We have to decide which image is easier for us to process:


I personally would choose the latter.

We use these settings because we’re not infinite beings with infinite perception and infinite brain processing power. When we see a piece of text, we have to interpret, translate and process it. Our goal is to minimize the amount of energy we put into sorting items.
The amount of time and energy it takes to fully interpret what’s on the image on the latter is in multitudes faster, less exhausting and less frustrating than the former.


Time spent not looking at items, is time spent acquiring more items and gold; potentially dying less as well!
The more efficient we are - the better our gear will be relative to the time spent.
We overcome our inefficiencies by obeying the rules below very strictly!

  1. We don’t hover over items which are not the best bases( or idols) unless purple
  2. We don’t hover over items which we already have satisfactory items or BiS items for
  3. We don’t pick up items which we don’t need for this build
  4. We don’t pick up uniques past the first prototype
  5. We always use the Scroll of Stability above 75%
  6. We always make a mental note for other class items which we inspected and try our best to not hover over them again
  7. We never pick up white items or use rune of cleansing
  8. If we make a mistake in the prior mentioned rules - we make sure that we cognize it and try not to repeat it


First we have to establish what are the best or satisfactory bases & affix shards which we need. Good bases drop frequently enough for us to be allowed to be picky!

I run a Necromancer build so I have:

  • Lagonian or Engraved Gauntlets
  • Solarum Graves
  • Gold Ring
  • Immortal Plate
  • Bloodrust Aegis
  • Ivory Mask

Rest of my slots have unique items as BiS, so I don’t hover over items which belong in these slots at all!
Currently I only need a better aegis & a better ring, so I don’t hover over any other item names except Bloodrust Aegis & Gold Ring.

Any item with a different name should not be hovered over UNLESS you are looking for class specific affixes.
Class specific affixes are only on your class specific helmet or body armor - no other item slot.


This section is short and simple.

  1. Pick an item which has at least some affixes which you need and which you can imagine is capable of reaching a desirable form. I.E dropped with at least 10 tiers of desirable affixes and has 1 open affix slot.
  2. Start crafting with shards which you have the most.
  3. Try to craft your gear with scroll of stability to as far as you can - I most of the time stop between 60% - 70%.
    If you skip this step, your odds of getting a near perfect or a perfect item are expunged!
  4. Craft all 4 affixes which you need as long with Scroll of Stability as you can and then once you have all of them at T2/T3 - go straight to T5 on your most important affix(es).
  5. Once you have a high tier craft( like 3x T5) and don’t have a backup - keep it and craft on it further once you do have a backup.

Rune of Removal
This is worth using only if the item doesn’t have any empty slots and has no space left to improve other affixes.

Rune of Refinement
This is useful only if you don’t have anything more to craft on the item, the item is not likely to damage and your most important roll is extremely low. I.E minion health is 100 out of 150.


Gambling itself is nothing complex, simply click on the base you need the most and let it roll but there are some quirks to it.

In order to gamble efficiently, you should settle from the beginning which are the cheap items which you can always gamble.
It’s useful to gamble for cheap items because they can offer you uniques which you’d want or provide class shards or even be sufficient as a satisfactory item in the slot.

My personal cheap items:

  • Necromancer wand( Reach of the Grave unique) - 200 gold
  • Warding tome( Melvern’s Writ unique) - 50 gold
  • Outcast cage( class shards) - 50 gold
  • Outcast rags( class shards) - 50 gold

No matter the progress state, I always gamble these because I will always get a potential reward which can improve my gear.

Protip: You can refresh the stock while your item is rolling.

Gambling for class shards

Now when I’m desperate for class shards and need loads of them, I make most use of gambling for it. I have chosen the price tag of 650 which I cannot cross - if there are no items with below 650 gold - I refresh the stock!
If you make a conscious effort to remember what gradient or colour was the item which was cheap, you’ll recognize them almost instantly in the future.
This kind of gambling can be done incredibly fast - here’s a demonstration of me plowing through a full inventory in an efficient manner, looking for “Shared Criticals” or “+1 Skeletons”

90 seconds to go through a whole inventory of chests and helmets?
“Not bad!” - Artem The Gambler

You could also enable affix indicators if you wish to specifically hunt for class-specific shards more efficiently!


We don’t have a FAQ yet because nobody has asked any questions frequently yet.


Item Ground Label Affix Indicators (the dots) can be useful in determining whether a class specific item (helm and armour) has the possibility of rare class-specific shards and worth an initial scan or not.

The class-specific stats are always suffix = dot(s) on the right of the item label. No need to look at class-specific items with only dots on the left of the item label.


Great idea! I’ve added it in the post as an optional option if someone would want to hunt specifically class-specific shards (:

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